Only One-Third of Agencies Are Using Anti-Spoofing Email Tool

And the Homeland Security Department's January deadline for implementation is approaching.

Millennials Pose Greatest IT Security Risk of Any Group, Survey Says

Millennials use unapproved apps, Generation X members ignore security policies and baby boomers get phished.

Thousands Hit in Tax Preparer Phishing Attacks This Year

There were 177 phishing attacks against tax preparers between January and May of this year.

How the Interior Department Stopped a Phishing Attack

The phishing attack compromised more than 100 employees' credentials.

Russia’s Spear Phishing Tactics in the 2016 Election Are Boring Compared to Its 2008 Hack of the US Military

Long before the world knew the contents of Hillary Clinton staffers’ inboxes thanks to Russian hackers, the country went after an even bigger US target.

Commerce's Cyber Hit List: Third-Party Apps, Phishing

CISO Rod Turk said the department is focused on collaboration between bureaus.

Audit: DHS Employees Not Fooled by Phishing Scams

However, some employees are still leaving sensitive paper documents strewn about their cubicles.

Phishing Emails Targeting Veterans are on the Rise -- But Don’t Blame this Website, VA Says

To the Web-savvy, the emails are obvious “phishing” attempts. But these particular emails target an especially vulnerable population.

IRS Phishing Scams Up 400 Percent, Agency Warns

As of mid-February, the IRS has already experienced 1,389 incidents.

After USPS Phishing Hack, Audit Shows Postal Workers Still Click on Links

Aquarter of agency employees fell for a simulated email scheme, according to an internal watchdog.

If You Fall for a Phishing Scam, Should You Lose Your Security Clearance?

CISOs are concerned about how frequently even senior-level federal employees fall for the bogus emails.

Census Wants Employees Prepared for Phishing Attacks

The training program is meant to make sure the bureau’s employees are armed with the appropriate knowledge and skill set to defend themselves against future attacks.

Don’t Fall for This USAJobs Phishing Scam

The Office of Personnel Management is warning job seekers about email scams purporting to come from the federal government’s jobs site.