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Aaron Boyd

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Aaron Boyd is an award-winning journalist currently serving as senior editor for technology and events at Nextgov. He primarily covers federal government IT contracting and cybersecurity issues affecting both civilian and defense agencies. As a lifelong nerd and policy wonk, he feels right at home covering the intersection of technology and policy in the nation's capital.
Emerging Tech

IRS Spent Millions to Set Up Virtual Assistance Centers That No One Is Using

Of the millions of taxpayers looking for help last year, only 2,700 used the Virtual Service Delivery stations.

IT Modernization

Miss Out on SEC’s $2.5 Billion IT Contract? Here’s a Second Chance.

The commission wants to add more small businesses to its massive ONE IT contract after announcing awards just last month.

IT Modernization

DISA Plans to Award More Than $27.5B in IT Contracts Next Year

An analysis of contract opportunities announced at the Forecast to Industry gives an idea of how much one defense agency plans to spend on IT.

CIO Briefing

Watchdog: Department CIOs Are Getting More Authority But Compliance Is Uneven

A partial GAO review showed agency IT leaders are likely getting a say on budget issues, but some lack the documentation to prove it.

IT Modernization

GSA Seeking a Vendor to Manage Its Platform-as-a-Service Offering

The contract will call for developing code, troubleshooting issues and monitoring for operational failures and security incidents.

IT Modernization

GSA to Expand Beyond Phones for Mobility Solutions

The updated special item number will include mobile security, app development and vetting and more, instead of just carriers and devices.

CIO Briefing

Rust Costs the Pentagon $21 Billion Per Year

The Defense Department isn't doing a good job determining how much to spend to prevent damage from nature's basic chemical reactions.


Draft Federal Data Strategy Too ‘Unwieldy’ to Implement, Stakeholders Say

Stakeholders who use, generate and rely on federal data got a chance to speak directly to fellows working on the strategy set for release next year.

IT Modernization

After Listening to Veterans, VA Put All Its Services on One Website

In the future, officials hope to eliminate most—if not all—of the paperwork and other bureaucratic barriers that prevent veterans from accessing the benefits they’ve earned.


DHS Cyber Unit Fields False Alarms But No Hacks on Election Day

Incidents flagged as potential attacks turned out to be malfunctions or accidents, according to Homeland Security officials.

CIO Briefing

DISA Only Wants Tailored Pitches from Vendors

A Pentagon official said DISA doesn’t want to hear about how your solution worked for industry. If you don’t have a unique pitch for DISA, don’t bother.

IT Modernization

DISA Prepping Three Contracts to Manage All Its Mobility Services

The military’s IT office plans to award all three contracts for mobile services and content management—classified and unclassified—before the end of fiscal 2019.


Census Bureau Isn’t Properly Managing Its Risk Management Review System

A lack of continuous assessment and oversight led to bad reporting, which in turn led to bad decision-making and a weak cybersecurity posture.

CIO Briefing

Administration’s Shared Services Push Starts In Familiar Place: Payroll

Officials said the NewPay payroll and work schedule system will be a case study for rolling out other shared services across government.

IT Modernization

Postal Inspector General Needs Email Security Services by January

The Postal Service’s internal watchdog is looking for a cloud-based email authentication service to meet a Homeland Security mandate.

Emerging Tech

Pentagon Doesn’t Want Real Artificial Intelligence In War, Former Official Says

No one at the Defense Department wants weapons that make their own decisions, said former Deputy Secretary Bob Work.

IT Modernization

Public Input on ‘Cloud Smart’ Policy Starts With a Basic Question: What Is Cloud?

Commenters suggested various parameters for what cloud computing in government should look like, but most agreed the draft document needs a better definition.


Proposed Rule Would Let Agencies Bypass OPM to Fill Critical IT Positions

Agency leaders would be able to determine if they face a critical shortage and issue the hiring authority without prior approval from the Office of Personnel Management.


Defense Digital Service, Army Open New Cyber Training Center Dubbed Tatooine

The new collaboration space will be used to pilot new solutions and help train and retain future cyber soldiers.

IT Modernization

Air Force Turns to GSA For $5.5 Billion Next-Gen IT Contract

The 2GIT contract will replace the Air Force’s NETCENTS-2 vehicle and will be open to all government buyers.