If Russia Hacks a U.S. Satellite, Then What?

A Russian official warned that impacting their satellites would be considered a declaration of war, but the U.S. stance is more circumspect.

Women Report from the Frontlines of Federal Cryptocurrency Governance

Over the course of 2021, Congress and the administration have recognized significant benefits from diving into the technology, a trend that looks poised to continue.

U.S. Government Acts Against Alleged REvil Hackers

The Justice Department announced two indictments while the State Department offered $10 million for information on other conspirators. 

Pentagon Removes Thousands of Images of the War in Afghanistan from Website

The move, which officials said is temporary, was prompted by concerns that the Taliban would retaliate against Afghans depicted in them, the Defense Department said.

Cybersecurity Is One of Five Pillars in State’s Modernization Initiative

In addition to creating two new positions to handle international cyber and emerging tech issues, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is calling for a 50% increase in the department’s IT budget.

State Department Wants to Disrupt Colombian Coca Harvest with Drones

Training for a team from the South American nation's police force is also needed.

State Department Wants Data at the Core of its Strategic and Diplomatic Operations

Chief Data Officer Matthew Graviss detailed how the new guidelines came together—and data-centered work that’s already unfolding.

IG: State Office of the Science and Tech Adviser Needs Stable Leadership and a Formal Strategy

The 10-year-old office has done good work, the inspector general found, but suffers from staff turnover and a lack of strategic vision.

IG: 5 Things USAID Needs to Do to Better Protect Personally Identifiable Information

A recent audit showed gaps remain in the agency’s policies despite progress over the last seven years.

'We’re Preparing for the Worst-Case Scenarios'

U.S. Agency for Global Media says it "will not back down" in Afghanistan despite the danger.

State Department Still Struggling With 5-Year-Old Recommendations to Fix IT Management Issues

The agency is doing better about reporting through its internal system but six of seven outstanding issues remain a concern for the inspector general.

State to Supply Costa Rican Police With Drones to Crack Down on Drug Trade

The program would start with eight small UAS, with plans to increase the number to 40 or more if successful.

State Wants Better Bots and Processes For Its Help Desk

The Consolidated Customer Support office already manages eight bots, but an ongoing project requires more user-centric automation.

Agencies Unveil Plans to Fight Ransomware—Including Paying for Tips

The State Department’s Rewards for Justice program is offering a reward of up to $10 million for information about attackers targeting U.S. critical infrastructure.

Justice Took Down Two Domains Used in USAID Hack 

The action demonstrates the department’s authorities beyond attributing malicious cyber activity.