State Department Makes Inroads for Public-Private Tech Partnerships at Home

The agency’s Official for Cyberspace and Digital Policy traveled to San Francisco to foster stronger collaboration between Silicon Valley and Capitol Hill.

How the Cyber Ambassador In Waiting Plans to Control $1.5 Billion for Open Networks

The recently passed “CHIPS and Science Act” funds a grants program that the new State Department official will have a key role in steering, including to telecom networking firms.

These Are the Agencies Federal Employees Are Leaving at the Highest Rates

After jumping during the pandemic, the government's overall attrition rate has stabilized.

GAO: State Department Needs to Do More to Address IT Workforce Challenges

The agency does not have the necessary data to evaluate its IT staffing practices, according to the watchdog.

Key State Official Warns of ‘Peril’ as US Pursues Cybersecurity Goals at G7

The State Department would oversee $200 billion in aid and financing the administration wants to invest in developing countries, under a new agreement from world leaders that promises a prioritization of cybersecurity.

Secretary of State Makes Case for Tech-Centered Strategy to Counter China

The secretary delivered a speech outlining the administration’s policy toward Beijing as Congress tries to reconcile legislation that would provide at least $50 billion to increase domestic production of semiconductors.

US-EU Trade Meeting Highlights Semiconductor Independence, Emerging Tech Protocol

The Trade and Technology Council’s second meeting, held in Paris, will further the transatlantic dialogue surrounding tech trade and usage policy.

US and Allies Attribute Attack on U.S. Satellite Provider in Ukraine to Russia

Officials are highlighting significant spillover effects from the attack—including damage to infrastructure supporting wind farms—into Central Europe.

State Department Announces First Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy

The new office will work to advance foreign and domestic security through modernizations featuring new and emerging technology.

U.S.-Spain Summit Aims to Promote Tech Advancement in Nations That Don't 'Diminish Freedom’

The first U.S.-Spain Cybersecurity Seminar emphasized a transatlantic partnership against cybercrimes, set against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

If Russia Hacks a U.S. Satellite, Then What?

A Russian official warned that impacting their satellites would be considered a declaration of war, but the U.S. stance is more circumspect.

Women Report from the Frontlines of Federal Cryptocurrency Governance

Over the course of 2021, Congress and the administration have recognized significant benefits from diving into the technology, a trend that looks poised to continue.

U.S. Government Acts Against Alleged REvil Hackers

The Justice Department announced two indictments while the State Department offered $10 million for information on other conspirators. 

Pentagon Removes Thousands of Images of the War in Afghanistan from Website

The move, which officials said is temporary, was prompted by concerns that the Taliban would retaliate against Afghans depicted in them, the Defense Department said.

Cybersecurity Is One of Five Pillars in State’s Modernization Initiative

In addition to creating two new positions to handle international cyber and emerging tech issues, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is calling for a 50% increase in the department’s IT budget.

State Department Wants to Disrupt Colombian Coca Harvest with Drones

Training for a team from the South American nation's police force is also needed.