Data Governance

Defense AI Efforts Hinge on Strong Data Environments

JAIC Director Lt. Gen. Michael Groen spoke about the department’s current efforts to implement artificial intelligence and incorporate more sophisticated software into DOD’s daily operations.

Better Data Would Help Federal Response to Missing Indigenous Women, Watchdog Says

The Government Accountability Office recommends improving database access and management, as well as better communication, to help resolve cases of missing and murdered Native American and Alaskan women.

How a National Health Care Database Could Address Mission-Critical Health Data Gaps

It’s time to consider a cloud-based national health care database to make better public health decisions and prepare for any future health crises.

OMB Issues 11 Action Items for 2021 Data Strategy With 2 Months Left in the Year

The 2021 Action Plan focuses on finalizing and building on action items from the original 2020 Action Plan.

White House Reveals Nation’s First Gender Equity Strategy, Aiming to Close the Pay Gap and Increase Abortion Access

The Biden administration’s Gender Policy Council has released a strategy that requires each agency to figure out how to implement measures to reach key goals and makes long-awaited reforms to data collection.

Army Gets Strategic About Going Digital

Policy reforms and technology boosts are in the pipeline, military leaders confirmed.

Federal Data Officers Council Seeks Input on Mission, Focus Areas 

This request “signals a maturation of the [chief data officer] position,” said a data expert. 

State Department Wants Data at the Core of its Strategic and Diplomatic Operations

Chief Data Officer Matthew Graviss detailed how the new guidelines came together—and data-centered work that’s already unfolding.

VA Officials and Lawmakers Have (Different) Issues With Push to Collect More Veteran Data

Republicans worried collection of religious, sexual and gender information would violate veterans’ privacy; agency officials said they already collect that data. 

Big Tech Under Scrutiny as White House Looks to Align Policy Approach with Europe

Lawmakers are also trying to beef up resources for domestic privacy and cybersecurity enforcement at an emboldened Federal Trade Commission.

Data Science Education Lacks a Much-Needed Focus on Ethics

Undergraduate students need to learn the responsible use of data science as well as the nuts and bolts.

Education Department Updates Rules and Criminal Penalties for Accessing Agency Data

A new filing updates the department’s policies on who can access IT systems and data, as well as the fines and prison terms for unauthorized access or failing to secure data.

LGBTQ+ People of Color Face Greatest Risk from Spike in Hate Crimes. Why Doesn't FBI Data Include Them?

Across the nation, more hate crimes were reported in 2020 than in any year since 2008. Advocates say federal data is missing crucial context that keeps resources from those at the greatest risk.

'Noisy' Data Can Worsen Credit Inequality

“We’re working with data that’s flawed for all sorts of historical reasons,” a researcher said.

Data Privacy Laws in the US Protect Profit but Prevent Sharing Data for Public Good – People Want the Opposite

People produce mountains of data every day, but not all data is treated the same under the law.