White House

White House Launches Supercomputing Consortium to Fight COVID-19

Scientists are tapping supercomputers to learn more about the novel coronavirus.

Trump Calls Out China’s COVID-19 Disinformation

Chinese diplomats and officials have been spreading a lie about the virus’ origin.

New White House Guidance Says Agencies Should ‘Minimize Face-to-Face Interactions’

The Office of Management and Budget said the government must continue to operate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump Relaxes Patient Data Rules to Allow Doctors to Use Personal Phones for Telehealth

The administration broadened telehealth coverage to all Medicare beneficiaries and eased HIPAA regulations for the duration of the pandemic emergency.

Government Partnership Offers Cash Prizes for AI Tools That Support Coronavirus Research

A new open research database and artificial intelligence challenge will help the U.S. crowdsource its pandemic response.

Telecom Companies Agree to Keep America Online During COVID-19 Crisis

For the next 60 days, companies will work to help ensure communities across the U.S. have reliable connectivity.

Agencies, Academia Brief White House on COVID-19 Modeling Efforts

Officials told the Office of Science and Technology where data collection and sharing could improve.

White House Touts a Year of AI Initiatives in Roundup Report

The Office of Science and Technology Policy released a list of accomplishments in promoting artificial intelligence, including efforts to adopt cutting-edge technologies within the federal government.

White House Tech Chief Calls Europe’s AI Principles Clumsy Compared to U.S. Approach

Analysts disagreed with the assessment, calling the EU white paper a good start for developing a risk-based approach to regulating artificial intelligence.

Trump's Federal Personnel Point Person to Step Down

Margaret Weichert will leave the White House after nearly three years of pushing an aggressive agenda.

Federal Contracts to Require Secure Timing and Navigation Under Executive Order

Key stakeholder says the president’s edict is insufficient and likely to cause confusion over the role of various departments.

Federal Tech Guide to Trump's 2021 Budget

The Trump administration puts a priority on working capital funds, while proposed tech spending inches upward.

Senate Intel Report: Key Officials Excluded From 2016 Election Response

Committee leaders recommend an integrated response to cyber events and disregard for political affiliations moving forward.

Presidential Advisers Push for National Network to Support Quantum and AI Advancement

As with the High Performance Computing initiative in the past, industry and academic advisers told the administration they need facilities and a network to get from bits to neurons and qubits.

C-SPAN Is So Hot Right Now

This is not a sign of a government working well.

White House Plans to Tap SBA Official as Next Deputy Federal CIO

Maria Roat will join the Office of Management and Budget, according to multiple sources.