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The Next Big Customer Experience From Jeff Bezos

His space company, Blue Origin, is on the verge of sending tourists just past the boundary of Earth.


The False Promise of Morning Routines

Why everyone’s mornings seem more productive than yours.

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NASA Hands Elon Musk a Reality Check

A shared effort to deliver NASA astronauts to space recently got a little awkward.

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The Great NASA Bake-Off

High-tech agriculture would keep far-flung astronauts alive, but making something delicious would keep them happy.

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A Startling Spike on Mars

Methane gas is a potential indicator of life on the red planet, but it’s proving difficult to track.

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A Robot Has Been Stuck on Mars for Months

NASA will conduct a delicate rescue mission to free a probe trapped just inches below the red planet’s surface.

CIO Briefing

What If We Gave Up on the Stars?

The night sky is already dotted with shiny satellites and other artificial lights. One day, maybe that’s all there will be.

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The Case for Wearing AirPods All the Time

The inconspicuous buds might make friendly interactions awkward, but they can also provide protection in dangerous situations.

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Even Astronauts Binge-Watch TV While in Space

In a cramped and isolated environment like a space station, leisure activities are extra important for maintaining mental health.


Just Don’t Call Them UFOs

The U.S. military wants pilots to report strange sightings in the sky, but doesn’t want any of the stigma that comes with it.

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Why Trump Wants to Go to the Moon So Badly

The administration has vowed to return Americans to the lunar surface in 2024 “by any means necessary.”

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The Mysterious Exploding Asteroid

A NASA spacecraft reached a space rock and found it orbited by tiny moons—a phenomenon that “has never been seen before in any solar-system object.”

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What Would a Dog Do on Mars?

New art from NASA imagines a rosy but unrealistic future of canines on the distant planet.

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NASA Could Go to the Moon Next Year

The agency is willing to ditch its own billion-dollar rocket in favor of a commercial one, to meet a very tight deadline.

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On the Brink of a New Era of Spaceflight

After years of relying on Russia to get to space, NASA astronauts might soon fly on American-made launch systems.

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What’s So Special About the Next SpaceX Launch

Elon Musk’s company is on the edge of a new era in American human spaceflight.

CIO Briefing

NASA Is Rushing to the Moon

In the agency’s most ambitious dreams, it will be testing moon-landing systems within the next five years.

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A Touch of Green in Outer Space

For humans to survive off Earth, we’ll need plants to grow there, too.