Data Governance

FEMA Region Seeks Data Scientist to Improve Equity in Disaster Aid

A region of the Federal Emergency Management Agency needs help sifting through messy federal data as part of its ongoing equity efforts.

Equitable Tax Policy Demands Household Data on Race, Gender

A GAO report outlines the biases potentially lurking in the current tax code, and calls for better interagency data sharing laws.

The Biggest Roadblocks to DataOps Adoption and How Agencies Can Overcome Them

Database professionals need training, budgetary investment and leadership buy-in to be fully successful.

House Subcommittee Requests More Frequent American Income Data

The Subcommittee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth asked for greater data releases in a bid to close wealth gaps.

VA Creating New Data Product To Help Bridge Care Gaps

As part of the agency’s Equity Plan, officials will use more accurate demographic data to understand gaps in access to VA benefits.

Labor Constructing a Virtual Data Enclave For Sensitive Microdata

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is aiming to use a new system to securely share workplace fatality and geographical data with researchers. 

How a Social Worker Became the Defense Logistics Agency's First Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Under her leadership the agency is ‘just starting’ to really understand what it means to apply data as a strategic asset.

IRS Awards $70 Million Contract For Digital Modernization

The contract lays a foundation for machine learning and automation within the IRS’s business operations.

Data Key to Ensuring Pandemic Funding Accuracy

A new GAO report advocates enhanced data collection and analysis to ensure federal pandemic relief funding goes to the right place.

Government Has 'Failed to Construct a Coherent Political Vision' for Data Protection, Experts Say

House lawmakers discussed the need for better data privacy laws and procedures during a hearing, emphasizing the Government Publishing Office as an example of progress.

DOD Needs Streamlined Processes, More Data In Congressional Reports

Congress’ watchdog issued several recommendations for the Department of Defense and its congressional reporting procedures, hinging on internal communications and improved data. 

DOD Debuts Office to Help It 'Move Faster' on Artificial Intelligence

Officials provided an update on their nascent work to synchronize AI efforts across the CDO, JAIC and DDS.

US Spy Chief Warns Government Is Classifying Too Much Data

Emerging technologies have had a direct impact on how much data the government classifies. 

Is the Growth of Data Pedestrian or Problematic?

The intersection of cloud, edge computing and the exponential growth of data is going to increase the burden on organizations’ operations. 

Watchdog: HUD Disaster Relief Could Use Better Data Collection, Analysis

A GAO report found one of HUD’s aid programs could be more efficient if more accurate demographic information is harvested and referenced prior to distributing funds.