Google Introduces New Security Push For User Accounts

These are small tweaks to close out Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

You Should Be Worried About Your DNA Privacy

DNA databases are just the beginning.

The Amazon Selling Machine

The e-commerce company has so much information about us that it’s become expert at shilling us things we didn’t even know we needed. No wonder its advertising business is booming.

What Happens to Your Cryptocurrency After You Die?

It isn't as simple as bequeathing cash or other property.

Google Streamlines Search Data Controls

This change could be in response to some recent controversies.

Mozilla Tests Firefox VPN Service

The popular browser is seeing whether users will pay a monthly fee for extra privacy.

If You’re Worried About Online Privacy, You No Longer Have An Excuse

Just about every web service that isn’t selling you something is selling you to someone else.

How to Delete Your Google+ Account

Here is how to save your data before the social network sunsets.

Mark Warner Is Coming for Tech’s Too-Powerful

The senator from Virginia says he’s “very annoyed” with Silicon Valley’s “pathetic” response to security concerns.

The Newest Password Technology Is Making Your Phone Easier for Police to Search

For the first time, police have compelled a suspect to unlock his phone using Face ID. The case reveals an interesting inversion: More advanced password technology is less protected from police seizure.