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Deadlines Loom for Contractor TikTok Ban

By now, federal agencies must have TikTok completely out of IT systems. Contractors have some more time to stop using TikTok, but not that much.

TikTok, Security and Government Devices

Tom Guarente of Armis joins the podcast to discuss what network administrators need to know about the potential threat that the social media app poses.

AI and Twitter Could Help Predict Opioid Deaths

Combined, the technologies can predict where opioid deaths are likely to occur.

More College Students Than Ever Say They Go to Therapy

Nearly half of all college students are depressed, according to a new nationwide study.

White House to Officially Ban TikTok from Government Devices Within 30 days

New guidance from the Office of Management and Budget finalizes a congressional push to ban the popular Chinese social networking app from all government devices amid privacy and security concerns.

Section 230 Debate Reignited as Cruz Demands Content Moderation Transparency

The Texas lawmaker is requesting details on social media and tech platforms’ content moderation and censorship practices.

DOD Needs to Expand Guidance on ‘Information Environment’ Training, Watchdog Says

The Pentagon’s education and training initiatives to help DOD leaders respond to threats in the contested information environment need to offer clear guidance on what topics to cover, according to a review by the Government Accountability Office.

Why Zoom Happy Hours Fall Flat

Booze and in-person gatherings just go together. Virtually, not so much.

Senator Advocates a Transparency-Based Approach to Social Media Moderation

Sen. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., said such transparency about government moderation requests “does seem to be the best move” for promoting free speech online.

Combating Antisemitism Today: Holocaust Education in the Era of Twitter and TikTok

Social media has the power to amplify accurate, or inaccurate, information.

Beyond Section 230: A Pair of Social Media Experts Describes How to Bring Transparency and Accountability to the Industry

COMMENTARY | We think change in Section 230 is coming – and we believe that it is long overdue.

Gallagher Wants to Ban TikTok, But Says U.S. Ownership Could be a 'Workable Solution'

Congress passed a law to ban the popular app on federal government devices as part of the omnibus funding bill. It doesn't look like lawmakers' about national security and TikTok are waning.

Omnibus Spending Bill Includes a Ban of TikTok on Government Devices

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) told FCW on Monday that Congress might have more work to do regarding national security implications of popular video-sharing app TikTok in the next session of Congress.