State Department Confirms US-UK Tech Data Dialogue

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The federal government launched another technology-focused alliance with European partners, following Biden’s executive order. 

Following the Biden administration’s revamped U.S.-EU privacy shield announced today, the State Department issued the launch of a similar initiative focusing on data transfer cooperation between the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

The U.S.-U.K. Comprehensive Dialogue on Technology and Data aims to use technology to enhance bilateral cooperation and security between both countries. It will take shape as an annual meeting featuring senior officials from both nations. 

Some of the topics to be addressed in the forthcoming meetings include data protection and sharing, critical and emerging technologies, and developing a strong digital infrastructure. Artificial intelligence technologies and supply chain vulnerabilities are among the specific topics both governments will work to address.

“The United States and the United Kingdom recognize the strategic importance of technology to our prosperity and security and to promoting and protecting our shared democratic values globally,” the press release states. 

Earlier today, the Biden administration unveiled a new executive order updating the U.S.-EU Data Privacy Framework to include more limitations on U.S. intelligence gathering practices in line with the EU’s firmer civilian data privacy policies.