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Feds' quantum encryption shift is most 'comprehensive' ever done, official says

Office of the National Cyber Director official Dylan Presman said there has been “nothing like this” effort to move critical assets to quantum-resistant encryption standards.

Emerging Tech

Officials emphasize early preparedness in post-quantum cryptography migration

Some of the recommended approaches are “immediately actionable,” according to a member of the committee.

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AUKUS partnership success hinges on export controls for sensitive tech, officials say 

The trilateral Australia-U.K.-U.S. partnership is intended to share more emerging technologies, which officials say demands synchronicity in export control standards. 

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How the US is going Dutch on quantum research

One of many recent international partnerships on quantum sciences, the U.S.-Netherlands collaboration has led to advancements in post-quantum cryptography and standards discussions.

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Inside Spain’s burgeoning quantum tech landscape

Spain aims to join the top countries conducting quantum research through a government-backed spin-off culture.

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Energy continues funding expansion into quantum computing research

As part of the agency’s supercomputing agenda, the Department of Energy selected three winning proposals to receive $24 million for furthering the development of a quantum computing network.

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NIST releases draft standards for 3 post-quantum encryption algorithms

The National Institute of Standards and Technology wants feedback on its draft standardization guidelines as the agency ushers in post-quantum cryptographic migration.

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NSF invests $29 million in quantum sensing research

Following a windfall of public investment in quantum sensor applications, experts said that more federal funding should go toward similar QIST research efforts with near-term use cases.

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New post-quantum cryptography guidance offers first steps toward migration

Several agencies partnered to release the first federal recommendations for organizations to begin upgrading their networks and systems to quantum cryptography-resilient security schemes. 

Emerging Tech

Emerging technologies star in White House R&D priorities

The Office of Science and Technology Policy released the fiscal 2025 federal research priority docket, focusing on a resilient U.S. research culture. 


Meet the new GDIT

GDIT President Amy Gilliland discussed how the large systems integrator is responding to market shifts in a conversation with Nextgov/FCW.

Emerging Tech

White House makes case for renewed Quantum Initiative Act

As funding under the National Quantum Initiative Act is set to expire, OSTP official Charles Tahan outlined several priority areas for the U.S. quantum sciences ecosystem.


Report Estimates Trillions in Indirect Losses Would Follow Quantum Computer Hack

An analysis projects the hypothetical disruption a cyberattack from a quantum computer could have on global financial markets.

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IBM to Partner with US and Japanese Universities on Quantum Supercomputer R&D

With funding from IBM, universities in both countries will collaborate to develop a quantum supercomputer to spur further innovation in the field.


Quantum Cryptography Market to Exceed $3B by 2028

The growth reflects rising concern about the potential threat posed by fully realized quantum computers.

Artificial Intelligence

Proposed Law Would Create Responsible Emerging Tech Leaders at Agencies

The bill would require a senior official at each relevant agency to oversee technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum and biotechnology to ensure responsible usage.

Artificial Intelligence

Setting Emerging Tech’s Standards Dominates NIST’s 2024 Goals

NIST Director Laurie Locascio discussed her agency’s plans before a House hearing, revealing major focuses on critical and emerging technologies.

Emerging Tech

Public-Private Partnerships will be Key in National Quantum Initiative Reauthorization

The 2018 National Quantum Initiative Act needs a second authorization to continue the federal investment into critical quantum information technologies.

Digital Government

NIST Releases Draft Post-Quantum Encryption Document

The agency continues its post-quantum cryptography push as it looks to create guidance for all sectors.

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Bipartisan Legislation Seeks to Develop a ‘Quantum Sandbox’

A new House bill wants to further spur research and development within the U.S. quantum technology field.