Data Governance

'Noisy' Data Can Worsen Credit Inequality

“We’re working with data that’s flawed for all sorts of historical reasons,” a researcher said.

Data Privacy Laws in the US Protect Profit but Prevent Sharing Data for Public Good – People Want the Opposite

People produce mountains of data every day, but not all data is treated the same under the law.

CDC Center Wants Data Science Training For Everyone, Including New Data Science Team

The contract will include a monthly seminar series for those new to data science and more advanced training for the Data Science Team.

How to Lessen the Burden of Freedom of Information Act Requests

It is essential to lessen the FOIA burden on government agencies.

HHS’ ‘Frequent and Significant Changes’ to COVID Data Reporting Left Hospitals Behind

Multiple updates to the rules and avenues for reporting critical pandemic-related capacity information left hospitals confused, overwhelmed and unable to comply.

Augmentation for Data-Driven Success

Augmentation techniques can help the Defense Department implement its data strategy goals.

Agencies Are Making ‘Uneven’ Progress Meeting Evidence Act Mandates, GAO Says

Many federal managers reported having the necessary staff, skills and tools to collect and analyze performance data, but the results varied widely across government.

EEOC Wants a Quality Check For Its Data and Automation Strategy

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s inspector general wants an independent third party to look over the agency’s Digital Process Transformation and Automation strategy.

Low- and Middle-Income Countries Lack Access to Big Data Analysis – Here’s How to Fill the Gap

Statistical infrastructure can help improve everything from health care to politics.

Federal Diversity Officers Stress Importance of Data 

OPM, State Department, FBI and Office of the Director of National Intelligence officials speak about Biden’s recent executive order and what they’ve already been doing. 

National Park Service to Share Special Use Permit Data with White House

The updated system of records notice would also allow the agency to share data with other departments in the event of a cybersecurity breach.

Lawmakers Push NIH for Answers About Deleted Coronavirus Data

Their inquiry comes as speculation about the virus’ origins continues to swirl.

This New AI Architecture Could Transform the Government

Neuromorphic computing has a long way to go but could help the government respond to a multitude of situations with greater ease, speed and sophistication. 

Researchers: Users Shouldn't Be on the Hook for Data Security

In reality, we have almost no power over our data and who uses it for what, according to the study.

What I Learned Helping Lead Oversight of $5 Trillion in Pandemic Relief

Large scale identity theft-based fraud in unemployment assistance stunned many, even those who fight fraud for a living.