Your Favorite Twitter Bots Are About Die, Thanks to Upcoming Rule Changes

These new rules do not only apply to new developers, but anyone with existing developer access.

How to Delete Your Google+ Account

Here is how to save your data before the social network sunsets.

Lawmakers Call for Investigation Into Google+ Data Exposure

Google's decision not to immediately disclose the breach has ruffled some feathers.

New Tool Fights Fake News by Exposing the Websites That Create It

MIT and Qatari researchers say it’s easier to expose a liar than debunk each of his lies

Critical Update: Government’s Not Prepared for the Social Media War

Social could be as important to the future of war and politics as the telephone and telegraph, Peter Singer writes in his new book “LikeWar.”

Shutdown Averted, Congress Barrels Toward November

The House passed a slew of tech and cyber bills last week, but Homeland Security’s top cyber priority is still waiting in the Senate.

It's Been a Bad Week for Facebook

In addition to a massive data breach, Facebook is in trouble for targeting ads using security information.

Facebook Introduces Bug Bounty Program For Third-Party Apps

The company will accept reports discovered from passive viewing only.

Facebook Makes Election Security Promises

CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote a lengthy blog post making some lofty promises.

Trump Administration Preps Sanctions Against Foreign Election Interference

The new executive order describes a process for sanctioning digital interference, propaganda and any other efforts to meddle in U.S. elections.

Half of Government and Military Employees Used Awful Passwords for LinkedIn, Report Finds

Yes, one of them was “password”—and even in 2012 there was no excuse for that.

The House is Shuttling Through Tech and Cyber Bills but the Senate’s Behind

The House passed bills on cyber sanctions, supply chain security and CDM last week.