Social Media

Privacy Advocates Connect Capitol Attack to Need for Data Protection Legislation

Sen. Ron Wyden joined citizen groups calling for limits on data collection as a way around an impasse over regulating free speech. 

Senate Hearing Tackles Harms Caused by Social Media Algorithms

Senators are pushing for more accountability from social media platforms over their algorithms.

$75K Prize Competition Announced to Help Fight Disinformation on the Internet

The Aspen Institute is willing to shell out for the best ideas to fight dis- and misinformation.

The Internet’s Unkillable App

The noisier our digital lives get, the more popular the humble newsletter becomes.

Army Recruiters on TikTok Dance Around Ban To Reach Gen Z

As threat worries subside, one sergeant has nearly half a million followers on the China-based app—and the Army wants her advice.

Information Disorder Is Biggest Social Danger, Commission Warns

The Aspen Institute’s Commission on Information Disorder made multiple structural recommendations for the information ecosystem.

Are People Lying More Since the Rise of Social Media and Smartphones?

Some forms of technology seem to facilitate lying more than others.

Facebook Can Sue Israel’s NSO Group, Appeals Court Says

The case against the NSO Group appears to scratch the surface of problematic commercial hacking tools sold at arms markets, which the U.S. government has only just begun trying to control.

Scammers Are Using Fake Job Ads to Steal People’s Identities

The U.S. Secret Service confirmed that it has seen a “marked increase” in sham job ads seeking to steal people’s personal data, often with the aim of filing bogus unemployment insurance claims.

Can Facebook’s Smart Glasses Be Smart about Security and Privacy?

How can someone know if the wearer is looking at you or looking at personal information about you?

Senator Questions TikTok, FBI and DHS Over Spread of Extremist Content

The requests are part of ongoing investigations into the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

A Day Without Facebook

The social giant’s temporary disappearance means absolutely nothing.

Military Intel Officials Highlight Efforts to Counter Online Disinformation

Adversaries take advantage of moments in real time, such as when efforts are focused on withdrawing from Afghanistan.

On TikTok, Misogyny and White Supremacy Slip through 'Enforcement Gap'

A new report shows how extremists use profiles, hashtags and other effects that violate the platform’s community guidelines.

Background Check Agency Wants a Social Media Search Tool

The Defense Department office charged with investigating potential insider threats wants to use social media to add context to allegations.

Likes and Shares Train You to Get Angry Online

The researchers found that the incentives of social media platforms like Twitter really do change how people post.