Mozilla Is Developing a Voice-Controlled Browser

Julia Tim/

Mozilla, the makers of popular Firefox browser is developing a new browser that can respond to voice commands.

The non-profit tech organization announced its plans for the browser at an event on Wednesday in San Francisco, CNET reports. 

"Hey Scout, read me the article about polar bears," Mozilla writes. "With the Scout app, we start to explore browsing and consuming content with voice." 

Most of us are familiar with voice-controlled devices like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa, but a browser that takes verbal commands is new. The browser could potentially allow users a chance to multitask and create greater accessibility for people with vision problems

Scout won't be able for download next week, however. Mozilla has said the development of the project is still in the early stages.

Mozilla has been experimenting with its browser capabilities recently. The organization recently introduced a browser that uses web authentication instead of traditional passwords and two extensions that help boost users' privacy.