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NIST Needs Lawyers to Help Administer $50B in CHIPS Act Funds

The agency is charged with issuing grants and loans, in addition to setting up new research institutes, and needs up to $10 million in legal advice.

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DARPA Wants a Plan to Stave Off Unknown Food Crises

Under the new Foundational Security for Food Systems project, researchers will look at identifying large-scale crop diseases before a catastrophic crop failure—even for pathogens of unknown origins.


Hackers to get a crack at systems running the Pentagon in new bug bounty

Hack the Pentagon 3.0 will focus on the operational technologies within Defense Department headquarters.


Hackers to Get a Crack at Systems Running the Pentagon in New Bug Bounty

Hack the Pentagon 3.0 will focus on the operational technologies within Defense Department headquarters.


CISA to Hold Virtual Meeting on $200M IT Support Contract

Eligible vendors can find a sources sought notice on GSA’s eBuy ahead of the pre-solicitation conference to be held later this month.

Digital Government

New Records Rules Require Agencies to Save Chats and Texts

Previous records retention rules only explicitly applied to email communications. Now that has expanded to all pertinent electronic messages.

Breaking News Cybersecurity

NARA to Publish First Update to Cybersecurity Records Rules Since 2014

The agency is issuing an update to the General Records Schedule, including new rules for packet capture and cybersecurity incident logs.


Next Clean Energy Cyber Cohort Will Focus on Identifying Rogue Assets

The Energy Department’s Clean Energy Cybersecurity Accelerator matches innovators in critical infrastructure cybersecurity with industry experts and a high-tech testbed.

Emerging Tech

Air Force Wants to Add Facial Recognition to Automated Base Entrance

Scott Air Force Base is looking for verification and identification algorithms for a facial recognition pilot.


Defense Logistics Agency to Shift Warehouse Management to Commercial Software

The agency wants to modernize its distribution and warehouse management systems but says it can’t do that with 20-year-old government-built technology.

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NASA Science Directorate Wants Help Prioritizing What Digital Resources It Should Open-Source First

NASA Science Mission Directorate wants to know what data, software and computing resources the public research community wants access to the most.

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2022 Year in Review: Critical Update

Nextgov’s favorite episodes from the final year of the Critical Update podcast.

Digital Government

GSA’s Tech Shops Face $30M Deficit After Priority Change Last Year

The Technology Transformation Services dropped its long-standing cost-recovery goal last year in favor of better program delivery.


Critical Update: How NASA Might One Day Send Humans Into Outer Space

NASA futurist Michael LaPointe joins the podcast to talk about what it will take—in technology, time and treasure—to get a human out of our solar system.

Emerging Tech

FTC Considering New Data Privacy Regulations That Go Beyond Asking Users for Consent

Commissioners are split on whether new regulations—and even the act of gathering information on a proposed new regulation—is the right way forward.

Artificial Intelligence

Trade Agency Wants To Know Where US Stands in Global AI Marketplace

The government wants to learn more about international regulations that would prevent U.S. companies from selling AI technologies abroad.


CBP Built and Deployed an In-House Electronic Health Record System in Under 2 Years

Medical service contractors working for the Customs and Border Protection are using an agency app to record migrants’ medical information instead of just writing it down.