Silicon Valley Mayor to Feds: ‘Get Out of the Way’ of Innovation

The federal government could do more to promote innovation at the state and local levels by doing less, according to San Jose’s mayor.

On the Brink of a New Era of Spaceflight

After years of relying on Russia to get to space, NASA astronauts might soon fly on American-made launch systems.

The Army Will Need Traditional Vendors’ Help Putting Startup Tech to Use

The Army is all in on innovative startups, but it will likely rely on tried and true contractors to get the tech over the finish line, Lt. Gen. Eric Wesley told SXSW.

Big Tech Claps Back at Warren’s Proposal to Break Up Amazon, Google, Facebook

The tech industry doesn’t think Sen. Warren’s idea to break up big tech companies is a good idea.

Here's What One Tech Titan Thinks a National AI Strategy Should Be

A feasible national AI strategy will foster innovation, create new employment opportunities, and remove murky policy barriers, Intel said.

What’s So Special About the Next SpaceX Launch

Elon Musk’s company is on the edge of a new era in American human spaceflight.

Cloud Computing Contributed $214 Billion to U.S. GDP in 2017

Exponential economic growth in the internet sector isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

DARPA Highlights 10 Focus Areas for Innovative Small Businesses

The agency also stood up an in-house startup accelerator to propel the most promising tech to the commercial market.

IBM Launches ‘Watson-as-a-Service’ for Government

The company is making a version of its big-name artificial intelligence program available across any cloud provider.

Are America’s Companies Ready to Fight Russia & China? New Study Aims to Find Out.

Reagan Institute panel sets out to identify the ‘National Security Innovation Base’ from workforce skills to technologies, labs, companies and academia.

Microsoft Stands By Its $480 Million Pentagon Contract

The company reaffirmed its commitment to provide the Army with augmented reality headsets despite resistance from employees.

Why the Amazon Pushback Is Also About Immigrants

After the HQ2 cancellation in Queens, Amazon’s connections to federal immigration enforcement are drawing scrutiny and criticism in other cities, too.

Previous Incumbent Protests NASA’s $2.9 Billion IT Support Contract

NASA’s main IT services contract has a new name and a new vendor, but the old vendor isn’t ready to bow out.

Trump Science Adviser Stresses the Benefits of Private Research Funding

Kelvin Droegemeier tells academic groups he favors stronger industry ties.