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Alexandra Kelley
Alexandra Kelley reports on emerging technology for Nextgov/FCW. Her most recent post was covering breaking news for The Hill where she focused on a variety of quantitative subjects, including Big Tech and the economy, in addition to covering the coronavirus pandemic since late 2019. She graduated from Kenyon College in 2017.

House bill looks to shore up federal cyber workforce

The bill, a companion to a Senate bill introduced in July, looks to fortify the U.S.’s domestic cybersecurity workforce and training programs.

Artificial Intelligence

Why NIST is prioritizing creating a dictionary of AI development

An official from the National Institute of Standards and Technology explained the need for a consensus on language as a means of developing common standards for AI.

Digital Government

USDA unveils new data strategy

The Department of Agriculture’s new guidance builds on previous agency plans, and looks to improve data sharing and incorporate artificial intelligence into analytics operations.

Emerging Tech

House committee unanimously approves quantum reauthorization bill

The reauthorization of 2018’s landmark quantum information sciences legislation is set to move to a full House vote, though a companion has not yet been introduced in the Senate.

Artificial Intelligence

DHS aims to lead in defense against ‘adversarial’ AI

The agency’s secretary noted artificial intelligence has proven useful for DHS operations in many ways, but also cautioned that the technology can be used for more nefarious purposes.

Artificial Intelligence

US and UK release joint guidelines for secure-by-design AI

The Guidance Secure AI System Development brings together international perspectives and consensus on what the DHS secretary said could be “the most consequential technology of our time.”

Artificial Intelligence

FTC votes to streamline investigations into AI products

In a 3-0 vote, the Federal Trade Commission approved a resolution that will let agency staff issue certain demands when investigating artificial intelligence-based services and products for potential market violations.


Employee data hit in Idaho National Lab cyberattack

The lab confirmed that it has been in touch with federal law enforcement agencies concerning the attack on its servers.


Nevada Dem renews push for data privacy standards

The legislation would require companies to be more transparent about privacy practices and authorize the FTC to make rules limiting data collection to "reasonable" business purposes.

Artificial Intelligence

Inside DARPA’s search for an 'autonomous scientist' to support its researchers

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is on the hunt for foundational AI models that can aid in the scientific discovery process.


CISA, FBI warn of social engineering-based ransomware

Federal agencies are revealing more information on the Scattered Spider cybercriminal group in a bid to both prevent breaches and encourage victims to offer more detail on such attacks.

Artificial Intelligence

State plans to lead by example in tech diplomacy politics

Between following a new executive order and modernizing agency operations, the State Department is building its policy on artificial intelligence through promoting U.S. innovation.

Artificial Intelligence

CISA releases roadmap to guide its AI efforts

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency released plans to pursue five lines of effort in support of the administration’s AI objectives.

Artificial Intelligence

What are agencies doing with AI? A bipartisan Senate duo wants to know.

Sens. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, sent letters to three federal agencies probing into their use of artificial intelligence systems.

Artificial Intelligence

ACLU warns of free-speech risks in FEC oversight of AI-generated election ads

The civil liberties group expressed concern over a possible Federal Election Commission rulemaking that would call out content generated by artificial intelligence in the agency’s regulations on fraudulent misrepresentation.


CISA sees ‘routine and standard’ security reports at beginning of Election Day

Working extensively with local jurisdictions, “it’s all about communication,” a Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency official noted.


Data on active-duty servicemembers is a available for purchase online, report says

A new study from Duke University sheds light on how easy it is to find U.S military personnel online for a price.


How the US aims to tackle the ‘collective action problem’ of ransomware

New efforts in the International Counter Ransomware Initiative intend to leverage automated systems to halt illicit financial transactions, according to a White House cyber official.

Artificial Intelligence

New bill aims to codify NIST AI risk management in federal procurement

The Federal Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Act is designed to give statutory support to many of the efforts outlined in the Biden administration's AI executive order.

Artificial Intelligence

Commerce launches new safe AI center

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is slated to helm many of the new AI executive order’s guidance documents for safe and responsible development.