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Good AI Starts With a Trained Workforce, Government Experts Say

A group of federal technologists and data experts explained that data management and government AI efforts hinge on employee initiatives.

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ICE Needs More Data to Monitor Foreign Students Taking US Research, Watchdog Says

The data is meant to assess the risk of foreign STEM students and scholars transferring technology from American universities to foreign entities.

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NOAA Building ‘Digital Twin’ of Earth to Study Climate Change

In collaboration with NVIDIA and Lockheed Martin, NOAA will create a two-dimensional model of Earth based on climate data.

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AI, Data Analytics Star as Biggest Planned Investments for 2023

An industry forecast sampled private sector companies to distill where they plan to make emerging technology investments.


Critical Update: Leveraging Data to Achieve Mission

Data usability—including training and knowledge management—has proven “essential” to help the NSF achieve its mission goals.


4 Steps to Create a Citizen-Centric Government with Trusted Data

Public expectations have put pressure on agencies to deliver experiences that are equal to or better than those offered by the private sector.

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Lawmakers Question How Public Access to Federal Research Will be Achieved 

House Science Committee leaders expressed concern about a lack of detailed guidance in the White House’s August memo that directs federal agencies to make their taxpayer-funded research publicly accessible by the end of 2025.

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Oversight of DOD Special Operations Forces Requires Better Data, Watchdog Says

Current data collected by U.S. Special Operations Command lacked both consistency and transparency, according to the Government Accountability Office.

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NASA Still Falls Short of Geospatial Data Act Compliance, Watchdog Says

The agency’s inspector general found that while NASA is making progress towards compliance, six out of 13 key elements are incomplete.

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US-UK Data Sharing Program Goes Into Effect

The bilateral CLOUD agreement between both nations aims to provide law enforcement with access to valuable data to fight transatlantic and international crime.

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Public Health Data Still Facing Challenges Despite Previous Recommendations, Watchdog Says

The Government Accountability Office highlighted deficiencies in common data standards, interoperability and public health IT infrastructure.

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FAA Launches Data Visualization Dashboard to Better Inform Public About the National Airspace

New interactive ‘Fact Book’ hopes to make the FAA’s collected data on the U.S. aviation sector easier for readers to comprehend.

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Statistical Uncertainty Could be Problematic for Evidence-Based Policies, Study Finds

Certain privacy measures, as well as general data errors, can skew funding allocations derived from census information.

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Lack of Equitable Data is Harming Underserved Communities, U.S. Chief Data Scientist Says

Enhanced data collection efforts and outreach are needed to improve outcomes for underrepresented communities across the country.

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FTC Sues Location Data Collector, Alleging Lax Security

The Federal Trade Commission is going after data broker Kochava over its practice of selling “sensitive geolocation data.”


Capitol Hill Takes Aim at Twitter Following Whistleblower Complaint

The allegation of rampant security failures on Twitter’s platform prompted lawmakers to double down on data handling practices.

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Accurate U.S. Crime Data Demands More State Participation

FBI Director Christopher Wray discussed federal data reporting from state and local jurisdictions, and how advanced technologies stand to help.

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GAO: VA Needs Better Data Collection, Analysis on Sexual Harassment

The Government Accountability Office issued a follow-up report to its 2020 analysis of the Veterans Affairs Department’s procedures for collecting and handling data on sexual misconduct. 

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DHS Cleared After 2021 Exposure of Terrorist Watchlist Data

The agency’s Office of the Inspector General found that the Department of Homeland Security has ways to safeguard and share sensitive data and properly acted once it learned about the alleged exposure.

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VA's New Master Record Aims to be a 'Single Source of Truth' for Veteran Data

The new VA Profile system is a back-end data storage program that will give agency offices and systems a single source for accurate veteran information.