Jobs Plan Is Part of Competing with China, Commerce Secretary Says

Gina Raimondo said President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure proposal will be key in out-competing China.

Key Official: Defense Information Operations ‘Not Evolving Fast Enough’

China will soon harness AI to supplant Russia as the world leader in information warfare, a DIA leader said.

U.S. Unprepared for AI Competition with China, Commission Finds

Retaining any edge will take White House leadership and a substantial investment, according to the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.

How China’s Digital Silk Road Is Leading Countries Away from the United States

Beijing is using technology products, markets, and training to secure influence with U.S. security partners, a IISS report finds.

What the Fear of China Is Doing to American Science

A campaign against Chinese scientists threatens the openness that defines U.S. universities.

Justice Notches Major Win with Global Botnet Takedown

Law enforcement also announced their disruption of the commoditized NetWalker ransomware.

State Department Approves Creation of Cyber Bureau

The Cyberspace Security and Emerging Technologies Bureau will address national security- and diplomatic-related tech issues.

Trump Executive Order Attempts to Ban 8 More Chinese Apps

The move adds more Chinese companies—including three payment apps—to a list that already included TikTok and WeChat.

Everybody Spies in Cyberspace. The U.S. Must Plan Accordingly.

Because all countries engage in espionage, intrusions like Russia’s latest data hack are devilishly hard to deter.

FCC Adopts Order to Rip and Replace Huawei, ZTE Equipment Amid 5G Security Challenges

The senior Democrat on the commission noted China’s continued leadership of global 5G standards development in urging further action.

U.S., Australia Partnering on Virtual Cyber Training Range

U.S. Cyber Command said the Cyber Training Capabilities Project Arrangement is the first-ever agreement to develop the Army’s Persistent Cyber Training Environment together.

CISA Warns of Iran’s Offensive Cyber Capabilities

One observer suggests the alert is meant more for the adversary than defenders.

China Beat the Coronavirus with Science and Strong Public Health Measures, Not Just with Authoritarianism

SARS exposed serious weaknesses in China’s public health system and prompted its government to reinvent its public health system.

Where America Rates in the Latest Leading Supercomputer Rankings

Major supercomputing players—both old and new—made it onto the latest Top500 list.

Iran Using Voter Data to Spoof Floridians, Warn U.S. Intelligence Leaders

Voting systems remain secure but Russia and Iran have obtained voter data, warn DNI Ratcliffe and FBI Director Wray.

Justice Department Charges Russian Intel Officers with Major Cyberattacks, Including NotPetya

U.S. officials said a new indictment describing a four-year global conspiracy belies the country’s recent offer to reset relations in cyberspace.