DHS Needs More Data to Help Stop Bioterrorism

The agency is looking for nationwide information on medical interventions, food safety, wildlife health, travel itineraries and other health-related topics.

Homeland Security Invests $11.6 Million in Countering Large-Scale Internet Outages

The grants are focused on the effect outages could have on critical infrastructure.

Kaspersky Faces Tough Questions at Appeals Court

The Russian anti-virus software company faces what could be its last chance to make its case against a U.S. governmentwide ban.

Senate-Passed Bill to Hack DHS Heads to House Floor

The bill would create the first departmentwide bug bounty in the civilian government.

Election Officials Tout 2018 Security Coordination as 'Miles' Ahead of 2016

Two key officials say offices at all levels of government are rapidly bolstering defenses ahead of November elections.

The House is Shuttling Through Tech and Cyber Bills but the Senate’s Behind

The House passed bills on cyber sanctions, supply chain security and CDM last week.

Dulles Airport Surprises Passengers with Facial-Recognition Boarding

Airport officials rolled out the system expecting to increase security and decrease boarding times.

DHS Awards $668M CDM Contract After Withdrawn Bid Protest

ManTech captures the fifth of six important and lucrative CDM contracts across government.

DHS Secretary Urges Hit-Back-Harder Response to Cyber Strikes

That muscular response strategy may sow confusion and risk escalation, a cyber law scholar says.

House Passes Bill Expanding DHS’ Power to Block Risky Contractors from Government Networks

The move comes after Congress took action in the past year to boot the Russian anti-virus maker Kaspersky Lab and the Chinese telecom firms Huawei and ZTE from federal networks.

Five Eyes Intel Alliance Urges Big Tech to Help Break Encrypted Messages

The U.S. and four major allies warn new legislation might be necessary to ensure law enforcement can access communications.

DHS Gives ‘Power Suit’ a Whole New Meaning

The agency wants first responders’ clothing to be able to generate and store electricity.

State Department Visa Analysis System Wasn’t Patched or Scanned for Viruses, Audit Finds

Department officials also weren’t tracking who used the system or if they were sharing passwords.

Lawmakers Want the Cyber Vulnerabilities Register Improved

Irregular funding has forced the vulnerability database to focus on short-term problems, they say.

DC Airport First In Nation to Catch Suspected Imposter Using Facial Biometrics

After three days of operation, Washington Dulles International Airport’s biometric cameras identified a man allegedly attempting to use someone else’s passport to enter the U.S.

Government Leads Industry in Anti-Spoofing Email Protection, Report Finds

A higher percentage of federal domains are protected by DMARC than in the tech or banking sectors.

Booz Allen Hamilton Wins $1 Billion CDM Contract Award

The award marks the largest ever Booz Allen federal task order, the contractor said.

DHS Funds Machine Learning Tool to Boost Other Countries' Airport Security

The system would help countries determine if air travelers pose security risks without investing in expensive analytics software or personnel.

Kaspersky Ban Draws Few Public Comments

Only three people commented on the rule implementing the Kaspersky ban.