Homeland Security

Border Agency Deactivates Regional Twitter Account that Promoted Homophobic Tweet

The agency shut down the Twitter account for its West Texas regional office, saying “unauthorized and inappropriate content” was posted on the account on Saturday.

CISA Requests Input on Terms Already Defined by Incident Reporting Law

The agency is embarking on a rulemaking process to implement the law, which requires those who make ransomware payments to report them to the government. 

DHS Launches 'Largest Customer Experience Hiring Initiative’ with Hundreds of Technologist Positions

The agency’s recruitment initiative comes in response to President Joe Biden’s 2021 executive order seeking to streamline the “government-to-customer delivery process.”

How Simple Claims of Election Interference Can be Enough to Prompt Real-World Threats

Federal officials remain on guard against foreign meddling in U.S. elections, as CISA and other agencies work to strengthen partnerships and intelligence sharing efforts with state and local election administrators.

DHS Report Offers Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Measures for Critical Infrastructure

The report uses approaches for safeguarding the National Public Warning System as a blueprint for defending other vital systems and services from electromagnetic pulses.

NTSB Only Federal Agency Lacking a CISA-Mandated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

CISA’s 2020 directive required that federal agencies under its authority develop policies allowing researchers to report bugs and flaws in public-facing systems.

Housing Agency Didn't Complete Cyber Orders From DHS, Report Says

The agency said that some of its websites failed to comply with binding operational directives from the Department of Homeland Security.

Election Officials Have Been Largely Successful in Deterring Cyber Threats, CISA Official Says

The head of CISA’s National Risk Management Center pointed to public-private partnerships and enhanced resource sharing activities as key to defending against outside threats to voting systems.

Much-hyped Effort to Help DHS Land Cyber Talent is Slow to Make Hires

So far about four hires have been made under the Cybersecurity Talent Management System, with the agency hoping to make offers to 150 new cyber specialists by the end of September.

CISA Seeks Software Engineers to Build New Registrar for .Gov Domain

The agency is taking new hiring authorities out for a spin in the recruitment effort to make state and local government websites more secure

CISA Warns Critical Infrastructure to Prepare for Mass Post-Quantum Systems Migration

Quantum computing is the latest frontier in technological innovation, and its hacking potential has regulators advising companies to begin to safeguard their networks. 

Chemical Sector Next in Line for White House Plan to Incentivize Cybersecurity

Operators of chemical facilities will follow those of electric utilities, gas pipelines and water treatment plants in being asked to facilitate visibility into their systems.

DHS’s Intelligence Information Security Program is ‘Ineffective,’ According to Watchdog

The OIG made two recommendations to address issues it found in the department’s security program.

DHS Commits to Better Intel Sharing with Law Enforcement, Points to Mobile App

Whether the department has increased information sharing with government partners is unclear, but—either way—the quality is just not there, according to DHS’ Office of the Inspector General.

CISA's Cyber Info Sharing Program Didn't Always Deliver, Watchdog Says

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency did not always provide more than 300 participants of a public-private cyber threat partnership with actionable information to address potential vulnerabilities, according to an oversight report.

CISA Warns About Exploitation in Online Collaboration Suite

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued a cybersecurity advisory warning about active exploitations of vulnerabilities found in systems using unpatched Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Top Democrats Accuse the DHS Watchdog of Obstructing Their Investigations

Inspector General Joseph Cuffari defended his office’s work, but lawmakers pushed back.