FCC Releases Proposed Rule to Give Drones More Spectrum Access

As unmanned aircraft systems have increasingly versatile uses, the FCC wants comments on how best to share band access with more connected devices.

Biden Renominates Sohn to Serve as 5th FCC Commissioner

The president’s choice to double down on Gigi Sohn’s appointment to the Federal Communications Commission comes after her previous nomination stalled in the Senate for over a year. 

How Government is Dealing With Flying Space Junk

Space junk, or orbital debris, has become a topic of increasing interest among several agencies and Congress.

What Social Media Regulation Could Look Like: Think of Pipelines, Not Utilities

A potential preview of what social media regulation might look like.

House Bill a First in Decades Effort to Modernize Satellite License Rules

The introduced bills aim to streamline the satellite license and market access application process, while preventing entities determined to be a national security threat from receiving a license.

FCC Bans Sale of New Devices From Chinese Companies Huawei, ZTE and Others

Friday’s order to ban new sales and imports from five Chinese companies is the first time in its history that the agency has blocked the sale of telecommunications equipment on national security grounds.

FCC’s Spectrum Sharing Proposal Draws Lawmaker Concerns

House Science Committee leaders urged the FCC’s commissioners to refrain from sharing the spectrum band used by NOAA with commercial wireless carriers.

Transportation Needs to Share More Info on Connected Vehicle Strategy, Watchdog Says

The Department of Transportation is developing ways to use less spectrum in connected vehicles, following an FCC decision.

FCC Rule for Blocking Overseas Robocalls Receives Approval

The new requirements are scheduled to go into effect on Dec. 19.

How the FCC Shields Cellphone Companies From Safety Concerns

The wireless industry is rolling out thousands of new transmitters amid a growing body of research that calls cellphone safety into question. Federal regulators say there’s nothing to worry about — even as they rely on standards established in 1996.

FCC Proposes to Strengthen Cybersecurity of Emergency Alert Systems

The notice of proposed rulemaking would require emergency alert system participants to disclose cyber breaches within 72 hours of discovery.

FCC Will Launch New Space Bureau

The new bureau will help the agency better perform its existing responsibilities and tackle increasing commercial interest in space.

TikTok Should be Banned in the U.S., FCC Commissioner Says

The commissioner’s comments are the latest in a long line of concerns about the social media platform’s Chinese ties.

4 Critical Infrastructure Sectors to Get New Cyber Rules, Per White House Official

The deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging tech said it should be up to sector-specific agencies to decide who should  implement appropriate cybersecurity defenses.

FCC Moves to Limit the Number of Spam and Scam Texts

The proposed rule out of the Federal Communications Commission notes such messages should be blocked “at the network level.”

FCC Adopts New 5-Year Rule for Orbital Debris, Despite Pushback

Earlier this week, lawmakers raised concerns about the FCC’s proposal.

FCC’s Proposed Change to Orbital Debris Rule Draws Lawmaker Worry

The leaders noted that coordination in this area is important, and the agency’s change could cause confusion.