CISA to Hold Virtual Meeting on $200M IT Support Contract

ipuwadol/Getty Images

Eligible vendors can find a sources sought notice on GSA’s eBuy ahead of the pre-solicitation conference to be held later this month.

The agency that manages cybersecurity for the rest of the federal government is looking to bolster its own internal IT through a new contract and plans to hold a virtual meeting with industry before the end of January.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA, has been developing the Digital Support Transformation Services, or DTSS, contract since late last year with the goal of procuring “digital transformation technologies and support services to establish [the Office of the Chief Information Officer] as the primary information technology source and management enterprise provider for CISA,” according to a special notice posted Wednesday to

OCIO posted a sources sought notice on the General Services Administration’s eBuy site at the end of November. The acquisition team is now planning to host a pre-solicitation conference this month, as the agency prepares to publish a full solicitation.

According to the notice posted to, the conference “will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams Meeting before end of January 2023.”

CISA has yet to schedule the meeting but said an update will be posted to the notice “no later than a week prior” to the conference. Participants will be required to register for the event once the link has been posted.

While the full pre-solicitation notice is only available to select vendors on eBuy, the notice offers some insight into the structure and total value of the proposed contract.

As it stands, CISA plans to award multiple spots on a blanket purchase agreement, or BPA, with an anticipated spend of up to $40 million per year. With a one-year base period and four additional one-year options, the total value is estimated at $200 million.

Contracting officers noted the $200 million figure is not a ceiling and “the accumulated value of delivery orders issued under these BPAs may exceed this amount without modification to the BPAs.”

Potential vendors must already have a spot on a relevant GSA Schedule contract to be eligible for the new BPA.

The pre-solicitation notice is on GSA’s eBuy under three IT categories: Multiple Award Schedule IT Professional Services—Special Item Number 54151S; Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services—SIN 54151HACS; and Cloud and Cloud Related IT Professional Services—SIN 518210C.

The final solicitation is expected before the end of March, according to the notice.