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Partnerships and Improved Data May Bolster U.S. Weather Predictions

Weather experts at a Congressional hearing for the reauthorization of the Weather Act noted that collaborating to collect more data and improve its assimilation will help improve weather predictions.

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6 Agencies Launch Program to Build Prototype Open Knowledge Network

The prototype network is designed to provide an integrated data and knowledge infrastructure.

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Treasury's System Tracking Federal Debt Still Needs Security Improvements, GAO Says

The watchdog found continued “information system control deficiencies,” despite Treasury’s progress on prior recommendations.


FDIC Fails to Establish Effective Controls to Secure Sensitive Data, Report Says

The agency tasked with supervising financial institutions nationwide is struggling to maintain effective information security measures, according to a new inspector general report.


Top 3 Priority Recommendations for the First Federal Chief Data Officer

COMMENTARY | Many agency chief data officers would like to see the creation and appointment of a federal CDO.

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16 Agencies Create One Confidential Data Process to Rule Them All

In three years, creators of the Standard Application Process condensed 16 different agencies’ processes into one central portal for confidential data requests.

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Report: Smarter Wildfire Fighting Demands Better Data Quality and Sharing

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology issued a framework to help guide emerging tech implementation into wildfire control.

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GSA Seeks Commercial Procurement Data Solution 

The agency is looking for a dashboard and reporting system that can also check for data errors or inconsistencies.

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White House Wants Public Input on Improving Criminal Justice Data Collection

To enhance law enforcement agencies’ data collection and transparency efforts, the government is asking the public to “help us understand the data practices currently in use and those that should be prioritized.”

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Watchdog: GSA Needs to Monitor Access Card Data

The agency’s inspector general found more than 32,000 failed access attempts over a two year period, which could pose a security risk.

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Government’s Data Leaders Center Customer Experience in 2023 Goals

Several of the Chief Data Officers Council working groups are trying to improve customer experience for both Americans and agencies through their respective focus areas.


Experts Question Value of Federal Cybersecurity Data Capture Mandate

The packet capture, or PCAP, requirement’s short timeframe and potentially massive data loads caused one expert to doubt whether it would be useful after a real cybersecurity incident.

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Biden-Harris Administration Unveils Better Data Collection Plans for LGBTQI+ Community

After decades of demanding better data, the LGBTQI+ community will see more accurate and actionable representation in federal surveys, thanks to the new Evidence Agenda.

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Lack of Cloud Backups Poses a ‘Real Problem’ for Data Protection, Expert Says

A Veeam report found that a third of IT leaders did not think their cloud data needed to be backed up for security.

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Fish and Wildlife Service Contract Aims to Help Show Impact of Grants

The contractor will help develop the agency’s internal system and use artificial intelligence to aggregate data.

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Watchdog: Data Officer Council Has Made Progress on Policy Efforts, But Work Remains

The Government Accountability Office found that the Council must follow its new detailed plan to fully meet statutory requirements.

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Change Data Infrastructure to Meet New Needs, Experts Advise

Experts at an Urban Institute event noted that the decline of data sources like surveys has created a need for improved information sharing capabilities.


Critical Update: Safeguarding Data From Outside Intrusion

The VA is in the process of implementing a zero-trust cybersecurity model to better secure veterans’ sensitive personal data.


Census Targets Data Modernization, Cybersecurity Ahead of 2030 Rollout

Officials at the Census Bureau want to give the agency’s operations a strong, data-centric approach to collecting and securing American demographic information.


CISA Seeks Information for Potential Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

The request will help the agency develop the platform to address current challenges related to cyber threat intelligence.