IRS solidifies relationship with management group

The IRS and the Professional Managers Association have reached a final consultative agreement to keep agency managers in the loop about agency decisions.

Federal CIO tees up 7 new TMF awards

The awards, the first since TMF's $1 billion plus-up in the American Rescue Plan Act, are expected to be made public soon.

House Dems seek $1B for IRS to improve access to child tax credit

The IRS had come under criticism for an online tool targeting the neediest recipients of advance child tax credit payments that was not mobile-friendly and lacked non-English language resources.

How an IRS hiring blitz can help pave the way for IT modernization

The tax agency's chief procurement officer says she's on a mission to find top talent to work with industry while modernizing the agency's acquisition processes amid a ballooning tax gap.

Treasury taps Code for America for tax credit tool

The administration is getting a head start on releasing a permanent, multilingual, mobile-friendly tool for non-filers to sign up for its expanded CTC program with the help of the civic technology non-profit Code for America.

House panel trims Biden's TMF ambitions

A funding bill passed out of committee on Thursday pegs $50 million for the Technology Modernization Fund – far less than the $500 million sought by the Biden administration.

Lawmakers seek IG probes of telework cybersecurity

A group of House lawmakers are calling on the inspectors general of nine executive departments and the intelligence community to see what cybersecurity vulnerabilities may have arisen due to the mass increase of telework during the coronavirus pandemic.

Few agencies sought Schedule F conversions

In the waning days of the Trump administration, only a relative handful out of hundreds of eligible agencies and department responded to an executive order that looked to reclassify vast swathes of the federal civil service as at-will employees.

D.C. extends COVID vaccines to essential feds but worries continue for far-flung federal workforce

Some agencies have been vaccinating their employees directly, but others haven't. The National Treasury Employee Union wants IRS to secure vaccine allotments for in-person workers nationwide.

IRS IG: No taxpayer data exposed by hack

The IRS inspector general's letter to lawmakers backs up a statement offered by a senior Democratic senator earlier this week.

Biden promises 'overwhelming focus' on hack recovery

The president-elect called out the Trump administration for failing to prioritize cybersecurity in general, and for "downplaying the seriousness" of the ongoing breach that has hit multiple federal agencies.

Cyber exec: 50 orgs 'genuinely impacted' by SolarWinds hack

FireEye's chief executive officer said he's seen evidence suggesting hackers changed code in SolarWinds software as early as October 2019.

NSC invokes 2016 directive to respond to SolarWinds hack

The National Security Council's announcement to create a special group for coordinating the federal government's response to the SolarWinds hack comes as the list of affected agencies grows.

Hack at Treasury and Commerce spurs emergency order from CISA

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued an emergency directive late Sunday night after reported breaches at two cabinet agencies. The Department of Homeland Security, CISA's parent agency, also has reportedly been breached.

NTEU looks for a 'fresh start' for federal employees under Biden

The union's blueprint for immediate action joins with NAPA's working group on the federal workforce in calling for the next director of OPM to abandon a regulation-heavy approach.

SBA taps cloud for loan forgiveness platform

The Small Business Administration is using a commercial off the shelf software as a services platform to process applications for its loan forgiveness relief program.

Treasury needs better cybersecurity tracking

The Government Accountability Office wants Treasury to do more to track the progress of financial services industry cybersecurity mitigation efforts.