Google Using AI to Predict Flight Delays

Ekaterina Pokrovsky/

Having a flight delayed is never a good thing, but it can be made worse if the alerts about the status of your flight aren't timely.

Google is hoping to solve this. The tech company announced today that it is updating its Flights tool to provide delay explanations as well as status predictions.

The app's machine learning system relies on historic flight info to make its delay predictions. It will notify the user whenever there's an 80 percent confidence of the forecast being true.

This isn't a foolproof method, however. Travelers should probably still try to show up the recommended two to three hours before a flight. But if you know a flight is likely to be delayed, you can be prepared ahead of time with the right snacks and entertainment.

And if you're looking to potentially switch your flight, the Google app will also outline cheap flights available from American, Delta and United.