Homeland Security

Policymakers Look to Greatly Expand Existing Cyber Workforce Programs

Tracking how education initiatives translate into cybersecurity jobs remains a challenge.

Senate Committee OKs Bill to Give CISA Subpoena Authority Over Internet Service Providers

Lawmakers are pushing to give the agency more power and resources despite the cuts requested in the president's budget.

Solarium Cyber Report Recommends New Government Structures, Major Policy Overhauls

Nonpartisan group recommends a new bureau to track cybersecurity metrics across government and the private sector.

Agencies Warn of Coronavirus-Related Scams  

The government is trying to curb scammers preying on the public’s fears.

Government to Begin Taking DNA Samples from Detained Migrants  

DNA samples will be still sent to the FBI for storage in its CODIS system.

Former DHS Acting Inspector General Indicted for Stealing Database with Personnel Information

The 16-count indictment includes charges of theft of proprietary software and intent to defraud the U.S. government.

Real Work on TIC 3 Begins After Draft Guidance Is Finalized, Says Lead Official

Agencies are piloting some potential additional use cases in the background, which the TIC program office plans to start digging into this summer.

CISA Officials See ‘No Malicious Activity’ During Super Tuesday

Subsequent information could change the analysis but the agency does not currently attribute technical hiccups in some states to interference.  

More Legislation May Be Coming to Bolster the Federal Cyber Workforce

Industry sees focus on education as a path to ending competition over personnel.

Trump Administration Freezes Transportation Security Administration Hiring

TSA is the second Homeland Security component agency to suspend taking on new employees.

CISA Director Pushes to Discontinue Social Security Numbers as Identification

Industry is eager to promote alternatives and improvements for digital identity. 

Keeping Up with Compliance in the Digital Age 

Late adopters to the Homeland Security Department’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program can still benefit.

Border Patrol Needs Automated Sensors to Cover Watery Blindspots

Homeland Security is looking for a technical solution to give border agents situational awareness about illegal watercraft and the potential risks of interdiction.

DHS to Waive Contracting Regulations to Speed Up Border Wall Construction

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf is using a 2005 law to override certain requirements.