US Needs Deeper Global Partnerships to Assert Tech Leadership, Report Argues

A report from the German Marshall Fund calls for “a new foreign policy of technology” that allows the U.S. to maintain its tech leadership on the global stage by working more closely with democratic nations.

Artificial Intelligence

Creating Responsible AI Presents 'Major Technical Challenges,' NIST Official Says

Experts discussed the regulations needed for fast-developing AI software, with NIST’s Elham Tabassi emphasizing the need for proper data and measurement strategies for different systems.


White House Committee Advocates Collaboration, Consensus in Cybersecurity Standards

The fourth installment of cybersecurity recommendations from the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee advocates more blanket requirements to strengthen the nation's cybersecurity posture.

Emerging Tech

Senators Explore Possible Cryptocurrency Regulations, Threats to Economy

The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs heard testimony that endorsed more regulations and restrictions on digital assets in the federal banking system.


Section 230 Debate Reignited as Cruz Demands Content Moderation Transparency

The Texas lawmaker is requesting details on social media and tech platforms’ content moderation and censorship practices.

Emerging Tech

New Legislation Seeks to Upgrade Commercial Drone Rules

A bipartisan bill aims to carve a more straightforward path for commercial drone technology approval.

Emerging Tech

Federal Reserve Issues New Restrictions on Crypto Banking

The regulator issued new policy largely prohibiting digital assets from the regulated banking environment, primarily due to security concerns.

Artificial Intelligence

Why 2 Lawmakers Turned to AI to Advocate for Its Own Regulation

The congressmen have been using artificial intelligence systems to write Congressional texts, as they push for both regulation and innovation in the field.


What’s in a Word? FCC’s Proposed Data Breach Rule Redefines Key Terms

The public now has the opportunity to provide insight on the value and impact such redefinitions would have on incident reporting.

Digital Government

New Records Rules Require Agencies to Save Chats and Texts

Previous records retention rules only explicitly applied to email communications. Now that has expanded to all pertinent electronic messages.

Breaking News Cybersecurity

NARA to Publish First Update to Cybersecurity Records Rules Since 2014

The agency is issuing an update to the General Records Schedule, including new rules for packet capture and cybersecurity incident logs.


FCC Rule Would Require Telecom Providers to Immediately Disclose Sensitive Data Breaches

The Federal Communications Commission’s proposed rule would require telecommunications providers to immediately notify consumers and federal agencies about any breaches involving “customer proprietary network information.”


Beyond Section 230: A Pair of Social Media Experts Describes How to Bring Transparency and Accountability to the Industry

COMMENTARY | We think change in Section 230 is coming – and we believe that it is long overdue.

Emerging Tech

FDA Set to Issue Final Rule Classifying VR Therapy Device for Pain Relief

The FDA said the class II designation for AppliedVR’s virtual reality medical device for the treatment of chronic lower back pain will “enhance patients’ access to beneficial innovation.”


Cyber Director’s Preview of National Strategy Highlights Federal Software Procurement

The national cyber director also indicated plans to rely on feedback from members of the software industry who are working on recommendations for “streamlining” sector-specific regulations.


FERC Chairman Wants to Update Cybersecurity Requirements

Discussion of potential changes centered on a need for software transparency and independent supply-chain assessments.


Big Tech Tells CISA to Exempt Third-Party Providers from Incident Reporting Rule

Major industry groups clashed on how CISA should define key terms in its rulemaking process to implement the federal incident reporting law.

Digital Government

What a Divided Government Could Mean for Tech Policy

Here’s what a split Congress might mean for tech, cybersecurity and governance.