Supply Chain

CHIPS Act is a 'Once in a Generation Investment' to Build Partnerships, Officials Say

Secretaries Blinken and Raimondo detailed the bilateral agreements underway to support U.S. semiconductor leadership.

NIST, Google Announce Chip R&D Partnership

The public-private sector collaboration will make industry standard chips available to smaller research entities to encourage semiconductor manufacturing.

Biden Spurs U.S. Biotechnology with New Order

In a surprise executive order, President Biden directed more federal resources to go toward establishing a competitive U.S. biomanufacturing sector to support independence in key input ingredients.

White House Team Unveils New Recommendations for U.S. Semiconductor Industry Growth

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology introduced new advice to help successfully implement the CHIPS Act and develop an advanced U.S. semiconductor market.

U.S. Semiconductor Production Will Rely on Improved Measurement Science, NIST Reports

Metrology—the science of measurement and its applications—will influence the quality and reliability of electronics as they get smaller and smaller.

Crucial Help Wanted at Cyber Director’s Office as CHIPS Act Adds to Responsibilities

The Office of the National Cyber Director is looking to fill two critical positions, while a recent executive order requires participation on a new steering council.

Government Launches New Website to Support Semiconductor Funding Law

The Department of Commerce’s will provide available resources and information as it begins to implement the new program. 

The CHIPS and Science Act Became Law, Now What?

Signing the CHIPS and Science Act was just the start for enhancing U.S. economic strength and national security. 

US-Japan will Set Up Next-Gen Semiconductor Research Hub

The United States and Japan will create an international research hub for next-generation semiconductors as part of ongoing efforts to secure the semiconductor supply chain and have greater security over the vital component.

GAO Offers Options for Improving U.S. Semiconductor Supply

The prioritization of semiconductor goals—such as protecting national security or improving economic competition—determine which option will prove most important.

Bill to Boost Domestic Semiconductor Production Passes Senate

The Senate voted to pass the CHIPS Act to provide subsidies for U.S. semiconductor manufacturers and support the development of emerging technologies. 

CISA Solicits Feedback on Finer Points of Coming Software Transparency Requirement

The agency has identified four topics—including considerations for cloud and online applications—it wants to hear more about from stakeholders. 

Change Management Critical Element in VA Supply Chain Modernization

The Department of Veterans Affairs' plan to redesign its supply chain show promise.

US-EU Trade Meeting Highlights Semiconductor Independence, Emerging Tech Protocol

The Trade and Technology Council’s second meeting, held in Paris, will further the transatlantic dialogue surrounding tech trade and usage policy.