The White House wants to make food assistance programs easier to use -- and tech plays a big part

Modernization and customer experience goals are folded into a new White House National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition and Health that was released Tuesday.

Bill aims to create one disaster recovery assistance application

Simplifying the application process would remove the burden on disaster survivors seeking federal assistance in the wake of hurricanes, floods, wildfires and more, lawmakers say.

Streamlining delivery at USDA

Rebecca Piazza, former 18F acting executive director, is working at USDA on customer experience in food and nutrition benefits. The hope is that the work could increase participation in programs by taking away administrative burdens.

How FITARA helps federal CIOs straddle IT and finance roles

Being an effective CIO means mastering multiple disciplines. Four CIOs new to their posts explain the demands of the role, and how new rules strengthen the CIO's hand in federal organizations.

USDA offers buyouts to CIO employees

The Agriculture Department is trying to reduce its headcount as its budget tightens.

Videoconferencing slow to gain ground in government

Videoconferencing technology could save the federal government nearly $13 billion every year, according to at least one estimate, but agencies face hurdles in adopting it.

Rising Star: Christine Calvosa

Christine Calvosa, chief technology officer at the Agriculture Department's Natural Resources Conservation Service, developed and deployed the NRCS website only months after taking over the troubled project.

Can mobility escape the security snare?

Federal mobility efforts are advancing fast, but discussions keep coming back to unresolved security issues. ATF's Rick Holgate suggests that agencies are making progress.

Plain English, please

Plain language is the key to successful communication, but avoiding jargon and complex language remains a challenge for many agencies.

VA fails to communicate clearly; who gets a better grade?

A new report finds few agencies have made progress in meeting the requirements of the 2010 Plain Writing Act.

Solving virtualization's storage problem

Savings from server and desktop virtualization can disappear fast if storage isn't part of the plan

Data analytics gains momentum in agencies

A new study by the Association of Government Accountants highlights federal agency use of data analytics, and suggests more gains are possible.

GAO finds gaps in federal land management data

A recent study by a congressional watchdog agency found gaps in data collection regarding federal management of 650 million acres.

Telework success comes from linking it to larger goals

At least one agency finds that telework provides new ways to accomplish its mission in trying times.

Telework numbers add up

Feds comprised the majority of pledges during Telework Week.

White House discloses administrative costs for innovation contests

A progress report on innovation challenges released by the White House indicates that some federal agencies are paying for contractor assistance in administering the challenges.

USDA CIO to join Accenture

Christopher Smith, who has been CIO since 2009, will retire April 7.