White House

Technical Standards Work is a Priority for White House International Policy

Leaders in the public sector doubled down on the U.S. need to participate in global technical standards to support national security and market dominance.

Senate Confirms New White House Science and Tech Advisor in Historic Vote

Dr. Arati Prabhakar is the first woman, immigrant or person of color to serve as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Federal Cyber Mandates for Water Infrastructure Are Too Costly to Implement, Experts Say

A House hearing saw expert testimony emphasizing the need for steady funding to cybersecurity programs in water utility providers—especially in rural regions. 

GSA Examines How to Bring 'Federal Buying Power' to Supercharge Solar Panel Market

The agency’s request for information will help it develop a procurement strategy, including a standard for future solicitations.

Department of Transportation Investing $160 Million for Tech-Centric Projects

Two programs, SMART Grants and ATTAIN, will dole out millions over five years as the Biden administration plans a U.S. transportation overhaul.

White House Announces $1B in Cyber Funding for State and Local Governments

The four-year grant program, included in last year’s infrastructure law, will help states and local communities “strengthen their cyber resilience.”

White House Releases Holistic Digital Asset Regulatory Framework

Several agencies contributed to the new framework, as the Biden administration eyes a streamlined approach to regulating and benefitting from the volatile digital asset marketplace.

Biden Adds Cyber, Data, Supply Chain Risks to CFIUS Reviews

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States will be required to consider five new sets of national security concerns – including cybersecurity – when reviewing foreign investments in the U.S. as part of a new executive order.

White House Looks to Government and Community Data Collaboration to Promote Equity

The public has until Oct. 3 to comment on several questions related to this endeavor.

OMB: New Acquisition Rule Coming for Vendors to Vouch for Their Software Security

Agencies are also allowed to accept to-do lists from vendors who need to keep working up to a point where they can self-attest their compliance with NIST guidance.

Lawmakers Ask National Archives to Certify Whether Trump Returned All Presidential Records

A Congressional committee expressed concern that former President Donald Trump may still possess presidential records at non-secure locations.

A Cyber Workforce Strategy is Coming From the White House, Along with an Implementation Body to Make Sure it Works

The Office of the National Cyber Director has a workforce plan in development that looks to address public sector and private sector gaps in the cybersecurity profession.

Biden Spurs U.S. Biotechnology with New Order

In a surprise executive order, President Biden directed more federal resources to go toward establishing a competitive U.S. biomanufacturing sector to support independence in key input ingredients.

New National Cybersecurity Strategy: A Much-Needed Overhaul for Digital Ecosystems

The strategy will likely be a dramatic re-posturing, following rapid changes in the cyber landscape over the past few years.

White House Team Unveils New Recommendations for U.S. Semiconductor Industry Growth

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology introduced new advice to help successfully implement the CHIPS Act and develop an advanced U.S. semiconductor market.

White House Attributes Attack on Albania’s Critical Infrastructure to Iran 

A statement from the National Security Council noted the potential for deviations from international norms to escalate conflict and promised accountability.

Americans Think They Know a Lot About Politics—and It’s Bad for Democracy That They’re so Often Wrong in Their Confidence

Many Americans think they know much more about politics than they really do. That overconfidence can thwart democratic politics.