The State of Cybersecurity

Federal agencies surge to combat ever-growing threats—but is it enough?

Attention Federal Agencies: DMARC is Not a Silver Bullet for Email Security

DMARC is just one small piece to the very complicated email security puzzle.

Half of Government Domains Set to Make Email Security Deadline

It’s been one year since DHS mandated agencies adopt the anti-spoofing email security tool.

Lawmakers Weigh in on the White House Cyber Policy

Plus hackers attempt to crack into Senate staff’s personal email.

Symantec Fighting Copycat Election Websites

The company wants to catch fake websites before they make off with your personal information.

Phishing Is the Internet’s Most Successful Con

Tricking people out of sensitive information online is far too easy.

Google Chrome Update Helps You Stop Reusing Passwords

It's time to stop committing one of the deadliest security sins.

Hey Tech Support Scams, Google Is On To You

The tech giant is taking action against this common scheme.

Cyber Firm Defends DNC Hacking Alert That Turned Out to be a False Alarm

Fast responses to cyber threats and perfect accuracy don’t always go hand in hand, a cyber pro who worked on the alleged DNC hacking attempt says.

Government Leads Industry in Anti-Spoofing Email Protection, Report Finds

A higher percentage of federal domains are protected by DMARC than in the tech or banking sectors.

Watch Out For Travel Scams, FBI Warns

If it seems too good to be probably is.

Identifying the Cyberattack Patterns and Doing the Easy Stuff

The math favors the attackers. There is little you can do about the attacker, but there is a lot you can do about you.