The Federal CX Moves that Mattered in 2020

Experts expect momentum in improving service delivery and customer experience to continue under the coming Biden administration.

Digital Government

Biden Reveals White House Digital Team

The team will be in charge of communicating with Americans once Biden takes office on Jan. 20.

Digital Government

The Tech Policies the Trump Administration Leaves Behind

Nextgov looks back at the Trump administration's major IT policy moves that will have lasting effects on federal technology for the foreseeable future.


Biden Disputes Trump’s Claim that Hack is Under Control

The president-elect called for an official attribution to Russia but said a damage assessment is necessary before discussing the appropriate response.

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Tech Industry Group Recommends Biden Admin Reimagine How Government Does IT

The Alliance for Digital Innovation unveiled a series of legislative and policy proposals for President-elect Joe Biden to consider.

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Biden Team Tries Recruiting Through Source Code

If you find the hidden message, you might be someone the incoming administration wants to hire.

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Flournoy Should Lead Biden’s Pentagon, Armed Services Chairman Says 

Rep. Adam Smith told reporters Michèle Flournoy would help the Defense Department cut red tape to engage with new technologies needed for the future of defense.


CISA Warns of Iran’s Offensive Cyber Capabilities

One observer suggests the alert is meant more for the adversary than defenders.


Artificial Intelligence in Government and the Presidential Transition: Building on a Solid Foundation

Here are the key steps that the incoming Biden administration should take to make the federal government AI-ready.


Biden Team Highlights Cybersecurity Focus With First Cabinet Picks

Familiar faces will likely have to revisit efforts around information sharing and establishing global norms.

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Tech Trade Group: IT Modernization Investment May Increase Under Biden

The group expects the Biden administration to expand IT modernization efforts, in part to respond to COVID-19.

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Experts to Biden: Don’t Slow Government Customer Experience Momentum

Government management experts offered advice to the incoming presidential administration regarding how to continue customer experience progress.


Tech Association Wants Biden Team to Focus on Public-Sector Supply Chain Security 

A Biden administration might require even more of private-sector entities than President Trump has on the issue. 


Biden’s Top Priorities Offer Few Clues for Technology Policies

Washington policy experts believe President-elect Joe Biden’s approach to big tech companies and regulation may differ from both the Trump and Obama administrations.

Artificial Intelligence

Top Tech Companies Begin Pushing Priorities for Biden Administration

Microsoft, IBM and other companies urged the president-elect to consider policies for boosting workforce development, solving the pandemic and addressing biometrics in surveillance.

Digital Government

Rolling Back Trump Workforce Policies Won’t Be As Simple As Rescinding Executive Orders

President-elect Biden has vowed to rescind on his first day a series of Trump-era directives aimed at weakening federal labor unions and politicizing the civil service, but repairing the damage could take much longer.