Administration Unveils Senior Tech and Acquisition Leaders

Some will serve as temporary caretakers as nominees go through the confirmation process.

Biden to Elevate Top Science Adviser 

The Biden-Harris administration announced a slew of new science- and cybersecurity-related appointments over the weekend.

Presidential Transition Means CIO Turnover At Some Agencies, Too

Come inauguration, nearly a third of department-level CIO positions will need new occupants.

HHS Names First Ever Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

It marks the agency’s recognition of the emerging technology’s importance.

Biden Team Snatches NSA Cyber Chief for White House Role 

Anne Neuberger aimed to share more information about cybersecurity vulnerabilities with the public.

Air Force Software Hub Needs New Data Chief

Boston-based Kessel Run is looking for a chief data officer candidate with extensive technical experience.

DOD Expands Data Repository for Business Information Across the Enterprise

The Defense Repository for Common Enterprise Data will be able to support more information systems across the agency with the new designation.

State Selects First Permanent Chief Data Officer

Matthew Graviss previously served as USCIS’ first CDO and will report to Janice deGarmo, who was recently promoted at State.

No Failures in Latest FITARA Scorecard But 5 Agencies Slip

In a first, every agency got an A on at least one metric. But a new column on telecom transition brought several agencies down.

Why the New Administration Needs Federal Industrial Strategists

Smart strategy will require smart strategists who know the government’s policy levers and the technology innovation process. 

Exit Interview: DeLuca Discusses Time as Acting TTS Director

“I wanted to make sure that the group itself was strong enough to go and take whatever that next step was going to be,” said Bob DeLuca, who will return to his position at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Workers Are Looking for Direction from Management—and Any Map Is Better than No Map

The consequences of just continuing to wing it are piling up.

Flournoy Should Lead Biden’s Pentagon, Armed Services Chairman Says 

Rep. Adam Smith told reporters Michèle Flournoy would help the Defense Department cut red tape to engage with new technologies needed for the future of defense.

How Dozens of Trump’s Political Appointees Will Stay in Government After Biden Takes Over

Documents show that officials appointed by Trump who’d otherwise lose their jobs under Biden have been approved for permanent positions in federal agencies.

Final NDAA Calls for the Establishment of a National Cyber Director

A key architect of the bill’s cyber provisions also highlighted an amendment that would codify cybersecurity roles for sector-specific agencies.