Social Media

How Instagram Replaced the Contacts List

The app has become the default way to connect with new friends, dates, or business contacts.

HUD Sues Facebook For Violating Fair Housing Rules With Targeted Ads

Facebook’s ad system allowed companies to target users based on a number of protected classes, including race, sex, nationality and general interests.

Microsoft Boss Suggests Joint Big-Tech Center After New Zealand Attacks Go Viral

The company’s president Brad Smith suggests establishing a virtual coordination center where major tech companies can work together during incidents.

Why the New Zealand Shooting Video Keeps Circulating

Teaching AI to filter out banned content isn’t the solution advocates hoped for—or the one Silicon Valley promised.

Facebook Does Have to Respect Civil-Rights Legislation, After All

Activists just won a landmark case against the social network.

Tech Giants Will Brief Lawmakers on the Spread of Terrorist Content Online

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft will be asked about how the New Zealand shooter’s video spread so quickly.

House VA Committee Looks into Trolls Targeting Veterans Groups

Someone’s spreading misinformation to veterans and their families and Congress wants to know who.

How an App for Gamers Went Mainstream

Discord has become an indispensable tool for internet creators to connect with their fans.

Researcher: The West Isn’t Ready for the Coming Wave of Chinese Misinformation

Beijing’s social-media operations are larger and more effective than many realize.

What Mark Zuckerberg Thinks People Want

The Facebook CEO had a change of heart that could recast the future of the internet.

Congress Moves to Ban Discriminatory Advertising on Social Media

Lawmakers also introduced bills to help both vets and the larger U.S. workforce navigate an increasingly tech-centric job market.

Where Are the Stories About Government’s Vital Work?

Agencies need to do a better job of explaining what they do and why it matters.

The Reason Conspiracy Videos Work So Well on YouTube

It’s the paranoid style, mutated for platform politics.

Diplomats Aren’t Following the State Department’s Social Media Rules, Watchdog Says

At least 20 ambassadors have used their personal Twitter accounts for diplomatic activities.

Lawmakers Are Taking Another Crack At Security Clearance Reform

And they’re demanding answers about Facebook’s missteps and the shutdown’s impact on cybersecurity.

Apple’s Empty Grandstanding About Privacy

The company enables the surveillance that supposedly offends its values.