Homeland Security

Watchdog: CISA Needs to Update Plans to Protect Critical Infrastructure

The Department of Homeland Security Inspector General report on dam security found a lack of coordination among agency teams.

House Homeland Security Committee Approves $865 Million for CISA

The largest chunk of funds would go toward implementing a May 12 executive order focused on cybersecurity.

We Cannot Afford to Wait to Bolster Maritime Cybersecurity

Maritime ransomware attacks are on the rise.

CISA Brings in Former Obama Official as Chief of Staff

Agency leadership stressed Kiersten Todt’s experience working with the private sector.

National Cyber Director Outlines Staffing Framework for 75-Person Office 

Chris Inglis is still trying to distinguish his role and responsibilities from other leading cyber officials.

Biden Administration Releases Draft Zero-Trust Guidance

The documents form a roadmap for agencies to deploy the cybersecurity architectures by the end of fiscal 2024.

The Government's Software Transparency Journey Moves from Plan to Practice

Allan Friedman, the leader of a transparency initiative at the Commerce Department, is now at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to realize the ultimate vision for a software bill of materials. 

CISA Urges Patching Atlassian Software Before Holiday Weekend

A vulnerability in collaboration software is undergoing “mass exploitation,” according to U.S. Cyber Command. 

CISA Opens Sign Up for the President’s Cup Cybersecurity Competition

Federal employees and service members can put their cyber chops to the test.

DHS Launching First Federal Civilian Position Exempt from Longevity Requirements

The Cyber Talent Management System has been in the works since a 2014 law granted the department authorities to sidestep rigid classification formats such as the General Schedule.

White House Announcements to Focus on Advancing Cybersecurity Talent

Commitments are also expected from the public and private sectors for improving the security of foundational technology.

U.S. Expands Cybersecurity Collaboration with Singapore

The move comes as China has become more assertive in the region.

CISA Offers Tips to Protect Data in Face of Evolving Ransomware Attacks

The cybersecurity agency warned attackers now threaten to sell or leak stolen data, not just render systems unusable.

Homeland Security Considering CMMC-like Compliance Effort

The agency is inviting interested parties to weigh in on plans to ensure contractors follow best cyber hygiene practices.

How DHS and a National Lab Aim to Advance First Responders’ Drug Detection

As opioid abuse rises, government officials are engaging with states and industry to improve tech used to spot narcotics.

CISA Steps Up Governmentwide Recruitment Effort With New Training Guide

The guide brings together various ways the agency and its partners are trying to address the government's perennial workforce challenge.

CISA Stands Up Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

The effort includes partnerships with several major tech companies.