Twitter Beefs Up Its Election Security Measures

Christian Bertrand/

The clock is ticking to election day and worries about election security are mounting.

Twitter announced in a blog post on Monday that it would be cracking down on fake accounts and anyone else engaged in spreading disinformation.

The company has updated its rules to clarify what a fake account entails. Intentionally misleading profile information such as an incorrect location, a stock or stolen avatar as well as a copied or stolen bio, are all cause for account removal. In general, deliberately mimicking another account, especially one that was previously suspended, is considered suspicious. 

Distribution of hacked material will also be targeted by Twitter moderators, especially if it contains trade secrets or private information. 

In August, Twitter removed 50 accounts misrepresenting themselves as members of a variety of state Republican parties, as well as more than 700 accounts from Iran that were engaging in coordinated behavior. 

"We continue to partner closely with the RNC, DNC, and state election institutions to improve how we handle these issues," wrote Twitter.

Twitter isn't alone in these fourth-quarter election security efforts. Last month, Facebook introduced new rules and policies in the name of election security. The FBI is also working on combatting online misinformation campaigns ahead of midterm elections. Even the Trump administration announced it is preparing sanctions in the event of foreign election meddling.