Artificial Intelligence

Adding generative AI to wargame training can improve realism, but not without risk

The next big move may be to make military simulations smarter, specifically by adding advanced AI so that the simulated adversaries can offer better challenges.

Emerging Tech

How agencies will leverage virtual reality, generative AI over the next 2 years 

A new Deloitte report forecasts that “spatial computing and the industrial metaverse” will have growing applications for state and federal organizations and said that “investigating these technologies can help agencies get a leg up on the future.”

Emerging Tech

NASA celebrates winners of second MarsXR virtual reality astronaut training competition

Most of the winning scenarios enabled players to be scored like in a video game based on their crew’s effectiveness in completing each challenge.


Artificial Intelligence and Drone Tactics Maneuver into Advanced Military Simulations

The war in Ukraine has made drones a powerful frontline weapon, more user-friendly AIs have been created, and the quality of computer graphics has also improved.

Emerging Tech

NASA Asks for Public Help with the Second MarsXR Challenge

The second challenge will feature a mission storyboarding component, enabling non-programmers to participate.

Emerging Tech

Army Probes Industry Ability to Offer Situational Awareness-Enhancing AR

The potential vendor would have to provide both the augmented reality software and support.


Why Zoom Happy Hours Fall Flat

Booze and in-person gatherings just go together. Virtually, not so much.

Emerging Tech

FDA Set to Issue Final Rule Classifying VR Therapy Device for Pain Relief

The FDA said the class II designation for AppliedVR’s virtual reality medical device for the treatment of chronic lower back pain will “enhance patients’ access to beneficial innovation.”

Emerging Tech

Future Astronaut Suits Could Feature Augmented Reality

NASA is eyeing the technology to address communication delays with Earth and help astronauts with decision making.

Emerging Tech

Microsoft, Defense Firms Partnering on Modeling and Simulation Capabilities

Microsoft is collaborating with defense sector companies as DOD seeks to increase its gaming, exercising, modeling and simulation capabilities.

Emerging Tech

How Government Might Work Up to 3D-Printed Buildings

Panelists at the Imagine Nation ELC Conference noted that for some emerging technologies—like large-scale 3D printing and augmented reality—agencies may have to “start with smaller.”


Critical Update: Gaming the (Solar) System

Advances in virtual reality and graphics processing have led NASA to partner with gamers on the path to preparing astronauts for a mission to Mars.

Emerging Tech

NIST, Commerce Launch Emergency Response Training Center with Virtual Reality

The Public Safety Immersive Test Center will combine virtual reality technologies with more tactile simulations to improve emergency responses.

Emerging Tech

VA Continues Healthcare Modernization With Simulated Employee Training

Officials are seeking industry input for SIMPLE, a pending platform to help train VA employees virtually.

Emerging Tech

Extended Reality Sees Potential, Challenges Across Multiple Industries

A new GAO report itemizes how extended reality technologies can be used, and what other emerging tech needs to be bolstered to support its implementation.


The Metaverse Offers a Future Full of Potential—for Terrorists and Extremists, Too

Violent extremists could find the metaverse a useful recruiting and organizing tool – and a target-rich environment.

Emerging Tech

Army to Deploy Virtual Reality Capabilities to Combat Sexual Assault

Lessons on regulatory guidance and more will be provided through the potential new training.


The Government and Technology Innovation That Shined in 2021 

Some agencies laid some groundwork for new developments that might make life better in the future.

Emerging Tech

Air Force Turns to Virtual Reality for Suicide and Sexual Assault Training

Service members are also using the emerging technology for technical education purposes.