The Suite Life


Nextgov chats with federal executives about their role in agencies’ ever-growing C-suites. 

Over the years, federal agencies have introduced a slew of new executives to the C-suite ranks. While chief information officers have been present for decades across most agencies, agencies are installing new chiefs to handle IT security, data and governance, customers and innovation—among other subjects. 

Federal ranks now include an assortment of chief data officers, chief customer experience officers and chief innovation officers, all with varying roles integral and unique to their missions. Despite common titles, an agency chief executive at one agency may have vastly different responsibilities, staff and budget authority.

In this ebook, we sat down for conversations with a CIO, a dual-hatted CIO/CDO, a chief innovation officer and a chief experience officer to learn more about their roles and how they work with their fellow executives to accomplish their agencies’ missions. 

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