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What Is Section 230? An Expert on Internet Law and Regulation Explains the Legislation that Paved the Way for Facebook, Google and Twitter

The 1996 law passed while the internet was still embryonic and downright terrifying to some lawmakers for what it could unleash.

Big Tech Has a Vaccine Misinformation Problem – Here’s What a Social Media Expert Recommends

Individuals and groups that spread medical misinformation are well organized to exploit the weaknesses of the engagement-driven ecosystems on social media platforms.

Institutional Authority Has Vanished. Wikipedia Points to the Answer.

The crowdsourced reference site can teach the CDC how to communicate in an era of rumors and shifting information.

Why People End Up Mad When AI Flags Toxic Speech

Facebook says its artificial intelligence models identified and pulled down 27 million pieces of hate speech in the final three months of 2020.

News Media Accidentally Boosted Russian Disinformation Tweets

Mainstream and hyperpartisan news media significantly amplified Internet Research Agency messaging and contributed to that follower growth by unknowingly embedding its tweets in their content.

National Archives Seeks to Revamp How Presidential Library Archives Social Media

NARA is looking for outside ideas around the improvement of its Presidential Library website.

It's Too Easy to Troll Like a Russian

We're scholars, but amateurs, and we found it alarming how quickly we imagined a personalized misinformation campaign with actual publicly available data.

Researchers: Users Shouldn't Be on the Hook for Data Security

In reality, we have almost no power over our data and who uses it for what, according to the study.

Defense Digital Service Director Used Signal App In Violation of Pentagon Policy, IG Says

The DOD Office of Inspector General found evidence that outgoing DDS Director Brett Goldstein also encouraged subordinates to use the encrypted messaging app.

White House Calls for Agencies and Tech Companies to Share Info to Combat Domestic Terrorism

A new strategy asks social media and communications companies to enforce their own policies to protect users from those who foment violence.

Internet Ads Are a Popular Tax Target for Both Parties

The proliferation of unwanted internet ads and Big Tech’s staggering pandemic profits have fueled bipartisan efforts to capture revenue from tech companies’ mining of personal information.

Teens Have a Hard Time Finding Truth Online

Researchers say students need to be prepared for a world filled with a continual flow of misleading information.

DARPA Calling for AI Proposals to Measure How Authoritarian Regimes Control Information

Tech developed under the program could help the Defense Department react to repressive actions in cyberspace.

Body Cameras Help Monitor Police but Can Invade People's Privacy

Records laws allow many videos to end up on YouTube but few address how to deal with the personal information of those filmed.

The White House Teams Up with Dating Apps to Promote COVID-19 Vaccines

Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and others are offering incentives to encourage users to get vaccinated.

America Offline

We’ve just lived through the most online period in history. What comes next?