Election Security

AI is creating ‘more sophisticated’ but not unprecedented election threats, DHS official says

AI is likely to create more convincing phishing campaigns but is “not necessarily introducing a new threat or risk in and of itself,” the official said.

Deepfakes will be a ‘big problem’ for the 2024 election, officials say

Leaders from the Federal Election Commission and the National Intelligence Council noted that bad actors’ capabilities are increasing, while the government’s policing capabilities remain limited.

Clinton warns of hackers’ ‘leap in technology’ impacting the 2024 election

Rapid AI-backed advancements have let bad actors craft more sophisticated deepfakes and other sham content that could sway election results, she said.

US sanctions Kremlin-backed firms for operating network of fake news sites

The disinformation campaign was deployed in Fall 2022, and shows how Russia’s private sector easily works with the government on disinformation operations.

China, Russia and Iran capable of disrupting 2024 elections, intel assessment warns

Three nations have the means of deploying campaigns attempting to scramble election outcomes in November, according to the intelligence community’s annual worldwide threat assessment.

CISA is still maintaining radio silence with social media as Super Tuesday kicks off

The lack of communication stems from an ongoing Supreme Court case that one top senator says Biden administration lawyers have been “too timid” in addressing.

CISA is coordinating with election security partners for Super Tuesday voting 

The principal agency responsible for election security is asking public and private sector election administrators to share potential threat information as voters go to the polls.

Russian information operations to likely increase in 2024 amid global election activity, CrowdStrike says

The findings should come as no surprise with the advent of generative AI tools, ongoing geopolitical conflicts and a busy year for elections in the U.S. and Europe.

Tech companies vow to fight deepfake election content

Some House and Senate lawmakers praised the voluntary commitments but want legislation to require labeling and disclosure.

AI escalates election cyber threats with the US as prime target, reports find

Election workers face increased concerns due to the potential for AI systems to help enable disinformation. Outside cyber threats aren’t helping, either.

CISA unveils election resource page for officials and workers

Election officials have several fears on their mind this year, including possible foreign interference in elections and physical threats linked to conspiracy theories.

FCC issues cease-and-desist order to operator linked to AI-generated Biden robocall

The agency and 51 state attorneys general are warning the company may be violating several consumer protection laws.

New AI tools spawn fears of greater 2024 election threats, survey finds

State and local officials are increasingly concerned about the possibility for AI tools to spread disinformation and power phishing attacks during the 2024 election cycle.

ACLU warns of free-speech risks in FEC oversight of AI-generated election ads

The civil liberties group expressed concern over a possible Federal Election Commission rulemaking that would call out content generated by artificial intelligence in the agency’s regulations on fraudulent misrepresentation.

CISA sees ‘routine and standard’ security reports at beginning of Election Day

Working extensively with local jurisdictions, “it’s all about communication,” a Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency official noted.

Election security threats require more federal resources, officials say

Facing growing cyber and physical threats, election administrators told lawmakers that more federal assistance is needed to safeguard voting systems and personnel.