Commerce Revises Export Rules to Boost US Standards Development on Critical Tech

The original rule—which banned certain entities from receiving U.S. exports—endangered U.S. participation in international standards bodies where such entities are present, opponents said.

White House Attributes Attack on Albania’s Critical Infrastructure to Iran 

A statement from the National Security Council noted the potential for deviations from international norms to escalate conflict and promised accountability.

Treasury Reissues Rules to Enforce Cyber Sanctions on Foreign Adversaries  

The rules could apply to any new executive order related to the national security emergency President Obama declared in 2015, in advance of a cybersecurity agreement with China.

U.S. and Israel Strengthen Cybersecurity Partnership

Both countries have pursued a bilateral cybersecurity agreement between their financial agencies since 2021, amid critical infrastructure threats. 

U.S.-Mexico Cyber Talks Begin With Focus On Critical Infrastructure

The neighboring countries discussed cybersecurity best practices and sharing threats bilaterally.

Trade Agency Wants To Know Where US Stands in Global AI Marketplace

The government wants to learn more about international regulations that would prevent U.S. companies from selling AI technologies abroad.

US-Japan will Set Up Next-Gen Semiconductor Research Hub

The United States and Japan will create an international research hub for next-generation semiconductors as part of ongoing efforts to secure the semiconductor supply chain and have greater security over the vital component.

US-UK Data Access Agreement Will Go Into Effect Later This Year

The Department of Justice said the CLOUD Act partnership will give investigators in both countries quicker access to data held by service providers.

Justice Recovered $500K for Victims, Traced Ransomware Payments to China

The announcement emphasizes the department’s new strategy to address cyber threats, which also includes enforcing financial penalties for federal contractors misrepresenting their cyber defenses.

CISA Builds Out Effort to Influence Global Policy With London Attaché

The office will inform other efforts to come as the agency grows its international presence.

UK Official: Mass Resignation Won’t Interfere with Facilitation of US Data Transfers

The Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture is leading an effort to adapt the General Data Protection Regulation into legislation for the United Kingdom, given Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Treasury’s Cryptocurrency Framework Emphasizes Consumer Protection, International Collaboration

The Treasury Department’s first digital asset guidance is the latest chapter in applying federal regulation to the digital asset market.

TSA Collaborates with European Security, Manufacturers To Upgrade Security Tech

The Transportation Security Administration and Airports Council International Europe worked together to implement open architecture frameworks in screening technology.

Senators Call on FTC to Investigate TikTok

Recent reports suggest the People’s Republic of China can access the data of U.S. citizens.

North Korea Behind Manually Executed Ransomware Attacks, Federal Agencies Say

Officials are connecting the “Maui” ransomware to attacks on the public health sector over the past year. 

Homeland Security, Israeli Partners Team to Improve Cyber Resilience

The joint initiative will be managed by the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation.

Historic NATO Meeting Extends Cybersecurity Collaboration to Asia-Pacific Allies

The security alliance is squaring off against Russia and China by building a coordination capability for rapidly responding to cyber attacks.