Back to School Cyber Tips From US-CERT

Teach your children well and they might not get hacked.

How California Is Improving Cyber Threat Information Sharing

The state wants to add every city and county government to its automated threat feed program in the next three to four years.

Changes Coming to GSA’s Breach, Identity Protection Offerings

Interested parties have until the end of the month to chime in on changes to the Data Breach and Identity Protection Services special item number.

Computers Have Found a Better Way to Spot Emailed Malware, Researchers Say

Somehow no one thought of applying machine learning to malicious email in exactly this way. But the results are big.

Hackers Account for 90% of Login Attempts at Online Retailers

The airline and consumer banking industries are also under siege.

Critical Update: Rep. Will Hurd Explains Why Everyone Should Care About Government Tech

For episode 5, Nextgov goes to Capitol Hill to talk with one of the most persistent voices on federal IT management and reform.

What If Your Data Could Secure Itself?

Building strong protections at the network perimeter are only part of the solution.

Google Chrome Feature Guards Users From Spectre Attacks

Site isolation helps keep most of your data out of reach from hackers looking to exploit the Spectre vulnerability.

DOJ Admits Error Linking ID Theft Case to OPM Breach

There’s no firm evidence fraudsters are using stolen data from the massive 2015 breach, officials said.

There’s Even More Bad News About IRS Information Security

A board charged with overseeing the agency’s sprawling active directory networks isn’t fulfilling its basic responsibilities.

Hiring Alone Will Not Solve Government’s Security Problems

It's going to take more than increased employees to keep up with vulnerabilities.

When Your Personal Data Is Stolen, You’re the Last to Know

Sometimes intrusions aren’t detected immediately, and there can be a delay before the public is informed.

Lawmakers Demand to Know How Americans Got Their Hands on OPM Hack Data

The Justice Department says Americans may have used data from the breach in bank fraud scheme.

Can American Technology Firms and Lawmakers Learn from Europe’s GDPR?

The European Union's privacy law is a very well-crafted law that simply mandates good data handling best practices.

Data Breach Notifications Can Now Be Brought to You

Worried you've been breached? There's now an easy way to check.

IRS’ Rush to Secure Exposed Taxpayer Data Left It Vulnerable Again

Personal information about more than 350,000 taxpayers was compromised in 2015. Three years later, it’s still not secure.