Social Media

Lawmakers Ask for Info on Meta’s Data Privacy Policies

Concern on Capitol Hill continues to rise about reproductive data and big tech following Roe v. Wade’s overturn.

Capitol Hill Takes Aim at Twitter Following Whistleblower Complaint

The allegation of rampant security failures on Twitter’s platform prompted lawmakers to double down on data handling practices.

House Oversight Dems Seeking Data From Social Media Companies About Threats to Law Enforcement

Lawmakers are demanding information from online platforms about how they are responding to growing threats against law enforcement officials following the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago.

Tourism and the Metaverse: Towards a Widespread Use of Virtual Travel?

Although tourism in the metaverse will not be able to replace outdoor experiences, it can be used to promote sites that are not easily accessible or are ignored by tourists, who can discover them virtually.

A Civil Servant's Effort to Humanize Government, One Fed at a Time

An effort to tell the stories of government workers has the goal of letting the American people know that public servants actually care.

DOD Officials ‘Must Address’ Fake Accounts Under New Social Media Guidance

The Department of Defense released its first departmentwide policy for official accounts and the personnel running them.

Pennsylvania Man Charged After Threatening to Murder FBI Agents Over Mar-a-Lago Search

The man was charged after making numerous threats on the social media application Gab.

Misinformation ‘Harms Nearly Every Element of Election Administration,’ Committee Report Finds

State election officials said that they “need help at the federal level” to counter the threat.

Faced with a Rise of Extremism within Its Ranks, the Military Has Clamped down on Racist Speech, Including Retweets and Likes

For civilians, free speech is protected by the First Amendment. Not so in the U.S. military, where the rise of political extremism has become a problem.

Misinformation Campaigns and Threats are Undermining Confidence in U.S. Elections, Official Says

CISA is ramping up efforts to defend voting systems from outside intrusion, but the spread of online misinformation and threats against election officials still damage faith in the electoral process.

Can a Fitness App Ease the Military’s Recruitment Crisis?

App gives recruiters a tool to monitor how their recruits are shaping up before shipping out.

Fueled by Virtually Unrestricted Social Media Access, White Nationalism is on the Rise and Attracting Violent Young White Men

Social media provides a platform for attracting violent extremists that has never existed before.

Browser Cookies Make People More Cautious Online, Study Finds

Browser cookies don't make people as excited actual cookies.

China’s Disinformation Warriors May Be Coming for Your Company

A recent attack on a rare-earths processor shows a new facet of information warfare: weaponized NIMBYism.