DOD Official: Upcoming Cybersecurity Requirements Could Still Significantly Change Based on Industry Feedback

Defense Acquisitions CISO Katie Arrington highlighted cost concerns and encouraged public comments toward a final rule on the department’s planned certification program.

Government Reduces Representation Burdens for Supply Chain Rule Banning Some Chinese Equipment 

Contractors continue to question inconsistent language and push for the need for more clarity around Section 889 Part B.

Google Antitrust Case Suggests Apple Should Be in the Department of Justice’s Crosshairs Too

Apple’s role as the gateway to billions of searches is the critical factor here.

DOD Official Confident in Cybersecurity Certification Body’s Business Model

The volunteer group taking on the Pentagon’s new system of contractor audits has taken out lines of credit, the official said.

Health Insurers Are Starting to Roll Back Coverage for Telehealth – Even Though Demand Is Way Up Due to COVID-19

Due to the financial strain on health care systems and insurers, the increase in telehealth use may be forced to shrink even though the public health crisis remains.

DOD’s First Agreement with Accreditation Body on Contractor Cybersecurity Nears End

Lead official grapples with the challenge of resourcing a federally funded research and development center to act as a gateway for the Pentagon’s certification program. 

Lockheed Seeks Commercial Tie-Ups to Chase 5G Work

CEO Taiclet wants a leading role as U.S. and allied militaries build out their next-gen mobile networks.

Congress Faces Contentious Cyber Proposals When NDAA Conference Kicks Off

Industry groups are hoping these will lead to greater investment in government intelligence services to protect their assets.

NIST Needs Tech Providers Help Developing Zero-Trust Practice Guide

But the agency is vetting potential participants on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

The Fight to Tame Big Tech Has Finally Begun

The antitrust suit against Google is the beginning of the end of a lawless era.

CISA Reveals Timeline for Improving Anemic Information Sharing Program

The private sector has been pushing for greater liability protections before participating in a two-way exchange of cyber threats and vulnerabilities with the agency.

Industry Groups Spar Over NDAA Provisions on Sourcing of Electronics from China   

Dueling letters to lawmakers support and oppose language requiring the department to phase out the procurement of some basic technology from adversarial nations.

Industry Groups Ask Lawmakers to Remove Core Cybersecurity Provisions from NDAA 

The trade associations for various government contractors are also opposing a range of oversight proposals in the annual defense bill, including ones aimed at enhancing procurement value and reducing unfair labor practices.

Survey: More than Half the Tech Workforce Say Pandemic Hurting Career Progression

Networking opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic have been at a minimum, and it’s negatively impacting the private-sector workforce.

Comments on Government Supply Chain Rule Push for Better Definitions and More Time

Industry groups and other comments highlight the difficulty of complying with a provision of last year’s defense authorization act that requires the removal of products from companies including Huawei and ZTE.