Homeland Security

Pipeline Companies Have One Week to Identify Cybersecurity Coordinators Under TSA Directive

The directive now mandates incident reporting and reviews described in the administration’s voluntary guidelines for the sector.

Agencies Are Getting Good at Buying AI But Still Have Trouble Securing It

A Homeland Security Department procurement official said securing and fielding advanced technologies is “not going to get any easier.”

Cryptocurrency Crackdown Won’t Stop Ransomware, CISA Official Says

Cybersecurity professionals stress the importance of proactive defense to combat the growing number of attacks.

DHS Plans Next Rally to Advance Facial Recognition Tech

Modern systems are getting good at verifying people who are wearing face masks—and DHS wants to make them better.

House Panel Passes Bill to Explore Bringing State and Local Cybersecurity Workers into CISA

The Homeland Security Committee cleared several bills to address cybersecurity following the attack on Colonial Pipeline.

Cyber Response Bill Advances in Senate

The legislation includes a fund to help impacted organizations pay for remediation efforts.

DHS Drops Proposal to Expand Immigration-Related Biometrics Collection

The Biden administration withdrew the controversial rule, which garnered more than 5,000 comments when it was proposed last fall.

Secret Service Director Calls for More Staffing, Retention and Cybersecurity Funding 

The director thanked employees for their hard work and resilience over the past year. 

TSA Wants New Ideas to Speed Up Checkpoints

The agency is looking for established technologies that could eliminate physical pat-downs and shoe removals.

NSA to Defense Sector: Think Twice Before Connecting Operational Technology to the Internet

The agency recognized benefits such as enabling remote work but notes the inherent risks and costs of putting industrial control system components online.

Homeland Security Secretary Backs Call for Mandatory Disclosure of Ransomware Payments

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the department will work with a task force developed by the private sector on ways to tamp down the increase in ransomware attacks. 

Feds Eliminate Fee for '.Gov' Web Addresses

Smaller localities in particular have said that the $400 annual cost was a barrier to adopting the government-specific URL.

Coast Guard Wants Better User Experience for Communications Tech Used on Ships

The Coast Guard is proposing a cooperative research and development agreement to test alternative equipment or architectures that might improve mobile network connectivity.

House Solarium Commission Members Press for More CISA Funding

“Congress was right to give the agency new authorities that allow it to better defend our interests in cyberspace, but without requisite funding, we’re setting CISA up for failure," the lawmakers wrote.

DHS Launches Internal Probe to Root Out 'Domestic Violent Extremism' Within Its Ranks

Department will work "with urgency and focus to address" insider threats, secretary says.

Federal Agencies Detail Russian Tactics Used in Recent Cyber Intrusions

The FBI, Homeland Security Department and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued an alert on Russian government cyber tradecraft and mitigation techniques for targets.