White House

Biden Commits to Investing ‘Closer to 2%’ of GDP in Science Research

The president referenced infrastructure, immigration, quantum computing and much more in his first formal press conference.

CISA Will Use New Authority Over Internet Service Providers to Fight Ransomware, Official Says

Acting CISA Director Brandon Wales praised the government’s coordination absent a national cyber director.

Special Report: IT Modernization Priorities for 2021

Many of the new administration’s early executive orders, memos and plans included a technology component, but have yet to address the underlying issues with government IT.

Central IT Modernization Fund Gets $1B in COVID Stimulus

The major infusion of cash will mean more modernization projects, which might require a new funding model.

Biden Names Federal CIO to Lead Governmentwide Modernization Efforts

A familiar face from the U.S. Digital Service and Office of Personnel Management will serve as the next federal chief information officer.

CIOs’ Wishlist for New Congress and Administration IT Leadership

Three department IT leaders share their top asks from the new Congress and yet-to-be-appointed federal CIO.

White House Plans Executive Action in Response to Hack Involving SolarWinds  

The official leading the effort said changes are necessary to allow information sharing within the federal government.

Experts Tell Lawmakers to Give CISA 'Operational' Federal Information Security Role

Former CISA director Chris Krebs said government contracts also need to change in order to facilitate cross-agency information sharing.

Poll Finds Steep Drop in Satisfaction With Government in the U.S.

The Gallup survey results indicate people are unhappy with other aspects of American life as well, like the moral climate and the influence of corporations.

NASA’s Moon-Exploring Artemis Program Will Move Forward Under Biden

The White House pledged its support of the ambitious lunar exploration missions.

Four and a Half Things Biden Should Do for the Software and Tech Industry

First, the president should make a clear distinction between Big Tech companies and everyone else.

White House Memo Creates Chief Science Officers at Federal Agencies

The presidential memo on scientific integrity calls for new officials and an update to policies established over the last two administrations. 

CIO Roundup: Here Are the Government’s Top Tech Chiefs So Far

Most agency chief information officers are career officials so it's steady ahead but vacancies left by appointees need to be filled.