Proposed FCC Rules Could Threaten Local Broadband Competition

Rural areas, in particular, may continue to go unserved if small wireless internet providers get shut out of bidding wars for large license areas by the mobile industry.

Net Neutrality Was Never Enough

The internet is as much the enemy as it is the hero of contemporary life.

FCC Kills Net Neutrality Rules, Hands Internet Back to FTC

After the vote, the power to police internet service providers shifts back the Federal Trade Commission.

Bots or Not, FCC Refuses to Delay Net Neutrality Vote

Despite increasing concerns over the integrity of the public comment process, the agency will vote as scheduled.

FTC Ready to Police Internet If FCC Repeals Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Trade Commission has a long-established role in preserving online competition, Acting Chairwoman Maureen Ohlhausen said.

GAO: FCC Needs to Consider How Connected Toasters Could Clog the Spectrum

The internet of things could eat up spectrum, but the FCC isn’t doing enough to anticipate strains.

Network Neutrality Can't Fix the Internet

The FCC is poised to dismantle common carriage for broadband and wireless providers. That’s bad, but the internet itself is worse.

FCC Chairman: Government Will Stop ‘Micromanaging the Internet’

Chairman Ajit Pai unveiled the commission’s plan to roll back net neutrality regulations put in place during the Obama administration.

Cutting Regulations Could Entice 5G Network Investment, says FCC Commissioner

Nationwide high-speed internet promises many benefits but still relies on private companies to foot the infrastructure bill.

Broadband Is Largely Inaccessible to Those Who Need it Most

Because of high prices and low accessibility, poor and rural communities are the least likely to subscribe to high-speed internet.

How to Leave a Comment for the FCC About Net Neutrality

Final public comments are due tomorrow, Aug. 30, by end of day, eastern time.

Microsoft to Expand Broadband in Rural Areas

The tech giant wants to bring more internet to more people.

Impersonated Net Neutrality Commenters Want FCC Investigation

A group of letter writers say their information was used fraudulently to post anti-net neutrality comments.

Get Ready for Another Net Neutrality Rumble

Senators also face a cyber-heavy schedule including a Russian election interference hearing.

Verizon Claims FCC Is Not Reversing Net Neutrality Rules Two Days After FCC Chairman Suggests It Is

Although Verizon has publicly said it supports net neutrality rules, the company has also played a significant role in impeding the regulations.