Changing How App Stores Operate Could Have National Security Implications

As Congress considers how to increase competition for app stores run by Apple, Google and others, it also needs to consider potential cybersecurity threats.

Microsoft, Army Sign Cooperative Research Agreement for Storm Modeling

The Army Engineer Research and Development Center will demonstrate the scalability of its storm modeling system in Azure Government cloud.

Counter-drone Startup Successfully Links Capability with Key Army C2 Software

The software-defined high-power microwave solution created by Epirus is also compatible with anything else that integrates with the C2 software. 

Raising the Contractor Minimum Wage: It’s Not as Simple as it Looks

The current circumstances create a bizarre combination of a wage safety net and wage suppression.

Richard Branson Pulled It Off

One space billionaire has now made it to space and back. Jeff Bezos is next.

Biden Executive Order on Competition Includes ‘Big Tech’

The executive order includes 72 programs and actions for the administration to take, four of which focus on increasing competition within the technology sector.

Report: COVID-19 Increased Acquisition Activity in Cyber Industry

The pandemic contributed to more than 120 publicly announced cybersecurity acquisitions in 2020 as the need for cybersecurity tools grew.

Pentagon Cancels JEDI Cloud Contract

The Defense Department will opt for a new multibillion-dollar, multi-vendor contract.

White House Plans to Attribute the Microsoft Exchange Hack Soon

Microsoft has already attributed the broad-scale compromise of its on-premises mail servers to Chinese nation-state actors.

GSA’s Latest Blanket Purchase Agreement Benefits Climate Agency

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a new way to procure mission critical IT.

Advocacy Group Asks Biden Administration to Consider 7 Reforms for Governmentwide Contracts

A group of federal contractors want to see the governmentwide acquisition contract, or GWAC, program process improved for innovative and non-traditional vendors.

Deputy Defense Secretary Says JEDI Cloud Update Coming Soon

Kathleen Hicks said the department will choose a path forward for enterprise cloud soon.

Survey: Technologists Prefer to Keep Working Remotely

Only 17% of technologists nationwide prefer full-time office work.

U.S. Needs Tech Agency to Compete with China, Think Tank Says

The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act is just a first step when it comes to competition with China, according to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

National Lab Recommends Energy Department Test Electric Utility Vendors for Cybersecurity

A broad spectrum of organizations are calling on regulators to improve suppliers instead of simply banning foreign companies.