White House

Report: Ensure Federal AI Policies are Aligned

Federal agencies may not be on the same page when it comes to artificial intelligence programs.

FCC Chair Proposes Updating Data Breach Reporting Requirements

The Commission is still waiting for an empty chair to be filled as observers call for a vote on Biden nominee Gigi Sohn.

Agencies Must Establish COVID-19 Testing Programs for Certain Unvaccinated Feds and Contractors By Feb. 15

Task force issues new guidance on coronavirus testing for those who report to federal facilities or otherwise interact with the public.

Who’s in Charge of US Space Policy?

Space professionals worry the National Space Council is ceding its defense portfolio.

Making the Customer Service Executive Order Really Work

Among the keys: making permanent the flexibility to pursue innovation through technology and multi-sector partnerships.

Biden Administration Made Major Customer Experience Moves in 2021

Major policy changes regarding how federal agencies serve citizens took pace over the past year.

Biden Orders Agencies to Take Steps to Improve Government Customer Service

The people-first approach tackles everything from federal benefits to passport services to disaster recovery. 

Biden Order Will Make Federal Operations Carbon-Neutral by 2050

Agencies have just six more years before they must stop buying polluting cars.

Judge Suspends Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate Nationwide

This follows a preliminary injunction for three states last week. 

Biden Administration Delays Vaccine Mandate Penalties Until 2022

OMB and OPM officials said agencies should extend the counseling portion of enforcement of President Biden’s vaccine mandate through the end of the year, citing recent progress in the federal workforce’s vaccination rate.

Critical Update: Federal CIO Explains the Tech Side of President’s Management Agenda

Clare Martorana joined the podcast to talk about improving customer experience and the underlying technology that makes good services better.

Despite Calls for Delay, White House Says Feds' Vaccination Deadline Isn't Changing

Federal workers have until Monday to prove they are vaccinated against COVID-19 or seek an exemption.

Biden’s Management Agenda Highlights Need for High-Tech Federal Workforce

To deliver better citizen services, the government will need a skilled workforce and the technology to support it, management officials said.

Lawmakers Dig for Details in Federal Response to Ransomware

Agency leaders said they aim to improve coordination among the many agencies with cybersecurity missions.

US Partnering with Israel to Counter Ransomware, Regulate FinTech

Israel’s NSO Group represents just one aspect of the country’s lively tech industry, which may be about to get another energizing jolt from its government.