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Cat Litter's Role in Nuclear Leak Still Unproven

Labs fail to replicate the reaction hypothesized to have ruptured a storage drum.

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Air Force Awards $1.9 Billion Contract for More Antimissile Satellites

Lockheed Martin birds will help provide around-the-clock intelligence about ballistic missile launches.

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An Old U.S. Bomber Just Got Some Modern Communications Gear

Aging B-52s no longer require crew to jot down radio transmissions on paper.

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Nuclear Accident? Fasten Up Your 'Radiation Belt'

Device could protect its wearer from the effects of gamma radiation in a nuclear emergency.

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Prosecutors Move to Restrict Access to 'Death Ray' Designs

The move may even prohibit certain discussion of the weapon in court hearings.

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More Radiation Escapes New Mexico Nuclear-Waste Facility

The department says it will provide updates on site radiation levels every Thursday.

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China's Hypersonic Glide Vehicle May Fly 10 Times Faster Than Sound

Fears the developmental craft could increase volatility in the Asia-Pacific region.

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New App Wants to Help You Read Things Four Times Faster

Spritz shows one word on a small screen at a time, allowing you to select language and speed.

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New Mexico Lets Nuclear Waste Remain Above Ground After Radioactive Leak

Atomic waste-filled containers are being temporarily stored outside faulty underground facility.

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Radiation Leak Spells Uncertainty for Nuclear Waste Dump

It is unclear how the U.S. will handle remnants of past nuclear-arms production.

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Nuclear Site Project Official Fired After Airing Safety Concerns

'The Energy Department's overall safety culture is broken,' the government contractor says.

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Early Tests Bode Well for Bioterrorism Treatment

A potential drug for use against Marburg virus appeared safe for humans in initial tests.


Target Data Breach Has Congress Eying Data-Security Alternatives

A key Republican says the string of data thefts dictated a hard look at national policy.

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Twice As Many U.S. Missileers Now Implicated in Cheating Probe

It is not clear what role additional officers played, AP reports.

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Experimental Uranium Tech Receives $62 Million Boost from U.S.

Funding is part of a set-aside in the 2014 spending bill signed into law this month.

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Ex-Lab Scientist May Reverse Plea in Nuclear-Secrets Case

Leonardo Mascheroni is trying to secure a new public defender.

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Pentagon Biodefense Project Duplicates HHS Effort

After some talk of cooperation, initiatives took separate paths.

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Shutdown Said to Cost U.S. Nuclear Agency More Than $300 Million

NNSA official says shutdown is what happens 'when government can't get its act together.'