Students Around the World Prepare to Celebrate Safer Internet Day

Kids often take to the internet and social media like a fish to water. But while the fun parts of the online experience like chatting with friends and taking selfies can be easy to navigate, kids often need guidance when it comes to the murkier depths, like personal security.

That's the purpose of the Safer Internet Day program. Held Tuesday February 6, it's billed as a "worldwide event aimed at promoting the safe and positive use of digital technology for all users, especially children and teens." The program this year includes a conference held in Austin, Texas and Federal Communications Commissioner Mignon Clyburn will speak.

The campaign originally started in Europe a decade ago. But gained official recognition in 2012 after a joint agreement between Homeland Security Department and the European Commission.  The internet landscape has changed a lot since then. Popular sites like Instagram and Snapchat, for example, hadn't launched yet.

The 2018 program will have an emphasis on media literacy:

As well as stopping cyberbullying

While most of the programming is for middle and high school students, there's also programming for parents on how to keep their kids safe online: 

Those interested can check out the livestream for the main event here.