White House

Tech Modernization Fund Launches Fresh $100 Million for CX Projects

The TMF is accepting proposals from federal agencies looking to modernize digital services with a human-centric design.

White House Official: Administration Urgently Researching Central Bank Digital Currency

As due dates near for agency deliverables under an executive order, the Atlantic Council has produced a report that could help officials inform the president of implications for cybersecurity.

Building a Foundation for Zero Trust

Agencies have until 2024 to achieve five goals set down by the White House.

Biden Administration Releases New IT Modernization Plan

The White House Office of Management and Budget plans to prioritize cybersecurity and data decision-making via federal funding.

Why Biden Just Declared Heat Pumps and Solar Panels Essential to National Defense

An environmental engineering professor assesses their place in fighting the climate crisis.

The White House Just Pulled Its Nominee to Fill the Still-Vacant Job of Federal Procurement Chief

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy has not had a confirmed leader since the Trump administration, despite the Biden administration's goals to use procurement to advance equity and curb climate change. 

White House Developing National Strategy to Increase Data Collection as Privacy Tech Improves

A pending national strategy on data collection and analytics will focus on regulation and policy changes, according to a forthcoming request for public comments.

President Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Boost Clean Energy Manufacturing

Defense officials said invoking the act would reduce reliance on foreign powers for energy resources.

White House Internships Will Soon Be Paid

The move comes as part of an administration-wide push to improve the recruitment of young federal workers.

HHS Establishes Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health

The Health and Human Services secretary also appointed an acting deputy director to manage the office.

Federal Advisory Group Report Focuses On Diversifying AI Research and Development

The National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force issued a report outlining a framework for national AI research and development, hinting on equitable datasets and computing access.

House Subcommittee Hearing Examines Human Side of Telecom Bills

Experts testified on the need to pass several bipartisan telecommunication bills as the Biden administration aims to expand broadband access.

National Cyber Director's Vision for the Future Flags Overdue National Plan

The office of the national cyber director is tasked by Congress to weigh in on agencies’ cybersecurity budgets.

Biden Administration Launches New Component To Internet Expansion

The Internet for All program utilizes funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill to deploy internet connectivity nationwide.