White House

GPS Lessons from Before 9/11 Still Endanger the U.S.

“Public policy must ensure, primarily, that safety is maintained even in the event of loss of GPS,” officials wrote in the 2001 Volpe Report.

Biden Launches Trilateral Indo-Pacific Partnership to Fuse Cyber Capabilities

The allied trio will also work on getting Australia a nuclear-powered submarine.

Federal CIO: Diversity, Accessibility Are Key to Improving Customer Experience

A diverse workforce and focus on accessibility will be central to administration’s efforts to improve customer experience.

The Unemployment Insurance System Is Set to Get a Tech Makeover — but It Needs Much More, the Biden Administration Says

The U.S. Digital Service has embarked on a reconstruction that will cover the entire UI system, according to a memo and presentation obtained by ProPublica.

Big Tech Under Scrutiny as White House Looks to Align Policy Approach with Europe

Lawmakers are also trying to beef up resources for domestic privacy and cybersecurity enforcement at an emboldened Federal Trade Commission.

White House Makes Major Updates to Customer Experience Guidance

Equity, a Biden administration priority, has been included in the government’s expanded definition of customer experience.

Biden to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations for All Feds

The executive order, slated to be announced Thursday, would remove exceptions that allowed federal workers and contractors to remain unvaccinated if they agreed to regular testing for COVID-19.

‘Get Out Now’ – Inside the White House on 9/11, According to the Staffers Who Were There

A top White House aide to President George W. Bush recounts what 9/11 was like for White House staffers.

Biden Formalizes Plan for Average 2.7% Raise for Civilian Feds in 2022

The White House published an alternative pay plan for the federal workforce providing a 2.2% across the board raise along with an average increase of 0.5% to locality pay.

White House Tasks NIST with Producing Another Cybersecurity Framework

The administration touted private-sector commitments to improve cybersecurity through training and design.

DHS Launching First Federal Civilian Position Exempt from Longevity Requirements

The Cyber Talent Management System has been in the works since a 2014 law granted the department authorities to sidestep rigid classification formats such as the General Schedule.

White House Announcements to Focus on Advancing Cybersecurity Talent

Commitments are also expected from the public and private sectors for improving the security of foundational technology.

What Still Needs to Happen for Feds to Get a Pay Raise Next Year

President Biden has until the end of this month to formally announce his plan to give federal workers an average 2.7% pay raise in 2022.

GSA’s First Centers of Excellence Customer Touts $50M in Cost Avoidance

After three years, the Agriculture Department launched a cloud office, consolidated contact centers and stood up more than a hundred dashboards.

AI Research Infrastructure Task Force Needs Input on ‘Democratizing’ Resources

The group is developing an implementation plan for how the U.S. could increase access to artificial intelligence research resources.

Critical Update: How Federal Agencies Can Help Avert Quantum Catastrophe

The White House is working on plans to roll out new cryptographic systems that will require epic levels of funding from Congress and coordination, both within the government and in partnership with industry.