How Las Vegas Stops Email-Borne Cyberattacks Pre-Delivery

“For most organizations email is a weakness, as much as we try and educate our user population,” said the city’s IT director.

Top Navy Admiral Warns of Cyberattacks Against Brass

CNO says that’s why the service stopped publishing promotion lists in October.

How to Boost Federal Email Security

National Institute of Standards and Technology issued new guidance to protect agency email.

Report Finds Feds Tower Over Other Sectors In At Least One Cybersecurity Metric

That includes Fortune 500 and tech companies worth more than $1 billion, according to a new report.

Report: Iran Is Likely Setting Stage for International Phishing Campaign

Hackers have been methodically gaining access to domain name services that allow malware-laden emails to look like they come from legitimate organizations.

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Safari Browser Is Testing USB Security Keys

It's the latest web browser to add a boost user security.

Technology Transformation Service Wants to Beef Up Email Security

GSA’s tech innovation shop met the initial DMARC requirement but now wants to include the security measure on all its email domains.