Cyber Threats

NSA: Test Unified Communications Patches Before Installing

Guidance from the National Security Agency aims to protect communications carried over the internet from eavesdropping, denial-of-service attacks and other dangers.

Survey: Government Faces Increasing Threat from Stolen Accounts

But agencies may not be taking the right steps to mitigate the account takeovers.

FDA Tells NIST Securing ‘Critical Software’ Extends Beyond Devices

Two federal agencies were among those who submitted comments to the National Institute of Standards and Technology for shaping deliverables under a recent executive order.

Key Senator Wants Biden to Raise SolarWinds in International Negotiations

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner said espionage campaigns like the SolarWinds hack merit discussion with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

FBI Seeks a Vendor to Help with Multiyear IT Modernization Project

The Office of the Chief Information Officer is creating a new contract to help with the IT Modernization Initiative and other major efforts.

It's Crunch Time for Homeland Security's Continuous Monitoring Program

To aggressively move forward and to defend critical infrastructure, we must first acknowledge the hurdles that stand before us. 

White House Official Briefed State AGs on Private-Sector Role Battling Ransomware

The deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging tech emphasized the responsibility of the private sector at home as President Biden prepares to work the White House strategy abroad.

Pentagon Weapons Programs Still Struggle to Use Modern Software Practices, Watchdog Says

The Government Accountability Office found programs face challenges with agile deliveries and cybersecurity testing. 

Biden Redirects Agencies on Securing Information and Communications Technology

A new executive order revokes bans on WeChat and TikTok but retains and adds to a Trump edict on U.S. tech, especially “connected software applications” tied to foreign adversaries.

How the Pandemic Impacted Government’s Cloud Migration Plans: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

While federal, state and local agencies remain firm believers in hybrid environments, they face several obstacles.

Study Shows AI-generated Fake Reports Fool Experts

Misinformation within communities of expertise has the potential for scary outcomes such as delivering incorrect medical advice to doctors and patients.

DISA Details Plans to Improve Network for Shift to Zero Trust

The agency's recent request for information also seeks feedback on its acquisition strategy.

Executive Order Hints at FedRAMP Alternatives

The order calls for modernizing the cloud-security program and opens the door for other frameworks to be used for authorization.

IG: CISA-Run Monitoring Program Has Not Improved DHS’ Cybersecurity Posture

The department’s inspector general also found vulnerabilities in the department’s technology due to poorly defined patch management roles and configuration settings.

Why Government Needs More than Money to Fix Cybersecurity Issues

A bigger budget has its numerous benefits but it doesn’t magically scale teams or thwart threats.

NIST Will Build on Existing Software Development Framework to Meet Executive Order

The agency also shared how it’s thinking about defining “critical software,” which is to be prioritized under the order.