Data Governance

DHS Shares People’s Personal Information with 11 Government Programs, Saving Taxpayers Millions

The agency released its annual report on automated data sharing, touting the economic benefits by reducing costs and erroneous and duplicative payments.

Air Force Taps Machine Learning to Speed Up Flight Certifications

The Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office cleaned up its “data swamp” and implemented a machine learning application, and it's making the flight certification process more efficient.

Bipartisan Bill Would Standardize Public Health Data and Bolster Sharing

The legislation would also establish a cross-agency working group for ongoing recommendations.

Survey: Federal Chief Data Officers Tout Importance of Data Governance  

Data governance is a major key for the success of chief data officers across government.

National Data Service Must Be Shaped by Agencies’ Needs, Experts Say

“Build it and they will come” isn’t the way to start a service, according to data experts.

Data Democracy in the Data Age

The next decade will usher us into a true Data Age where data can be used by anybody and influences all aspects of our world. 

Education Department Testing Tool to Make Data Collection Requests Easier 

The pilot tool will undergo testing using real information requests at the Education Department and other statistical agencies but will later be available to other agencies.

Lack of Public Data Hampers COVID-19 Fight

Thin public health budgets and dated technology stymie reporting efforts.

NIH Needs ‘Honest Broker’ To Manage New COVID-19 Data Warehouse

The health agency is looking for a vendor to act as a “neutral intermediary” to spur research without compromising patient privacy.

The Mindsets of Innovators in Government

A series of Interviews with high achievers reveals some surprising things about what it takes to get things done in the bureaucracy.

Bill Calls for National Database to Track Evictions

The Housing and Urban Development Department would be required to set up and secure a new, central resource. 

Out of View: After Public Outcry, CDC Adds Hospital Data Back to Its Website — for Now

Dr. Joseph Varon, center, visits with Dorothy Webb, left, and her daughter, Tammie, while making his rounds inside the Coronavirus Unit at United Memorial Medical Center in July

Contact Tracing Starts with Clean Data

Regardless of how information is gathered, the scale is immense, as is the problem of data accuracy.

Customs to Expand License Plate Reading Program Nationwide

Customs will have access to commercial datasets including license plate images and data from parking garages, toll booth cameras and financial institutions, as well as local governments and law enforcement.