Google To Build 3 Undersea Internet Cables

Anton Balazh/

The company hopes to create more reliable connectivity for international customers.

Google is expanding its international reach. 

The tech company announced it has made plans for three undersea cables to improve its network. The cables will be commission in 2019.

The areas connected by the cables will have access to a faster and better version of Google's products, such as their cloud platform and G Suite services, according to Google.

This won't be their first foray under the water, however, as Google has previously invested directly into eight undersea cables.

But one of these planned cables, the Curie, will connect California and Chile. Google said it will make them the "first major non-telecom company to build a private intercontinental cable."

The other two cables will be consortium cables and will be commissioned and constructed with other companies. 

The Havfrue will connect the East Coast of the U.S. with Ireland and Denmark. Google will work with Facebook, subsea network manufacturer Aqua Comms and industrial group Bulk Infrastructure. 

Google's third cable, the HK-G, will connect Hong Kong and Guam, and will be a partnership with telecommunications infrastructure company RTI Connectivity and IT manufacturer NEC Corporation.

The company also plans to expand its Google Cloud Platform to five new regions: Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Montreal, the Netherlands and Finland.