Social Media

FBI Opens 160 Cases on Capitol Riot with More Expected

The bureau is combing through more than 100,000 pieces of digital media and expects to open more cases for a range of crimes including murder, sedition and theft of national security information.

Lawmaker Urges Tech Companies to Save Posts, Metadata From Jan. 6 Insurrection

Sen. Mark Warner sent letters to 11 wireless communication and social media companies asking them to get ready to hand over content for legal proceedings.

FBI Calls for Photos, Videos of Insurrectionists at the Capitol

The Department of Justice said some participants will be charged in connection with the riots.

Trump’s Internet Is Celebrating

The movement behind today’s attempted coup delivered exactly what it has promised for months on social media.

Twitter, Facebook Temporarily Block Trump’s Accounts

Tech executives also called for Congress to move forward with certifying the election.

The 1996 Law That Ruined the Internet

Why I changed my mind about Section 230.

The Year That Changed the Internet

In 2020, the need to contain misinformation about COVID-19 pushed Facebook and Twitter into a role they never wanted—arbiters of the truth.

Biden Reveals White House Digital Team

The team will be in charge of communicating with Americans once Biden takes office on Jan. 20.

Pentagon Seeks Software to Analyze Data from Twitter

The Defense Department posted a solicitation for software capable of gleaning real-time intelligence from social media feeds.

To Protect Research Subjects, Account for the Internet

When today’s scientists design experiments, they most often refer to ethical guidelines written decades ago.

How TikTok Is Upending Workplace Social Media Policies – and Giving Us Rebel Nurses and Dancing Cops

Even the most innocuous videos likely violate standard corporate social media policies.

Why Data Privacy Is Crucial to Fighting Disinformation

Information collected as we go about our daily lives can be weaponized into influence operations that are harder to detect.

How an AI Tool Distinguishes Between a Conspiracy Theory and a True Conspiracy

Machine learning is helping decipher outright conspiracy theories.

Myths About Vote Tampering Could Persist For Years, Say Experts

The huge follower counts of dedicated misinformers appear to outweigh efforts by journalists, government officials, and the social media platforms themselves.

Foundations of a Sound Social Media Retention Strategy for Federal Agencies

A lack of a clear social media strategy also leads to key bits of information getting lost.