Microsoft Still Fixing Spectre and Meltdown Flaws


These complex vulnerabilities can't be patched overnight.

You may remember the news at the very beginning of 2018 about some very big and very scary security vulnerabilities called Meltdown and Spectre.

Microsoft hasn't forgotten either, and the tech giant is still on a quest to secure its customers against them, Engadget reports.

More than a billion PCs were effected worldwide by the two hardware vulnerabilities. So, Microsoft announced Wednesday that the company would expand the devices covered by Windows security updates. To do this, Microsoft removed the anti-virus compatibility check for Windows 10 devices. Microsoft also plans to expand the availability of Intel microcode updates in the Microsoft Catalog, and adding coverage for previous versions of Windows.

If you are a PC user, and even if you're not, Microsoft and many other security experts recommend installing software updates as soon as possible to stay as secure as possible.