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Shutdown Thwarted Public Input on Agency Rules

Lawmakers, citing public health and environmental impact, want OMB to extend the rulemaking comment period.

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Latest Spending Deal Includes Almost $20 Billion for IT Programs

The spending bills include multimillion-dollar agency projects and governmentwide funding sources for IT modernization and cybersecurity.

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Trump Says He’s ‘Extremely Unhappy’ With Spending Agreement, Still Predicts No Shutdown

Congressional leadership appears on board with the deal, though Trump would not commit to signing it.

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Lawmakers Say They Have an Agreement to Avoid Another Shutdown

Negotiators say they have worked out disagreements on border spending, but they still have to win over Trump.

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Partnership for Public Service Pushes for the End of Shutdowns Forever

The nonprofit, nonpartisan group urged Congress and the president to come together.

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Lawmakers Are Taking Another Crack At Security Clearance Reform

And they’re demanding answers about Facebook’s missteps and the shutdown’s impact on cybersecurity.

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How Two Agencies Handled Expired Credentials After Historic Shutdown

Despite agencies reopening, some feds weren’t able to get right back to work due to expired PIV cards and passwords.

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The Various Plans to Avert Future Government Shutdowns

Lawmakers have a lot of ideas to keep the government running, aside from passing spending bills on time.

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How Some Contractors Successfully Weathered the Shutdown

Tech and defense contractors share lessons learned during this lengthy government shutdown.

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Many Families May Need Months to Recover From the Shutdown

As federal employees and contractors return to work, they’re still processing some of the emotional and financial stress of the past six weeks.

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NASA Employees Return to Flooded Space Center Post-Shutdown

Burst pipe spills water into lab, space hardware testing area and laser communications room.

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Stopgap Spending Measure Doesn’t Fix Federal Contractors’ Problems

Rebooting the government after a shutdown is not an immediate process and contractors are waiting for invoices to be paid.

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What the Shutdown Taught Us About Federal Payroll

Pay is one of the federal government’s biggest expenses. It’s imperative that we get it right every time.

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Feds' Lost Spending Will Contribute to Shutdown's $3B in Permanent Economic Damage

The immediate hit to the economy is $11 billion in lost productivity, much of which will be recouped later this year, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


The Senate Votes for More Stalemate

The defeat of two proposals to reopen the government sent the same sobering message: Congressional lawmakers and President Trump aren’t prepared to end the shutdown.


Shutdown Could Damage Homeland Security for ‘Months, if Not Years,’ Says Ex-DHS Chief

Efforts to strengthen the country’s cyber posture have come to a halt, and if a crisis were to strike, there wouldn’t be enough people to respond, former agency officials said.

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The Pain of the Second Missed Paycheck

As the government shutdown drags on, workers’ hardship grows—and soon could become a political break point.