Larger NASA Budget Essential to Beat China to Lunar Resources, Administrator Says

The agency’s requested budget will help to continue missions like Artemis and improve space operations and safety.

US Proposes Designating Portion of Radio Spectrum for 5G in the Americas

If approved, the proposal could enable countries in the Americas to use the band to deploy 5G mobile services. 

Officials Warn of 'Power' and 'Failure' of Imagination in AI Regulation

The U.S. should work with allies to continue to innovate in AI capabilities while agreeing on common use cases, administration officials say.

Federal Operation Takes Down Sophisticated Russian Malware

Snake malware has plagued international digital networks for nearly two decades; a joint federal effort finally dismantled the web of espionage spyware.

State-Sponsored Actors Leading Cause of Cyber Concern in Public Sector

A new SolarWinds report details how foreign hackers have become the largest concern among government entities, and how zero-trust strategies have become the most popular defense.

First National Standards Strategy Aims to Keep U.S. Competitive in Emerging Tech

Unveiled Thursday, the strategy promotes private sector and international collaboration with federal officials as emerging technologies continue to advance. 

Global Appeal of NIST Cyber Framework Leads to Multiple Translations, Possible Updates

The National Institute of Standards and Technology aims to ensure its forthcoming update to the cybersecurity guidance remains a flexible playbook domestic and international entities can adopt.

Digital Authoritarianism Poses ‘Critical Threat’ to National Security, Intel Chief Says

The top U.S. intelligence official said democratic nations need to develop frameworks that “preserve, to the greatest extent, the promise” of emerging tech that could be used by repressive regimes to censor or surveil citizens.

Federal Law Enforcement’s New Focus is on ‘Disruption’ of Cybercrime

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco noted that success will be seen with a “bias towards action,” rather than just courtroom victories.

CISA Taking Over Open-Source Logging Tool Created by UK Government

The Logging Made Easy tool will move to CISA’s GitHub page later this year but will be unsupported in the meantime.

ESA Lets People Plan and Execute JUICE Spacecraft Missions in New Video Game

The real-life JUICE mission will be the first to study Jupiter’s moons with such a high amount of detail.

US Teams Up With Partner Nations to Release Smart City Cyber Guidance

A joint effort between the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada and New Zealand yielded recommendations to prevent cyber attacks on increasingly digital infrastructure.

GOP Lawmakers Call for Congressional Ban on Members Using TikTok

A coalition of 17 House and Senate GOP lawmakers called for an amendment to both chambers’ rules to bar members of Congress from using TikTok for official purposes.

US Officials Charge Chinese Agents with Running ‘Secret Police Station’ in NYC

Prosecutors unveiled charges Monday against a “troll farm” and Chinese nationals who worked with a Zoom employee to crash meetings with U.S.-based dissidents.

Cyber Strategy Aims to Ensure Secure US Tech Design, Set International Example

Federal cybersecurity experts cited the importance of international and domestic partnerships in implementing cybersecurity standards and protocols.

Genesis Black Market Dismantled, But Experts Warn of Potential Vacuum

A major coordinated effort took down the black market for stolen data, but experts warn the fight to secure data is ongoing.

NATO to Seek a Contractor for Website Cybersecurity Testing 

Those interested will need to go through a Department of Commerce approval process to be eligible to bid on the contract.