Data Governance

DOD Released Its First Enterprisewide Data Strategy in 2020. Here’s Why It Matters.

While industry experts say the strategy lays a much-needed foundation, the devil’s in the details when it comes to implementation.

How the U.S. Can Fight the Opioid Epidemic During COVID-19

A majority of states—more than 40—have reported increases in opioid-related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

Bill to Boost CBP’s Synthetic Opioid-Detecting Tech Awaits President's Signature

Among other requirements, it calls for the establishment of a new, centralized database.

Now Streaming: Government Data

When leveraged effectively, streaming data offers tremendous potential for real-time improvements.

Artificial Intelligence in Government and the Presidential Transition: Building on a Solid Foundation

Here are the key steps that the incoming Biden administration should take to make the federal government AI-ready.

Data Privacy and Data Governance Will Be Top Business Priorities for 2021

Building the right foundation to highly secure and protect your company includes several fundamentals that are critical to supporting the infrastructure from the ground up.

Focus on Data Quality Now is Key to Reaping Future Benefits of CPIC Benchmarking

One of the most immediate benefits is the ability to identify what we call “shadow IT.”

DHS CIO Shares Plans for Next Chief Data Officer

The department’s chief information officer said her office is moving fast on building segment architectures she expects will help with risk management. 

The Future of Defense Networks

The Defense Department’s taking an enterprise approach to its efforts to protect the government’s most important data and push it to decision-makers on the tactical edge.

How the Pandemic Changed the Defense Digital Service’s Portfolio

While the group supports multiple COVID-19 efforts, DDS Director Brett Goldstein is also looking ahead to DOD’s data challenges and possible expansion of Hack the Pentagon.

DOD’s New Data Strategy Puts Decision-Makers in the Center, CDO Says

Dave Spirk, the Defense Department’s chief data officer, said the new strategy is a break from the past data landscape, which focused on networks and transports for moving data. 

OMB Official Says Evidence Act Implementation Guidance May Come in Early 2021

Two Office of Management and Budget officials discussed the guidance at the first meeting of the Advisory Committee on Data for Evidence Building.

DOD’s New Data Strategy ‘Critical to Our National Security,’ DDS Chief Says

Brett Goldstein, director of the Defense Digital Service, talked about how to make innovative projects reusable and sustainable for broad use across the Pentagon.  

DOD Unveils First Enterprisewide Data Strategy

The new data strategy will be a key component supporting the Defense Department’s digital modernization effort, officials say.

NIST Offers Cash Prizes for New Ways to Maintain Anonymity in Data

The agency is putting up cash prizes for new differential privacy algorithms, as well as methods for testing the quality of those solutions and using open source code.

COVID-19 Exposes Need to Modernize U.S. Public Health Data System, Experts Say 

Federal agencies should develop clear standards for data sharing on cross-cutting issues in order to understand the pandemic better.