DHS Drops Proposal to Expand Immigration-Related Biometrics Collection

The Biden administration withdrew the controversial rule, which garnered more than 5,000 comments when it was proposed last fall.

Bill Would Force Intelligence, Law Enforcement to Obtain Warrants Before Buying Americans’ Data

As with other tech companies, agencies would have to obtain court orders to compel data brokers to turn over information.

Bill Would Prohibit Sale of Americans’ Personal Data to Adversarial Countries

The proposal would establish an interagency group to categorize data, then develop a list of countries banned from importing individuals’ data that could threaten national security.

Human Rights Organizations Call for Corporate Ban on Facial Recognition Tech

The organizations called facial recognition "inherently discriminatory and dangerous."

Senate Bill Would Force Companies to Safeguard Consumer Data

The bill outlines “reasonable” duties of care, loyalty and confidentiality for companies to follow or face fines.

For State's COVID Contact Tracing Apps, Privacy Tops Utility

More than 28 million people in the United States have downloaded the mobile apps or activated exposure notifications on their smartphones

Advocacy Groups Again Ask CBP to Withdraw Biometrics Expansion Proposal

Customs and Border Protection accepted a second round of comments after the change in administrations. 

Consumer Privacy Bill Would Set National Data Privacy Standard

The legislation would require companies to write their privacy policies in plain English.

CBP Attempts to Mitigate Privacy Risks Created by New Customs App

CBP One will become the primary public-facing portal for a number of customs programs and services. But any new data collection effort brings privacy risks.

Veterans Affairs Rolls Out Ethics Framework for Guarding Vets’ Data

The agency aims to set expectations around who can manage, view and access veteran data.

Lawmakers Move to Push Forward Privacy-Enhancing Tech

The Promoting Digital Privacy Technologies Act would drive research into tools that can help protect personal data.

Dozens of Democrats Back Bill to Secure Pandemic-Centered Health Data

Their recently re-introduced legislation is meant to help boost public trust in tech-based apps.

IG: DHS Lacks Effective Privacy Oversight

While the agency had six major privacy incidents, the privacy office fell short in numerous areas.

Synthetic Data Engine to Support NIH’s COVID-19 Research-Driving Effort

It’s all part of a new partnership the agency is embarking on with Syntegra, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

CBP Should Halt Expansion of the Biometric Entry-Exit Program, Many Commenters Write

Advocacy groups and the City of Portland wrote the Homeland Security Department urging a full stop on expanding the use of facial recognition technologies.