What a Divided Government Could Mean for Tech Policy

Here’s what a split Congress might mean for tech, cybersecurity and governance.

FCC Proposes to Strengthen Cybersecurity of Emergency Alert Systems

The notice of proposed rulemaking would require emergency alert system participants to disclose cyber breaches within 72 hours of discovery.

CFPB Targets Financial Industry's Ability to 'Hoard' Personal Data in Proposed Rule

The regulatory agency is the latest entity to propose its own consumer data privacy requirements absent an overarching federal law.

Agencies Shouldn’t 'Just Trust' Software Vendors' Security Assurances, IG Warns

NIST advisors debating the merits of OMB’s policy on software vendors’ “self-attestation” to secure development practices found common ground on a need for audits and testing.

Treasury Debuts Plan to Penalize Foreign Investment Threatening National Security

The guidance from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States comes as legislators have been increasingly worried about foreign investment in major technology companies.

TSA Opens Registration for Public Meeting on Cybersecurity Regulations

The agency’s advisory committee typically meets behind closed doors, but they are required to hold at least one public meeting per year. 

US Focused on ‘Interoperable’ over Identical in Transatlantic Tech Framework

Officials at the State Department intend to reduce regulatory differences to promote market access and national security within both the EU and U.S.

Aligning With Allies on Tech Innovation is Critical to National Security, Top Diplomat Says

During a Hoover Institution event, Secretary of State Antony Blinken called working to establish global technology standards “a part of our national interest and our strength around the world.”

Why CISA Won’t Release ‘Public’ Comments on Upcoming Performance Goals

CISA officials often stress their non-regulatory role, but Congress keeps trying to give the agency regulatory responsibilities.

Cryptocurrencies 'Could Pose Risks' to Stability of US Economy, Treasury Warns

The Department of Treasury’s Financial Stability Oversight Council delivered research on cryptocurrency regulation recommendations, noting the importance of legislative participation.

CISA Announces DC Event for Public Input on Incident Reporting Regulations

The effort aims to give officials a greater understanding of cyber threats and the ability to defend U.S. critical infrastructure against cascading impacts when attacks occur.

Technical Standards Work is a Priority for White House International Policy

Leaders in the public sector doubled down on the U.S. need to participate in global technical standards to support national security and market dominance.

US Must Proactively Participate in International AI Standards-Setting, Officials Warn

Maintaining the country’s leadership in artificial intelligence hinges on contributions to international technology standards, as experts advocate diversity in feedback.

EEOC to Propose Rules Codifying Electronic Filing Options for Feds

Although the agency that investigates complaints of workplace discrimination has offered the option to file documents and track cases electronically for years, its regulations do not specifically endorse the current system.

Industry Objections Spur Changes to Cybersecurity Provisions in Defense Bill  

Key members of the House and Senate are altering proposals for identifying systemically important critical infrastructure and securing the software supply chain.

CISA Plans to Measure the Effect of Coming Standards on Industry’s Cybersecurity

But big companies want to avoid agencies’ use of related performance goals in new regulation.

Defense, Justice Call for FCC Rulemaking to Secure Internet Routing, Opposing NTIA

The departments cited comments from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and said a regulatory approach would have a greater impact “industry-wide” than dealing with entities case-by-case.