Consumer Tech

The Hot New Thing in Dockless Electric Scooters: Docks

Cities are desperate to tame the sidewalk chaos of the e-scooter industry. As companies weigh dock options, one startup offers a solar-powered solution.

How an App for Gamers Went Mainstream

Discord has become an indispensable tool for internet creators to connect with their fans.

Your Health Data Are a Gold Mine for Advertisers

In the hospital and at home, illness data can be lucrative.

The Servant Economy

Ten years after Uber inaugurated a new era for Silicon Valley, we checked back in on 105 on-demand businesses.

Lawmakers Demand Answers on Surprise Microphones Inside Google Nest

The group wants Google CEO Sundar Pichai to provide answers—in writing, and in person—on the microphones discovered in Nest products.

FaceTime Is Eroding Trust in Tech

Tech paranoiacs have been totally vindicated.

Google Streamlines Search Data Controls

This change could be in response to some recent controversies.

Mozilla Tests Firefox VPN Service

The popular browser is seeing whether users will pay a monthly fee for extra privacy.

Facebook Introduces Bug Bounty Program For Third-Party Apps

The company will accept reports discovered from passive viewing only.

Report: Trump’s Latest Tariffs Will Stunt Cloud Market, Federal Adoption

A 25 percent tariff will lead to higher costs for agencies and might slow U.S. cloud adoption, analysts say.

Hey Tech Support Scams, Google Is On To You

The tech giant is taking action against this common scheme.

Microsoft Threatened to Stop Hosting the Alt-Right’s Favorite Social Network

The company didn't want to host language that could incite violence.

Google’s Larry Page Thinks We’ll Soon Be Soaring Over Traffic in These Cute Flying Cars He’s Building

For now, the Flyer is clearly a novelty, meant to appeal to the ambitions and pocketbooks of wealthy hobbyists.