SEC Pulls On-Ramp For $2.5 Billion IT Contract

The agency is reworking the on-ramp solicitation for its massive enterprise IT vehicle, which, if officials aren’t careful, could take down the entire contract.

Amazon’s Retreat From Seattle

Amazon is moving its presence eastward, sometimes into smaller communities.

Pentagon Says No JEDI Conflict, Narrows Field to AWS and Microsoft

The Pentagon’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract could be awarded by mid-July.

The Private Sector is Trying to Bring More Cyber Experts to Government

Mastercard, Microsoft, Workday and the Partnership for Public Service launched an initiative that would place highly qualified grads in cyber jobs at federal agencies.

Financial Regulators Want To Know If Their Cyber Assessment Tool Is Worth It

Four federal agencies are asking the industry they regulate whether a cybersecurity assessment is worth the work of collecting and submitting the necessary data.

Another Launch Startup Gets Work from the Air Force

New Zealand-based Rocket Lab will orbit a trio of satellites as Pentagon hunts for cheap ways to put sensors in space.

Survey: Four in Five Industry Tech Execs Favor Federal Privacy Law

Corporate America’s top tech officials favor a privacy law even if they aren’t sure how to adhere to it.

The Race to Code the Curb

Everyone—from ride-hailing cars to delivery trucks to bikes and scooters—wants a piece of the curb. How can smart cities map and manage this precious resource?

A DNA Company Wants You to Help Catch Criminals

Family Tree DNA was criticized for secretly working with the FBI. Now it’s explicitly asking potential customers to help law enforcement.

Why Trump Wants to Go to the Moon So Badly

The administration has vowed to return Americans to the lunar surface in 2024 “by any means necessary.”

Microsoft Boss Suggests Joint Big-Tech Center After New Zealand Attacks Go Viral

The company’s president Brad Smith suggests establishing a virtual coordination center where major tech companies can work together during incidents.

Contractors and Advocacy Groups Push Back on State Efforts to Mandate Surveillance Software

State legislation pushed by one company to require contractors to install the software would compromise data privacy and carry steep costs for companies and governments, the groups argue.

Heartland Cities Are Stuck. Washington Can Help Them.

In an unprecedented era of winner-take-all urbanism, left-behind cities need federal help.

‘This is Not About Me and Google,’ Says Dunford, Who Will Meet Execs Next Week

Artificial intelligence businesses in China help an authoritarian government and erode America’s military advantage, the Joint Chiefs chairman said.