USPS Is Fighting to Block the Release of Data on Mail Delays

The Postal Service is fending off pressures before its regulator and federal courts, but it's already suffered one setback.

Survey: Feds Unprepared for Data Deluge

Projections show the public sector could see volume of data grow by a factor of 3.5 in the coming years, but nearly 90% of IT leaders say they are not ready for rapid growth, according to a new survey.

Survey: Federal Chief Data Officers Tout Importance of Data Governance  

Data governance is a major key for the success of chief data officers across government.

The Response to the Y2K Challenge Offers Lessons for the Pandemic

Only the federal government can provide the leadership necessary to energize the national resources necessary to meet such a challenge. But it can't do it alone.

Most Agencies Are C-Students on 10th FITARA Scorecard

The latest FITARA scorecard marked a milestone since the first report in 2015—no agency received a D or an F grade. But fewer agencies improved grades this time around. 

Senate Passes Veterans Affairs IT Reform Act

The bill would require annual reports on projects that cost more than $25 million and affirm CIO authority in planning.

Preliminary FITARA Scores Look Good, Lawmaker Says

FITARA scores are not finalized but Rep. Gerry Connolly says no agency will receive a D or an F on upcoming scorecard.

Congressman Aims to Boost CISA’s Cyber Workforce with NDAA Amendments 

The proposals are culled from recommendations of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission.

Bipartisan Concerns Arise Over Cyber Director Legislation

Proponents say the new position would help balance and deconflict offensive and defensive operations.

Congressman Plans to Propose Cyber Director Amendment to NDAA

Testimony at a hearing of the House Oversight Committee will look to drive home the case for the proposal.

U.S. Chief Technology Officer to Serve as One of the Pentagon's Top Tech Officials

The new acting head of defense research and engineering comes from the White House with a relatively light resume.

Departed GSA Executive Returns to Run Technology Service on Temporary Detail

The former executive director of the Centers of Excellence program is returning to GSA less than a month after leaving for another agency.

To Find Success, Practice a Strategic Mindset

Strategic behaviors translate into faster task performance.

What the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Revealing to Federal Chief Data Officers

While some agencies have yet to reveal a chief data officer, others are spinning up new teams, tools and projects to address the global health crisis.

Head of GSA's Tech Service to Return to Private Sector

GSA also confirmed reports that the Technology Transformation Services is losing another program leader next month, as well.

The Psychology of Being a Better Ally in the Office – and Beyond

Although white people, particularly men, are less likely to be punished for pushing anti-racism, they often shy away from it.

Five Ways Jürgen Klopp’s Leadership Style Helped Liverpool to the Top

First, he created a clear vision and identity.