Homeland Security

TMF Announces $95 Million in New Funding Focused on Security and Networks

The Technology Modernization Fund is announcing a new set of investments to help three agencies meet White House cybersecurity objectives.

DHS is Making ‘Significant Reforms’ to the Employee Discipline Process

This comes after an outside oversight group alleged wrongdoing in the inspector general office, which the IG contests.

National Cyber Director: Mandates Coming to Secure Commercial Information Technology

An event hosted by the leading trade association for major tech vendors highlighted what has so far been an impasse between government and industry on cybersecurity policy.

China Compromised Telecom Firms Using Known Vulnerabilities, Federal Agencies Warn

The alert comes as the U.S. continues negotiations with countries like Russia and China on what constitutes “cybercrime” at the United Nations.

CISA is Seeking Cybersecurity Innovation Fellows

The Homeland Security Department’s cyber arm is looking for private sector talent to join the agency for up to four months.

U.S. National Guard’s Cyber Training Emphasizes Social Media, Supply Chain Protection

Ahead of the annual Cyber Shield exercise, military leaders will train National Guard and other military members to fight disinformation and protect critical infrastructure.

FEMA Region Seeks Data Scientist to Improve Equity in Disaster Aid

A region of the Federal Emergency Management Agency needs help sifting through messy federal data as part of its ongoing equity efforts.

CISA Solicits Feedback on Finer Points of Coming Software Transparency Requirement

The agency has identified four topics—including considerations for cloud and online applications—it wants to hear more about from stakeholders. 

After 7 Years, DHS's New Cyber Talent System Boasts Just One Hire

Officials at the Department of Homeland Security say that change management efforts will help scale the Cybersecurity Talent Management System

CISA, DOD Report Gaps for Agencies Assessing 5G Security Risks

Agency officials identified a lack of guiding standards for determining and mitigating risk from certain implementations of the technology and advised agencies to proceed with caution, employing penetration tests accordingly.

CISA Orders Agencies to Mitigate VMWare Vulnerabilities Under Deadline

Advanced adversaries appear to be exploiting the vulnerabilities to get around multifactor authentication.

Agencies Showcase Federal Cyber Progress, Outline Future Threats

Witnesses from CISA, NIST, and the GSA spoke before a House Homeland subcommittee on their current efforts to bolster the nation’s cyber defenses.

ICE Has Assembled a 'Surveillance Dragnet' with Facial Recognition and Data, Report Says

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has used facial recognition to search through the driver's license photos of one in three adults in the U.S., according to a new report by Georgetown Law's Center on Privacy and Technology.

Critical Update: Evolution in the 'Valley of Death'

Nextgov looks at the use of cooperative research and development agreements by some major industry players to highlight how the meaning of the phrase, and implementation of its associated authorities, has shifted over the years.