Amazon’s Retreat From Seattle

Amazon is moving its presence eastward, sometimes into smaller communities.

Judge Lifts Stay on the Pentagon’s JEDI Cloud Contract

But the department must wait until at least July 19 to make an award.

Exclusive: TTS Director Wants GSA’s Innovation Shop To Punch Above Its Weight

In his first interview since joining government, Anil Cheriyan shares his insights into problem areas and the future of innovative programs like the Centers of Excellence, 18F and FedRAMP.

GSA Testing Tool to Ensure Tech Projects Meet Accessibility Rules

A government-built AI tool to ensure compliance with accessibility mandates is headed for the user testing phase before going governmentwide this fall.

The Pentagon Is Killing a Key Independent-Research Program

For decades, JASON studies helped DOD and other agencies get outside perspectives on scientific and technical topics.

Pentagon Says No JEDI Conflict, Narrows Field to AWS and Microsoft

The Pentagon’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract could be awarded by mid-July.

Watchdog Questions NSA’s $636 Million in Award Fee Incentive Contracts

Justifications of costs and benefits may not have served government’s interests.

NASA Makes First Award on GSA’s Massive $50 Billion Telecom Contract

With security authorizations trickling in, the space agency awarded a $10.5 million contract to support its core services.

Financial Regulators Want To Know If Their Cyber Assessment Tool Is Worth It

Four federal agencies are asking the industry they regulate whether a cybersecurity assessment is worth the work of collecting and submitting the necessary data.

GSA Redefines ‘Pay As You Go’ Terms As Part of Cloud SIN Refresh

The cloud special item number will now include professional services offerings and reduce the billing term for a “measured service” down to one month.

GSA Adds Crown-Jewel Protection to Cybersecurity Services

The General Services Administration revamped Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Service offerings with high-value assets in mind.

GSA’s Investment Team Is Building An Agile Development Contract

The $10 million, single-award contract would assist in developing novel ideas to improve the federal government.

FBI’s Long-Awaited $5 Billion IT Services Recompete Goes Back To Draft

The ITSSS recompete is getting a new name, new timeline and new draft solicitation, while the existing contract gets a one-year extension.

Without JEDI, Pentagon’s Artificial Intelligence Efforts May Be Hindered

The Pentagon won’t be able to maximize artificial intelligence’s true capabilities without an enterprise cloud solution, something it’s currently trying to contract out.