Supply Chain

The Government's Software Transparency Journey Moves from Plan to Practice

Allan Friedman, the leader of a transparency initiative at the Commerce Department, is now at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to realize the ultimate vision for a software bill of materials. 

The Federal Government is Using 20th-Century Responses to a 21st-Century Problem

Policymakers have been working on implementing continuous monitoring of its human assets with access to top secret information for several years, and the government should do the same for its digital assets.

Why Open-Source Tech Holds the Key to Modernization

As “avoid vendor lock-in” eclipses “do more with less,” open source offers freedom to tailor mission-specific solutions and cherry-pick right-sized applications.

Energy Awards $54 Million in Microelectronics Grants

The awards are designed to increase energy efficiency and stimulate U.S.-based innovation.

White House Tasks NIST with Producing Another Cybersecurity Framework

The administration touted private-sector commitments to improve cybersecurity through training and design.

Homeland Security Considering CMMC-like Compliance Effort

The agency is inviting interested parties to weigh in on plans to ensure contractors follow best cyber hygiene practices.

Report Draws Attention to Vulnerabilities in Commercial-Off-the-Shelf Products 

Commercial products bought without modification are largely exempt from government acquisition regulations, including the Defense Department’s emerging certification program.

Senate Homeland Security Committee Advances Workforce, Supply Chain Bills

Lawmakers look to grow an already lengthy to-do list at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. 

How the Energy Department Can Improve Cybersecurity in the Energy Industry

The Energy Department has an obligation to protect both public and private energy interests on critical infrastructure.

DOD’s Supply Chain Security Should be Strategic Priority, Congressional Task Force Says

The Defense Critical Supply Chain Task Force released six legislative proposals calling for less dependence on adversaries like China and improved supply chain visibility.

Zero Trust-Like Approach Needed for Microelectronics Industry, Former DOD Official Says

Onshoring doesn’t mean vulnerabilities associated with chips will be instantly mitigated, the official said.

VA’s Cybersecurity Still Missing Critical Zero-Trust Element, Watchdog Says

An official from the Government Accountability Office said she is encouraged by the formation of an investment review board at the department and intends to monitor it closely.

How the U.S. Can Beat the Semiconductor Shortage (and China)

We must reverse our reliance on foreign manufacturing and build a better microelectronic systems industrial base.

Bipartisan Bill Bolsters FCC Motion to Ban Suspect Chinese Telecom Equipment

The Federal Communications Commission is already set to vote on a notice of proposed rulemaking on its equipment authorization program.