Artificial Intelligence

DHS unveils new AI roadmap

The plan for artificial intelligence at the Department of Homeland Security comes alongside three new AI pilot programs, with aims to both harness the benefits and monitor emerging risks of the technology.


State selects 4 new Science Envoys

Four U.S. scientists and researchers will work in the State Department’s Science Envoy Program.

Emerging Tech

NSF Report shows US-China AI rivalry sharpening

The National Science Foundation’s State of U.S. Science and Engineering documents Chinese leadership in AI patents, and U.S. leadership says workforce is the solution.

Artificial Intelligence

Hickenlooper engages experts to develop AI safety legislation

Industry experts and other stakeholders are among entities who received a questionnaire from the Colorado Democrat that aims to inform the development of AI safety auditing policy.

Digital Government

US, EU recommend protections for human rights defenders online

The U.S. State Department and the European Union released an approach for protecting human rights defenders from online attacks.

Emerging Tech

House Science chairman looks to pass quantum bill

Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Okla., highlighted the importance of National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization Act passage and steady funding for federal research agencies.

Artificial Intelligence

Regulators should consider 3 factors for AI safety, former national cyber director says

During a meeting focused on safety considerations of the emerging technology, former National Cyber Director Chris Inglis advocated for a holistic approach to artificial intelligence.

Emerging Tech

NSF announces $40 million for AI-powered protein design applications

The National Science Foundation wants researchers across disciplines to develop applications for artificial intelligence that boost researchers’ advancements in protein design.

Emerging Tech

Warner, Blackburn team up to reestablish U.S. leadership in international tech standards

New bipartisan legislation would ask NIST to help the U.S. establish a stronger international presence in setting emerging technology standards.

Artificial Intelligence

Congressional Black Caucus launches AI Policy Series spotlighting discrimination

The new series of discussions hosted by the House’s Congressional Black Caucus will focus on ensuring AI systems are working for, not against, Black communities. 

Artificial Intelligence

IBM calls for stricter regulatory posture on deepfakes

The multinational tech company supported legislation that outlaws synthetic AI-generated content

Emerging Tech

US signs on to international principles for 6G

In conjunction with nine other countries, the U.S. released six new principles intended to guide a global 6G wireless connectivity adoption.


Chip manufacturers operational by 2030 will get priority in Commerce funding, secretary says

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said that the agency intends to “maximize our impact in this decade.”


DOJ names its first chief AI officer

The new role is intended to focus on building a tech-ready workforce and interagency cooperation.

Artificial Intelligence

US has shared AI security interests with ‘every country around the world,’ State official says

Seth Center, the State Department’s deputy envoy for critical and emerging technology, broke down the U.S. diplomatic approach to cultivating cohesive regulatory approaches. 

Artificial Intelligence

NIST inks partnership to put safety at the intersection of AI and genetic research

A new partnership between NIST and the Engineering Biology Research Consortium looks to secure biotechnologies from being exploited by powerful AI systems.

Artificial Intelligence

NTIA explores the benefits and risks of open-weight AI models

A new request for information issued by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration will inform regulatory policy on open-weight models.

Artificial Intelligence

House forms new task force to tackle AI

The bipartisan collection of 24 lawmakers will work together to push policy on artificial intelligence forward.

Artificial Intelligence

FTC cracks down on AI impersonation scammers

The Federal Trade Commission is looking to extend its authority to target fraudsters impersonating individuals in scams. The proposed rule covers the misuse of generative artificial intelligence and other technologies.

Emerging Tech

NIST calls for quantum tech experts to join advisory group

As global agencies are preparing to set standards in quantum technology, NIST is working on forming a U.S. delegation to represent American perspectives.