State Department Seeks Private Sector Collab on Space Infrastructure and Markets

The U.S. government is continuing its regulatory efforts of outer space’s emerging usages.

Standards Development a ‘Critical’ Issue for US-EU Trade and Tech Council

The bilateral group’s agenda heading into 2023 will include emerging technologies like quantum computing and artificial intelligence, State Department Undersecretary Jose Fernandez said.

State Department unveils $10B enterprise IT services solicitation

The contract known as "Evolve" seeks technology modernization services in support of diplomatic goals.

NATO Allies Double Down on Cybersecurity in Warfighting Ops

U.S. and Italian officials convened the 2022 Cyber Defence Pledge Conference, focused on supporting Ukraine and investing in new technology for all member nations.

US and Switzerland Enter Quantum Partnership

The State Department confirmed U.S. participation in another bilateral partnership focused on technological innovation.

U.S. Imposes Semiconductor and Aviation Tech Sanctions on Russia

The sanctions follow international concern over unmanned aerial vehicles tech found amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

US Focused on ‘Interoperable’ over Identical in Transatlantic Tech Framework

Officials at the State Department intend to reduce regulatory differences to promote market access and national security within both the EU and U.S.

Aligning With Allies on Tech Innovation is Critical to National Security, Top Diplomat Says

During a Hoover Institution event, Secretary of State Antony Blinken called working to establish global technology standards “a part of our national interest and our strength around the world.”

State Department Confirms US-UK Tech Data Dialogue

The federal government launched another technology-focused alliance with European partners, following Biden’s executive order. 

State Department Names DOD Official as New CIO

Kelly Fletcher will serve as the new chief information officer for the Department of State after her tenure at the Department of Defense.

State Department Awards Verizon $1.58B IT Modernization Contract

The contract tasks Verizon with modernizing communications infrastructure and providing IT services to the agency’s embassies and other important locations.

State Department Permitting Communications Technology Into Iran

The U.S. State Department expanded exports to grant Iranian citizens better access to secure communications.

Whole-of-Government Effort Targets Iranian Hackers

An unsealed indictment from the Department of Justice accompanied  sanctions and an advisory with international allies warning against government-linked Iranian hackers.

CHIPS Act is a 'Once in a Generation Investment' to Build Partnerships, Officials Say

Secretaries Blinken and Raimondo detailed the bilateral agreements underway to support U.S. semiconductor leadership.

5G and Cloud Can Work Together to Improve Government Operations, Experts Say

Government and private sector officials explained how 5G can be an “underlayment” for scale and speed.

State Department Makes Inroads for Public-Private Tech Partnerships at Home

The agency’s Official for Cyberspace and Digital Policy traveled to San Francisco to foster stronger collaboration between Silicon Valley and Capitol Hill.

How the Cyber Ambassador In Waiting Plans to Control $1.5 Billion for Open Networks

The recently passed “CHIPS and Science Act” funds a grants program that the new State Department official will have a key role in steering, including to telecom networking firms.