Emerging Tech

Facebook Really Wants Developers to Make VR a Thing

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pushed VR as the future of computing.

Emerging Tech

Want to Chat with Shakespeare? AI Bots Will Soon Allow Us to Talk to the Dead

New chatbot programs are being developed to keep our knowledge active after our physical being passes away.

CIO Briefing

Virtual Reality Can Make the Pain of Surgery Easier to Bear

By distracting patients, VR could minimize the cost and risk of operations—and allow doctors to operate on patients outside the hospital.

IT Modernization

To Hide Dismal Reality of Flying, Airlines Try Virtual Reality on Passengers

Better entertainment options could distract cramped passengers from the pains of traveling economy.

Emerging Tech

Why Virtual Reality May Become Part of Your Job

From mock customer-service scenarios to simulations of technical procedures, VR is branching out in the workplace.

Emerging Tech

Virtual Reality Is Disorienting People Into Questioning Reality

After exploring a virtual world, some users can’t shake the unsettling sense that the actual world isn’t real, either.

Emerging Tech

How Virtual Reality Could Be Used to Save Lives

Think these technologies are too futuristic for the government? Not anymore.

Emerging Tech

Ebook: 2017 Federal IT Trends Forecast

Hint: Expect cyber, data and emerging technologies such as virtual reality to remain in the spotlight, while areas like customer service will see less momentum.

Emerging Tech

Tech That Will Change the Customer Experience Game

Forrester Research expects augmented and virtual reality will be customer experience game-changers.

Emerging Tech

How Government Gets Ready for Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality

Two new digital communities will coalesce around new burgeoning technologies in an effort to promote interagency collaboration, partnerships with industry and to exchange ideas about what works.

Emerging Tech

Education Dept. Seeks Virtual Reality, Video Game Devs for Next-Gen Tech

The department is hosting a $680,000 challenge for virtual and augmented reality ideas.

Emerging Tech

What If Virtual Reality Can Make Us Better Citizens?

Researchers are studying how the technology can help us build empathy and change our personal behavior.