Agencies Warn of State-Sponsored Volt Typhoon’s Hacking Tactics

In collaboration with international and private sector partners, CISA released a new advisory warning network defenders of PRC-linked Volt Typhoon’s infiltration tactics. 


Report Estimates Trillions in Indirect Losses Would Follow Quantum Computer Hack

An analysis projects the hypothetical disruption a cyberattack from a quantum computer could have on global financial markets.


‘Continuing Significant Deficiencies’ Hamper VA’s Information Security Controls, Audit Finds

An audit released by the VA Office of Inspector General found that the department “needs to implement improved controls” to address persistent gaps in its information security program.


Quantum Cryptography Market to Exceed $3B by 2028

The growth reflects rising concern about the potential threat posed by fully realized quantum computers.


Federal Operation Takes Down Sophisticated Russian Malware

Snake malware has plagued international digital networks for nearly two decades; a joint federal effort finally dismantled the web of espionage spyware.


State-Sponsored Actors Leading Cause of Cyber Concern in Public Sector

A new SolarWinds report details how foreign hackers have become the largest concern among government entities, and how zero-trust strategies have become the most popular defense.


CISA, FBI Need Data from Cybercrime Victims to Support Policy

The federal agencies tasked with tracking and preventing cybercrime rely on collaboration and data sharing to protect U.S. digital networks.


Federal Law Enforcement’s New Focus is on ‘Disruption’ of Cybercrime

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco noted that success will be seen with a “bias towards action,” rather than just courtroom victories.

Emerging Tech

DHS Outlines Cyber Priorities in Release of Delayed Review

The Department of Homeland Security’s long-delayed Quadrennial Homeland Security Review warned that “more complex” threats to the nation, such as crippling cyberattacks, could affect “multiple industries, sectors and national critical functions.”


CISA Taking Over Open-Source Logging Tool Created by UK Government

The Logging Made Easy tool will move to CISA’s GitHub page later this year but will be unsupported in the meantime.


Lawmakers Reintroduce Bill to Bolster Cybersecurity of K-12 Schools

The bipartisan, bicameral legislation directs CISA to provide primary and secondary schools with more targeted cyber information and resources to combat a rise in ransomware attacks.

Artificial Intelligence

US Must Be More Aware of 'Adversarial Side' of AI, DHS Official Warns

The Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate aims to better understand AI as it becomes integrated with the nation’s infrastructure.


US Officials Charge Chinese Agents with Running ‘Secret Police Station’ in NYC

Prosecutors unveiled charges Monday against a “troll farm” and Chinese nationals who worked with a Zoom employee to crash meetings with U.S.-based dissidents.


HHS Launches New Cybersecurity Awareness Resources

The Department of Health and Human Services issued three new online resources for health care entities to fortify their digital networks.


Federal, International Agencies Release Principles to Enhance Security of Tech Products

The new guidance pushes software and technology manufacturers to take more responsibility for the security of their devices by adhering to secure-by-design and -default principles.

Emerging Tech

Senator Calls for Cybersecurity Audit of Law Enforcement Wireless Network

FirstNet is a cellular network built for first responders around the country, but at least one federal official told the senator’s office they had “no confidence” in the network’s security.

Emerging Tech

Enhanced Information Sharing With Industry Key to Deterring Digital Threats, NSA Cyber Chief Says

NSA Cybersecurity Director Rob Joyce said intelligence sharing initiatives between government and industry empower companies to implement actionable cyber defense measures.

Digital Government

New FCC Rule Aims to Kill Spam Texts at the Source

Additional proposals would give consumers more options, such as adding text messages to the Do-Not-Call registry.


Genesis Black Market Dismantled, But Experts Warn of Potential Vacuum

A major coordinated effort took down the black market for stolen data, but experts warn the fight to secure data is ongoing.