How to Delete Your Google+ Account


Here is how to save your data before the social network sunsets.

Google announced recently it would be shutting down Google+ after it was revealed there was a bug in the social network that exposed personal data of half a million users.

Google failed to disclose this incident for more than six months. Some lawmakers have even called for an official investigation by the Federal Trade Commission into the incident.

But what if you still have a Google+ account out there? Google will officially sunset the social network next August, so you have plenty of time to grab your data and shut the account down.

First, download your data by going to your Google Account and then the Download Your Data page and choose the Google product you'd like to have data archived for. In this instance, choose Google+.

This data can be put into your Google Drive or uploaded to Dropbox or a Microsoft One Drive. 

Once you have your data, you can delete your account. Go to and follow the instructions listed there. If you don't see a downgrade page, that means your Google+ account has already been deleted. If you are an Android user, you will also want to delete or disable the Google+ app on your smartphone. Go to settings, then apps and notifications and then choose Google+ and then tap to uninstall.

To learn more, check out the video below from CNET