White House

First National Standards Strategy Aims to Keep U.S. Competitive in Emerging Tech

Unveiled Thursday, the strategy promotes private sector and international collaboration with federal officials as emerging technologies continue to advance. 

White House Unveils $140M Investment for Responsible AI, Upcoming Agency Guidance

Major corporate players within the artificial intelligence development space will meet at the White House ahead of more federal guidance and investment in the technology.

White House to Hold ‘Frank’ Discussion With Top AI CEOs Thursday

Top administration officials, including Vice President Kamala Harris, will attend the meeting.

Biden Administration Examining How Companies Use AI to Surveil Employees

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is seeking public feedback on companies’ use of artificial intelligence and automated systems to monitor employees.

US Needs Biotechnology Investment to Avoid Playing Catch-Up in Future, Admin Official Says

OSTP Director Arati Prabhakar discussed the Biden administration’s ongoing tech priorities following a record-breaking fiscal year 2024 budget request for research and development.

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Tackle Criminal and Terrorist Crypto Activities

The companion House and Senate bills will create an independent working group to address terrorism and illicit financing on digital platforms.

How Tax Credits Could Present Near-Term Motivation for More Secure Devices

As federal officials call for tech firms to take more responsibility for the security of their products, some members of Congress and industry voices have highlighted the potential of cyber investment tax credits as an incentive.

House GOP Passes Debt Ceiling Bill That Puts Tens of Thousands of Federal Jobs At Risk

Biden vows to veto the measure that would avoid a default but is coupled with steep spending cuts.

What Might a Second Biden Term Mean for Feds? Here’s a Look at The First

Revoking Schedule F, boosting diversity and equity, and restoring scientific integrity has been some of the Biden administration's accomplishments and goals.

The Low-Tech Side of Biden’s Push to Improve the ‘Life Experiences’ with Government

Agencies are approaching the White House’s mandate with an eye for getting important information and access to as many people as possible.

NIST Seeks Small Business Input for Chips Manufacturing Data and Analysis

The agency is looking for a company that can help provide data and analysis on semiconductor manufacturing equipment and facilities.

White House Touts Digital Training Programs to Bridge Gap in AI Procurement

Digital information technology development programs may be the key to countering traditional government procurement lags when it comes to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, a White House official said on Tuesday.

Regulating AI: 3 Experts Explain Why it’s Difficult to do and Important to Get Right

There is no single, simple solution to regulate artificial intelligence.

White House Launches Strategy to Advance Data Privacy Tech and Processes

Absent comprehensive federal law, the strategy represents a new chapter toward regulating data privacy protocols for U.S. online users.

Guiding Principles on Spyware Emphasize Human Rights, Accountability

The Summit for Democracy’s Guiding Principles aim to bring uniformity to how nations use surveillance technology.

White House Takes Spyware Efforts to the International Stage

The Summit for Democracy will launch and fortify several global partnerships aimed at offering some regulation for emerging tech usage.

White House Looks to Secure Space from Cyber Threats

The Office of the National Cyber Director, the National Space Council and leaders from the private sector laid out next steps to digitally secure the space ecosystem.