Symantec Fighting Copycat Election Websites

Graf Vishenka/

The company wants to catch fake websites before they make off with your personal information.

As November elections quickly approach, organizations and companies are looking for ways to ensure their security.

Security company Symantec introduced a tool to help keep campaigns and elections secure, CNET reported Tuesday. The tool helps find and eliminate fraudulent websites that are designed to look like real candidates' websites except they provide false information. They are designed to confuse and trick potential voters and even campaign staff into logging in and giving up personal information that can lead to hacked emails.

Symantec's Project Dolphin spoof proof service is free and available to campaign and election officials, as well as anyone who feels they can make use of it. It takes images of legitimate websites, and using "AI-driven technology" scans the rest of the internet looking for copy-cat versions. Symantec can also inform organizations if the people behind a spoofed website are part of a well-known group of hackers.

If you're concerned about phishing in general, there are a few things you can do so you don't take the bait.