It’s Time for Agencies to Use and Commercialize Their Data, White House Official Says

"It gets my blood boiling to think we have all this data. We should be able to do more with it,” Margaret Weichert, the administration’s management chief, said.

White House Replaces Federal Personnel Director in Surprise Shakeup

Margaret Weichert, the deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget, will serve as acting OPM director.

Trump Is Not Texting You

What should be a routine, required national test of the Wireless Emergency Alerts system has become a crucible for public distrust.

DHS Secretary: No Sign China’s Trying to Hack Midterm Vote

The statement comes after President Trump warned of a Chinese election influence effort.

Legislation Would Elevate Federal CIO, Codify Federal CISO

The bipartisan legislation would reauthorize, rename, codify and elevate the role of federal chief information officer.

Here's What the HUD CIO Expects From the Centers of Excellence

One possible change is standing up a sixth center, David Chow said.

White House Unveils Plan to Dominate Quantum Technology

Agency leaders also announced hundreds of millions of dollars in research investments.

U.S. To Go on Offense in Cyberspace, Bolton Says

The strategy comes shortly after a directive that reduced interagency checks before a U.S. cyber strike.

Trump Administration Preps Sanctions Against Foreign Election Interference

The new executive order describes a process for sanctioning digital interference, propaganda and any other efforts to meddle in U.S. elections.

Senate Committee Approves Top White House Tech Advisor

Office of Science and Technology Policy hasn't had a permanent leader since the last administration.

Report: Trump’s Latest Tariffs Will Stunt Cloud Market, Federal Adoption

A 25 percent tariff will lead to higher costs for agencies and might slow U.S. cloud adoption, analysts say.

Federal CIO: Expect New Cybersecurity Reporting Metrics by Year’s End

The new guidance will better match the goals outlined in the administration’s IT Modernization Report and the President’s Management Agenda.

White House Unveils More Details About Proposed Modernization Center

Officials expect to establish the future-focused GEAR Center in the next year.

GSA Taps New Leader for Technology Transformation Services

GSA appoints one of its own to serve as the Technology Transformation Services' new leader.