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Lessons for American Police From Hong Kong

The city’s force had dubbed itself “Asia’s Finest.” Now it is seen by many as an occupying force.

The Facebook Groups Where People Pretend the Pandemic Isn’t Happening

Online role-playing has taken a turn for the downright mundane.

DOJ Says Foreign Actors Trying to Fuel Violence at Protests Through Misinformation 

The nation’s chief law enforcement official said adversaries are using digital means to increase unrest in the United States.

Pandemic Organizers Are Co-opting Productivity Software

Mutual-aid groups are distributing groceries and spare air conditioners via tools designed to turn labor into money as efficiently as possible.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Boosting the Big Tech Transformation to Warp Speed

Big tech companies have not hesitated to make the most of the crisis.

House Bills Seek to Stop Political Ad Microtargeting

A pair of bills seek to limit how political campaigns can use data to reach voters.

How AI Will Soon Change Special Operations

A new SOCOM office is pursuing tools to understand and influence populations, clear rooms with robots, and spot new forms of jamming.

These Are Boom Times for Augmented Reality

There’s no escaping the pandemic, but bizarre Instagram filters and Zoom backgrounds give us the illusion that we can.

CISA Flags False Statements from China in COVID-19 Disinformation Warning

The agency also cautioned against dangerous suggestions—such as ingesting bleach—as cures for the disease.  

What Feds Teleworking During the Pandemic Need to Know About Complying With the Hatch Act

Special counsel releases guidance on what counts as “on duty” while working from home, and what not to do during video conferences.

Those Facebook 'Challenges' Can Expose You to Hackers

Games can often extract sensitive information about a person, such as their first job, their first car, or their mother’s maiden name.

Is the FaceTime Haircut Here to Stay?

Out-of-work hairstylists, acupuncturists, and even plumbers are seeing clients online. The transition hasn’t always been easy.

Cyber Threats at Home: How to Keep Kids Safe while They're Learning Online

Parents may not be aware of the need for the same safeguards.

Dads' Time to Shine Online: How Laughter Can Connect and Heal

Laughter and playfulness help foster resilience and provide a coping strategy to better manage and reduce stress.

Anthony Fauci’s Gen Z Cred

The public-health expert has developed the kind of internet presence that many public figures, especially politicians, only dream of building.

4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Disinformation

Even the most well-intentioned news consumers can find today’s avalanche of political information difficult to navigate.