Pentagon Acquisition Chief Hints Section 889 Supply Chain Waiver May Be Extended

The Defense Department’s Undersecretary for Acquisition and Sustainment Ellen Lord spoke briefly about Section 889 Part B implementation Wednesday.

The World Needs American Leadership in Setting the Technological Standards of the Future

U.S. interests are missing or under-represented in key international standardization organizations.

Can AI Solve the Rare Earths Problem? Chinese and U.S. Researchers Think So

A research effort funded by China and the U.S. could speed up the discovery of new materials to use in electronics.

Pentagon’s Contractor Cybersecurity Program Approaches Testing Phase 

The pending non-profit in charge of issuing certifications is moving forward with training for assessors as a key aspect of its arrangement with the Defense Department could be in flux. 

Pentagon Plans Single-Award $11B IT Contract

The Defense Enclave Services contract could go out for bid as soon as late September.

Why Five New National Quantum Information Science Centers Are a Huge Deal 

Through quantum computers, we’ll tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges, explain Energy Department's Paul Dabbar and IBM Research's Darío Gil.

Here's What It'll Take to Clean Up Esports' Toxic Culture

As COVID-19 has driven much of life online and fueled a boom in online gaming, harassment in these and other internet spaces has increased.

Google Offering Near Real-Time Maps of Wildfire Boundaries

The company’s announcement comes as destructive fires are burning in a number of western states.

Why CMMC Could Be Our Best Weapon to Fight Back Against Chinese IP Theft

The newfound penchant toward action is an opportunity to raise the bar for cybersecurity and better secure American IP.

Energy Department, Microsoft Set Up Consortium to Produce AI-Enabled Tools for First Responders

At least ten partners from across the government, industry and academia have already signed on.

Diversity Pledges Alone Won't Change Corporate Workplaces – Here's What Will

The problem is not a lack of commitment but what social scientists call “unconscious bias.”

DOD Releases Prime Airwaves for Commercial 5G Networks

Amid criticism, officials said 100 megahertz of federal midband spectrum will be transferred to commercial users at an unprecedented pace.

Survey: More Than Half of Tech Employees ‘Dread’ Work Each Morning

Private-sector tech employees face growing anxiety and loneliness related to the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Thanks for Flying SpaceX’

After a successful splashdown, SpaceX is poised to take over the job of shuttling American astronauts to space.

GSA Enters Third Phase of Multiple Award Schedule Consolidation

Customers will be able to find a company's offerings under one identifier.