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Michael Hardy

Technology journalist Michael Hardy is a former FCW editor.
Digital Government

ID management without the Big Brother baggage

The government has been trying for years to balance privacy, convenience and security for agencies' online customers. Can the latest efforts finally get traction?


FedRAMP: Keeping up with changing cloud security standards

Cloud computing continues to evolve -- and so do the government's security controls.


Former USDA CIO joins AT&T

This move marks the second time Kay Kapoor has hired Chris Smith.

Digital Government

DOD to outpace NASA in funding for launches

A GAO analysis reveals that the Defense Department has its eyes on space.


How to get your comments rejected

FCW's comment moderator explains what merits use of the 'delete' key.


Who gets performance information?

Can agency managers get the performance data that could help them improve their operations? How about non-managerial employees? A GAO survey reveals some insights.


Measuring cybersecurity progress

Agencies are making significant progress on priority cybersecurity goals, but may not meet their 2014 targets.


Paul Brubaker: Budget-conscious before it was cool

Through his varied career that includes congressional staff positions, the private-sector and agencies, Brubaker has pursued a singular goal: government efficiency and lower costs.

Digital Government

Where did the VA comments go?

A few readers wonder if there was some back-channel pressure that led to comments being removed on a controversial story.


Security clearances at a glance

Here's a quick look at how many people have access to sensitive government information.


Tangherlini picked to be permanent GSA administrator

After serving in an acting capacity for more than a year, Dan Tangherlini is the president's pick to take the role officially.


Is the old-school agency hierarchy doomed?

Agency org charts probably will look the same for a while, but experts from both the public and private sectors say the new rules of innovation and sharing are rapidly changing things.


OPM releases SES career positions list

As required by law, agencies have published their lists of senior executive positions that are limited to career federal employees.


TechAmerica's Kerber joins Government Transformation Initiative

As executive director, Kerber will guide the non-profit organization, a coalition of corporations, nonprofits, academics and others.


OMB nominee gets easy first hearing

Carper's committee shows bipartisan support for the likely next budget director.

Digital Government

Making websites accessible

The Conversation: FCW's reporters and editors respond to your comments.


Yahoo's telework clampdown: Why it happened

Yahoo used network logs to gauge remote workers' productivity, but the telework question is not that simple.

Digital Government

How does sequestration look to you?

Help us cover the forced budget cuts and their effects on agencies and employees more thoroughly. Share your experiences and observations with us.


The coming mobile explosion

Security and BYOD concerns move closer to resolution as the trend toward greater use of mobile devices picks up speed.