Data Shows Significant Drop in IT Services Spending Post COVID-19

Global government spending data shows worldwide decline in IT spending this year, though the numbers tell a unique story for the U.S. government.

Defense Information Network to Host Data Repository for Contractors’ Cybersecurity Audits, Official Says

Applications are now available for aspiring assessor organizations, which will also need to have their security certified.

DHS Insider Threat Program Expanding to Anyone Who Accesses Agency Info

The Homeland Security Department will begin tracking all personnel—federal employees and contractors, with or without a security clearance—in the hunt for insider threats.

NSA Piloting Secure Domain Name System Service for Defense Contractors

The effort is meant to help small- and medium-sized companies get more bang for their cybersecurity buck.

Don’t Believe the China Hype

When it comes to assessing Chinese power, things aren’t always as they seem.

Pentagon Starts Bailing Out Companies that Have Lost Business Due to Coronavirus

The Defense Department is sending millions of dollars to keep companies afloat, and more deals are expected.

DOD Officials, Cybersecurity Accreditation Partners Struggle with the China Question

Officials are also still hammering out conflict-of-interest issues, as watchdogs flag failures in Defense acquisition practices.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Boosting the Big Tech Transformation to Warp Speed

Big tech companies have not hesitated to make the most of the crisis.

Defense Companies Scramble to Make Virtual Internships Work

Despite the economic crisis, the industry has too much to do, and not enough people to do it.

Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Accreditation Board Seeks First Class of Auditors

The group seeks experienced professionals to help shape an ecosystem of education and training possibilities for aspiring cyber auditors. 

NASA Seeks to Improve How It Learns About New Technology

The space agency wants input from partners regarding how it collects information about new tech innovation.

Critical Update: Why the Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Certification Program Inspires Hope and Fear

The Defense Department’s Katie Arrington, and representatives from across the federal contracting community share perspectives on a new era dawning in U.S. cybersecurity policy.

Air Force Leaders Fret As Another Satellite Maker Declares Bankruptcy

Service leaders are asking for Congressional help in shoring up the defense industrial base.

What to Watch for in Federal Data Privacy Legislation

A draft of a federal data privacy and security bill takes into consideration leading practices for the states and those abroad. 

Gen Z Doesn’t Want to Work for the Government

Here are three things agencies can do to appeal more to these young, tech-savvy workers.

Amazon Files Another Protest Over JEDI Contract 

Microsoft responds by blasting Amazon Web Services for trying to force a do-over for the multibillion-dollar cloud contract.

Big Tech and Aviation Companies to Set Standards For New Drone-Tracking System

The eight vendors will set the technology standards for FAA’s Remote ID program to track drones and their operators.