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Caroline Houck

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Caroline Houck
Caroline Houck is a staff correspondent at Defense One. She previously was an Atlantic Media fellow.

U.S. Coast Guard Is Putting Cubesats Over the Arctic

As the icecap melts and activity rises in the high latitudes, the commandant says his force needs better situational awareness.

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Trump Calls for a Space Force, a Concept His Pentagon Opposes

The president’s words could reanimate a legislative proposal that the defense secretary and others thought they had killed.

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‘Surprising Capabilities’ Guru Tapped to Lead Air Force Acquisition

But assuming Will Roper wins confirmation, what will become of the Strategic Capabilities Office he helped create?


OK, Say Someone Hacks into the US Power Grid. Then What?

A joint research project between the Department of Energy and a geographic analytics company is mapping just how far the repercussions could spread.

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This Technology Could Help Solve IED Detection — And Airport Security Too

New radio-wave sensors are designed to suss out hidden explosives —whether in car bombs or carry-on laptops.

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DIUx Wins Support—and More Cash—from Trump’s Pentagon

The vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs touted a search for tools to track North Korean missiles, while the Pentagon's new weapons chief called it a good model for developing and acquiring capabilities.

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US Army’s Next Drone May Fit in a Soldier’s Pocket

The service could start buying palm-sized UAVs to complement its Pumas and Ravens as soon as 2018, according to one official.

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Where Are All the Startups?

Pentagon leaders regularly tout Silicon Valley innovation, but entrepreneurs seem largely absent from the largest defense industry events.

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The Military Is Genetically Modifying Bacteria to Make Even Tinier Computers

The biosynthetic microbe could wire future nanoelectronics after Navy-funded researchers supercharged its conductivity.

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Navy’s Future Submarines May Go to Sea with Robot Remoras

The sucker-headed fish are drawing attention as the fleet imagines ways to bring drones to the undersea domain.