FCC to propose requiring internet providers mitigate security flaws in core data routing protocol

The commission will consider new authorities underpinned by its net neutrality vote last month.

Return of net neutrality will hamstring some foreign broadband firms, FCC official says

The reclassification of broadband as a Title II service will give the Federal Communications Commission new power over internet service providers, and the agency says it will be a boon to U.S. network security.

2 wireless protocols expose mobile users to spying — the FCC wants to fix that

The protocols are a cornerstone of wireless communications but may contain flaws that enable hackers to tap into Americans’ mobile activities, the agency says.

FCC approves cyber labeling program for IoT devices

The move is one of several directives underpinning a sweeping Biden administration plan to shore up U.S. cybersecurity.

FCC staff targeted in phishing attack that cloned agency login site

A cybercriminal group built a duplicate webpage used by employees to validate their login credentials.

FCC to vote on authorizing cyber labeling rules next month

The move is a major piece of a Biden administration push to bring more cyber transparency to consumer products.

FCC gives telecom companies 7 days to alert authorities of discovered data breaches

The FCC has been taking sweeping steps to harden data breach rules to protect telecom customers’ data.

FCC makes AI-generated voices in robocalls illegal

The move gives states new authority to crack down on AI-generated voice-cloning schemes.

House lawmakers say existing regulatory powers can police generative AI abuse

Reps. Marcus Molinaro and Don Beyer discussed how legislative action – on a state and federal level – is needed to continue to police new generative artificial intelligence usage.

FCC issues cease-and-desist order to operator linked to AI-generated Biden robocall

The agency and 51 state attorneys general are warning the company may be violating several consumer protection laws.

EU signs on to IoT safety label plan

A U.S.-led effort to offer cyber-safe labels for connected devices is gaining momentum internationally.

FCC wants to improve cyber protections for schools, libraries

Faced with a growing number of cyberattacks on school districts nationwide, the agency announced a three-year pilot program to gather data on the best cyberdefenses.

Nationwide test of Wireless Emergency Alert system could test people’s patience–or help rebuild public trust in the system

COMMENTARY | The Oct. 4 text message is supposed to reach all compatible devices in the U.S. It could shed light on how government agencies can improve their emergency communications.

House committee asks FCC for more action on IoT device security

A letter from the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party asks the FCC for investigations into Chinese-linked connectivity modules as the agency launches its IoT cyber labeling program.

FCC wants to use AI to measure commercial spectrum use

The communications agency voted 4-0 on Thursday to ask the public for input on how it can use AI to bolster its spectrum management policies and understanding of bandwidth use.

Senator Calls for Cybersecurity Audit of Law Enforcement Wireless Network

FirstNet is a cellular network built for first responders around the country, but at least one federal official told the senator’s office they had “no confidence” in the network’s security.