Facebook Introduces New Form of Two-Factor Authentication


Security experts recommend two-factor authentication as an easy step for people to make their accounts more secure.  Though email and financial accounts are the most important to secure, it is also recommended that people employ it for social media accounts, especially Facebook.

Many people use their Facebook account to log in to other websites, including many retail sites, where users enter in credit card information.

To enable two-factor authentication on the social media site, go to Facebook.com/settings and then click on the "Security and Login" tab. From there, click edit under the "Use Two-Factor Authentication" setting. 

Then users can choose if they want to get their authentication code through a text message sent to their phone or by a new method, using an authentication app such as Google Authenticator or Duo Security. This method is more secure than the traditional SMS option.

Users can choose to enter the code every time they login or just once a week, depending on their usage patterns.

To learn more about this method of two-factor authentication check out the video below from CNET