Supply Chain

Federal CIO Sheds Light on What Agencies Are Learning in COVID-19 Response

U.S. tech chief Suzette Kent detailed how COVID-19 response efforts offer agencies a new vantage point into their past operations.

NIST Wants Help Demonstrating Security Compliance in 5G  

The new project will help develop interoperability among various components of the emerging network architecture.

Critical Update: Why the Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Certification Program Inspires Hope and Fear

The Defense Department’s Katie Arrington, and representatives from across the federal contracting community share perspectives on a new era dawning in U.S. cybersecurity policy.

COVID-19 Is Accelerating Trends in the U.S.-China Relationship

Economic analysts see a closing window for U.S. policymakers to engage with Chinese counterparts on areas of mutual interest and benefit.

FCC Wants Help Interpreting Law to Fund Replacement of Huawei, ZTE Equipment

The commission is giving stakeholders 15 days to weigh in on a related rulemaking.

Defense Contractor Certification Body Says Maintenance of Companies’ Cybersecurity Posture is Within its Role

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Board plans to provide more than certification and training.

As the Coronavirus Interrupts Global Supply Chains, People Have an Alternative: Make It at Home

The cost of 3D printers has dropped low enough to be accessible to most Americans.

CISA’s Coming Supply Chain Guidance to Align with Pentagon’s Vendor Certification Program 

Accreditation officials also pledged to address how the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program will treat FedRAMP and other certifications.

To Understand the Medical Supply Shortage, It Helps to Know How the U.S. Lost the Lithium Ion Battery to China

The failed U.S. effort to dominate global production of the lithium ion battery — which is key to energy independence, automobile innovation and more — holds lessons for leaders grappling with the U.S.’s reliance on China for emergency medical supplies.

Lawrence Livermore Looks to Industry to Commercialize New Ventilator Prototype 

It all came together through a “skunkworks effort” to address the national shortage.

Executive Order Lays Out Timelines for National Security Reviews of Foreign Telecom Providers

FCC Chairman says the agency will now act on a rulemaking it’s been sitting on since 2016.

Cybersecurity Must Be Embedded in Every Aspect of Government Technology

While cybersecurity has evolved, it has not kept pace with cyber threats that have become increasingly sophisticated.

Thune Bill Would Make Network Security an Official Objective of Trade Deals

Senators introduced the legislation in preparation for upcoming bilateral negotiations. 

Nokia and Ericsson Defend Collaboration with Chinese Entities During Senator’s Inquiry   

Senators want to help the companies compete against Huawei, but China touches everyone’s supply chain.

Key Defense Supplier Hit by Ransomware

The hackers also allegedly stole sensitive documents from Visser Precision, which makes parts for Lockheed, Boeing, and SpaceX.