Congress Is Quietly Nudging NASA to Look for Aliens

The space agency hasn't funded the search for extraterrestrial intelligence for 25 years. Could that soon change?

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Are We There Yet?

How scientists and engineers handle a spacecraft’s months-long journey to Mars.

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NASA Finally Gets a New Leader

Nearly 15 months after President Trump was sworn in, the space agency has a permanent administrator.

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Why Is NASA's Space Telescope Running a Year Behind?

The James Webb will launch in 2020 instead of next year—and it will probably need more money from Congress to do it.

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Who's Running NASA?

An interim administrator has been overseeing the space agency for more than 13 months—and now he’s leaving, too.

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How Well Does Trump Understand NASA?

As he praised the work of SpaceX, the president seemed to undermine the efforts of his own space agency.

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NASA’s Next Space Telescope Is Running Out of Time

The James Webb, Hubble’s successor, may face more delays and even exceed its budget, according to a new government report.

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The NASA Space Telescope Trump Wants to Cancel

The president’s budget proposal has some troubling news for the space agency’s next big astronomy mission.

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The Symbolism of Elon Musk Sending a Car Into Space

The decision to launch a Tesla into an orbit around the sun marks yet another shift in American spaceflight business.

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A Long-Lost NASA Spacecraft Rises From the Dead

After 13 years of silence, scientists hear a mission calling home.

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No One Met the $20 Million Deadline for a Civilian Moon Mission

The prize for a Google-sponsored competition to send spacecraft to the lunar surface will now go unclaimed.

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How the Government Shutdown Disrupted SpaceX's Plans

The government shutdown shows just how much budget fights in Washington could derail Elon Musk’s rocket ambitions.

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What Happens to Astronauts During a Government Shutdown?

How NASA scales down to a skeleton crew when Congress misses a big budget deadline

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When Will Astronauts Launch From U.S. Soil Again?

NASA is hopeful SpaceX and Boeing will soon free the country from dependency on Russia, but delays abound.

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A High-Stakes Dress Rehearsal for SpaceX

Elon Musk plans to launch the Falcon Heavy later this month—but first, the rocket has to survive a big test.

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Everything You Never Thought to Ask About Astronaut Food

“Burping in microgravity is probably not something you want to do a lot of.”

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The Microbes Making Themselves at Home on the Space Station

The bacteria living with astronauts more closely resemble the kind living in homes on Earth, rather than on humans themselves.

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Budget-Managing Tips, but for Space Telescopes

NASA is scrambling to cut the growing cost of its latest big astronomy mission.


Puerto Rico's Massive Telescope Is Still Running on Generators

The Arecibo Observatory is facing months of costly repairs after Hurricane Maria struck in September.