Data Breaches

Jury: Former DHS Watchdog Official Stole Software, Employees’ Personal Info

The verdict is in for the last holdout in a scandalous scheme to defraud the government.

Cyber-Incident Reporting Legislation Clears House in Bipartisan Spending Bill

The bill, attached to government funding legislation, now moves to the Senate, which recently passed the same incident reporting provisions separately by unanimous consent.

How a Cloud-Security Scaffolding Can Protect Your Multicloud Landscape

Different cloud environments have different security needs. Here’s how to create a cloud-security scaffolding to strengthen protections while reducing manual support.

Report Shows Global Financial Giants Are at Risk of Cyberattacks

A new report by Constella Intelligence raises questions as to whether the sector is doing enough to protect itself.

DOJ to Hit Government Contractors with ‘Very Hefty Fines’ If They Fail to Disclose Data Breaches

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco promised to use an existing law to go after contractors that don't follow required cybersecurity standards.

Prioritizing Breach Prevention for a Secure Government  

A more secure government happens when hackers are stopped before they can touch critical data and systems—when a breach is prevented, not mitigated.

Survey: Nearly 3 in 4 Organizations Suffered Data Breaches Due to Phishing

More than half of respondents indicated concerns about hybrid work environments and defending against malicious emails. 

People Don't Realize They're Data Breach Victims

The researchers found participants were not aware of 74% of the breaches.

Ransomware, Data Breach, Cyberattack: What Do They Have to Do with Your Personal Information, and How Worried Should You Be?

Even if your data has not been exposed yet, why not take the time now to protect yourself?

Senate Bill Would Force Companies to Safeguard Consumer Data

The bill outlines “reasonable” duties of care, loyalty and confidentiality for companies to follow or face fines.

It’s Time for a Cybersecurity Quid Pro Quo

Require companies to disclose breaches to the government in exchange for legal liability limitations. 

FTC Approves Settlement with Travel Company that Exposed Database of Customers’ Information

The agency ordered SkyMed International to shore up its information security practices. 

Critical Update: The Government’s Cloud Anxiety 

As more federal agencies shift to cloud computing, officials are reexamining the responsibilities customers and service providers must bear to secure data.

Hackers Take Data for Further Reconnaissance in Breach of Federal Agency

Initial access to the agency’s system was possibly due to failure to fix a known VPN vulnerability, a patch for which was released in April 2019.

IG: CBP Responsible for 2019 Biometrics Breach, Though No Federal Networks Were Compromised

A ransomware attack on a Customs and Border Protection vendor leaked facial images on more than 184,000 travelers—something agency security and policy should have prevented.

Audit: HUD Doesn’t Ensure Sensitive Data It Shares Is Secure

A Government Accountability Office pointed to high turnover rates for top privacy and IT security officials as a reason for the agency's poor performance.