Data Governance

Lack of Equitable Data is Harming Underserved Communities, U.S. Chief Data Scientist Says

Enhanced data collection efforts and outreach are needed to improve outcomes for underrepresented communities across the country.

FTC Sues Location Data Collector, Alleging Lax Security

The Federal Trade Commission is going after data broker Kochava over its practice of selling “sensitive geolocation data.”

Capitol Hill Takes Aim at Twitter Following Whistleblower Complaint

The allegation of rampant security failures on Twitter’s platform prompted lawmakers to double down on data handling practices.

Accurate U.S. Crime Data Demands More State Participation

FBI Director Christopher Wray discussed federal data reporting from state and local jurisdictions, and how advanced technologies stand to help.

GAO: VA Needs Better Data Collection, Analysis on Sexual Harassment

The Government Accountability Office issued a follow-up report to its 2020 analysis of the Veterans Affairs Department’s procedures for collecting and handling data on sexual misconduct. 

DHS Cleared After 2021 Exposure of Terrorist Watchlist Data

The agency’s Office of the Inspector General found that the Department of Homeland Security has ways to safeguard and share sensitive data and properly acted once it learned about the alleged exposure.

VA's New Master Record Aims to be a 'Single Source of Truth' for Veteran Data

The new VA Profile system is a back-end data storage program that will give agency offices and systems a single source for accurate veteran information.

Federal Ability to Buy Citizen Data Worries Lawmakers and Experts Alike

Expert witnesses expressed support for bills that close loopholes in existing laws, which currently allow the federal purchase of private data.

Watchdog: CDC Needs Automation to Fix Clunky COVID-19 Tracking for Airlines

The Government Accountability Office said that outdated data collection habits result in difficulty contact tracing for COVID infections among airlines. 

UK Official: Mass Resignation Won’t Interfere with Facilitation of US Data Transfers

The Ministry of Youth Sport and Culture is leading an effort to adapt the General Data Protection Regulation into legislation for the United Kingdom, given Britain’s exit from the European Union.

2 Data Brokers Pledge to Halt Location Data Collection After Abortion Ruling

The pledge sets a precedent for other tech companies to follow, as health and location data are jeopardized.

NASA Wants to Expand Data Sharing With Space Force and Commercial Partners

The space agency's chief data officer explained the importance of making information exchanges a more consistent part of NASA culture.

Senators Call on Biden to Prioritize Procuring Tech, Staff for Large Scale Declassification

Officials at the National Archives say agencies could be using artificial intelligence to more efficiently process a tremendous backlog of appeals.

White House Developing National Strategy to Increase Data Collection as Privacy Tech Improves

A pending national strategy on data collection and analytics will focus on regulation and policy changes, according to a forthcoming request for public comments.

Bipartisan Bill Establishes All-Encompassing Federal Data Privacy Standards

The American Data Privacy and Protection Act stands to improve American users’ data privacy and offers federal regulatory power.

FEMA Region Seeks Data Scientist to Improve Equity in Disaster Aid

A region of the Federal Emergency Management Agency needs help sifting through messy federal data as part of its ongoing equity efforts.

Equitable Tax Policy Demands Household Data on Race, Gender

A GAO report outlines the biases potentially lurking in the current tax code, and calls for better interagency data sharing laws.